Thursday, June 18, 2015

In the mix

Freshly picked peonies. 2 PM. Photo: JH.
Thursday, June 18, 2015. Yesterday in New York, the weather warm and the sky was often overcast. But the humidity was low and the dark clouds dropped only a spritz in the early evening. It was a nice uneventful day in New York.

Michael's List:

• Julie Hayek
• Shari Rollins
• Barry Diller with
Scott Rudin and
Louis CK
• Gillian Tett
• Tom Goodman
• Mickey Ateyeh with
Rikki Klieman and
• Diane Clehane
• Peter Brown
• Stan Shuman
• Gerry Byrne
• Michael Clinton
• Gordon Davis
• Diane Coffey
• Richard Farley
• Steven Greenberg
• Stanley Mohr
• Tracey Jackson with
Paul Williams
• Gilbert Gottfried
• Glenn Horowitz
• Andrew Stein
• Sarabeth Schrager with
Judith Bressler
• Beverly Camhe
• Nick Gregory
• Tamron Hall
• Vin Cipolla
• Pax Quigley
• Jay Kriegel
• Steven Rubenstein
Judy and Peter Price.
Prince Nikolaos of Denmark and Greece and HRH Princess Tatiana of Denmark and Greece.
It was Wednesday. I went to lunch with Judy and Peter Price at Michael’s. Judy leaves next week for Paris (where she and Peter keep an apartment on the Ile Ste-Louis). Judy’s National Jewelry Institute is hosting the first annual Fine Art of Jewelry and Timepieces Awards, a dinner for 200 at the Louvre.

The awards recognize the best piece of every new collection, followed by a gala at the Louvre honoring the most prominent brands. The honorary chairs of the event are Prince Nikolaos of Denmark and Greece and HRH Princess Tatiana of Denmark and Greece. The chef for the gala is 3 star chef Eric Frechon of Le Bristol.

In the mix that makes Michael’s such a Noo Yawk restaurant were publishers, writers, lawyers, literary agents, investment bankers, movie moguls, journalists, media executives, public relations advisors, foundation heads, novelists producers and real estate brokers.

Oh, and comedians. Louis CK was at table with Barry Diller and Scott Rudin. There was laughter.
Paul Williams, the songwriter/performer was at table with his partner Tracey Jackson in the book “Gratitude and Trust; Six Affirmations That Will Change Your Life” for which they do a frequent podcast. Joining them was Gilbert Gottfried. More laughter.
Tracey and Paul minus Gilbert Gottfried.
Rikki Klieman, Diane Clehane, and Mickey Ateyeh.
Gillian Tett, the brilliant Financial Times columnist looked like she was having a serious interview (which is not necessarily so of course, but quite possible). In the center of the room where Da Boyz (missing yesterday – at least from my view) usually sit, Mickey Ateyeh was lunching with Rikki Klieman, the legal correspondent on CBS in the morning who was being interviewed by Diane Clehane for We had a TV weatherman, Nick Gregory; and Tamron Hall, the NBC News national correspondent. And Richard Farley, the Wall Street lawyer who has a new book out: “Wall Street Wars” about Now, Right Now.

And Michael Clinton, the president of Hearst Magazines who also has a new book out too -- of photographs he’s taken on in his travels. All closeups of life and nature and things. It’s called “Closer: Seeing the World in Details” and it’s a good Father’s Day present that can do you no harm. Same with Farley’s “Wall Street Wars."
Click to order Closer: Seeing the World in Details and click to order Wall Street Wars: The Epic Battles with Washington that Created the Modern Financial System.