Thursday, September 17, 2015

It was Wednesday

Moon over Manhattan. 7:49 PM. Photo: JH.
Thursday, September 17, 2015. Yesterday was another beautiful day in New York. Sunny and bright in the mid-80s and dropping down into the 60s.

It was Wednesday; I went down to Michael’s to lunch with Brooke Hayward and Alex Hitz. I got out of the cab on 57th Street, walking by Tiffany and then the Trump Tower where there was a brass band playing on the edge of the pavement playing Dixieland. It had to be an occasion. Like Donald emerging. At least some people were thinking that. They were waiting on the sidewalk, cameras ready.

Michael's List, 9/16
• Michael and Shakira Caine
• Nancy Cardone
• Jolie Hunt
• Jesse Kornbluth with
Diane Clehane
• Wendy Goldberg
• Kira Semler with
Vi Huse and Liz Wood
• Marshall Brickman
• Dick Danziger
• Pamela Fiori with
Alejandra Cicognani
• Roberto Faraone Mennella
• Amedeo Scognamiglio
• Ed Klein
• George Ledes
• Terry Allen Kramer with Felicia Taylor
• Margo McNabb
• Laura McEwen with
Keith Kelly
• Euan Rellie
• Steven Rubenstein
• Debra Shriver with
Joannie Danielides
• Loretta Ucelli
• David Blum with
Wednesday Martin
• Shirley Lord with
Ene Greenfield
• Chris Meigher with
Alfie Fanjul
• Jim Smith
• Joan Gelman with
Joan Hamberg
• Debrah Kaufman
• Buxton Midyette
• Terry Steiner
• Denise De Luca
This is nothing new actually. For as long as I’ve been passing his building at this time of the day, for years, people have been waiting on the pavement outside to catch a glimpse of him. This is the thing about considering Donald Trump for President: he has been known for so long and so widely as a mega-celebrity – 14 seasons on primetime, etc. – that it is difficult to imagine him in any other role. The Presidency has always graced its holder with a kind of forever-image. Donald Trump already has a kind of image in terms of magnitude and agreement, and it’s so thoroughly established in the American mind that I can’t imagine it becoming another kind of image.

Michael’s could have had a brass band out front in terms of the crowd inside: the place was bustling, and the clatter-chatter had that autumn heat to it (cool and colorful).

At a table under a Hockney print were Michael and Shakira Caine. The Caines are old friends of Michael and his wife Kim. Jesse Kornbluth was in an opposite corner giving an interview to Diane Clehane of about his new novel “Married Sex” and sundry items of gilted gossip that Jesse can pull out of the ether and raise your eyebrows and amuse.

At the table on one side of me was Debra Shriver, who’s head of publicity for Hearst, lunching with Joannie Danielides; and on the other side was Pamela Fiori with Alejandra Cicognani.

They were lunching with two Italian guys dressed with the style those Italians just naturally have: Roberto Faraone Mennella who makes and designs high jewelry and has a boutique on Lexington with his name; and Amadeo Scognamiglio. Amadeo, according to our friend Alejandra is known as the “king of cameos.” He makes cameo jewelry for both men and women. He has a boutique on Lex too called ... Amadeo. Roberto and Amadeo have been friends since childhood.

Brooke and Alex at Michael's.
This is the thing about Michael’s. You have two attractive women, professionals --  Pamela was EIC of Town & Country for 20 years and has published several books on the lifestyle therein; and Alejandra who is one of the most charming women in New York, and one of the kindest, nicest, is a public relations executive. And they were lunching with two suave Italians. In another restaurant, what might that look like? Could be a scene out of an Italian film. But at Michael’s, I’d bet it was about a new book Pamela is working on. Business is business.

At another table was Marshall Brickman, the screenwriter who among his many credits co-wrote four of my favorite Woody Allen films: “Sleeper,” “Annie Hall,” “Manhattan,” and “Manhattan Murder Mystery.” At another table Terry Allen Kramer, Broadway producer, was lunching with Felicia Taylor and Margo McNabb, wife of Jimmy of the theater family.

At my table: Brooke comes in from the country for the day every few weeks and we have our monthly lunch. Alex joins us when he’s in town. He spends a lot of time in Los Angeles, which he loves, as well as traveling lecturing on his cookbook. At the end of next month he heads down to Atlanta where he is being feted/awarded by the Southeastern Horticultural Society with their 2015 Visionaries of Design Awards. He’s receiving the award along with Charlotte Moss, Keith Langham, Carolyne Roehm, Newell Turner and Frances Shultz.
I took these pictures on 55th Street and Sixth Avenue, heading north. I saw a few them when I passed Tiffany in the morning and again in front of Trump Tower. These were on Sixth and again at 56th Sixth. They are police barriers set up for the Pope's visit to New York. Same goes in Philadelphia as Blair Sabol articulates in next Monday's NYSD.
Books and Books and ... The book party has replaced the “cocktail party” as one of the great little get togethers that city people love. It’s a chance to get out (of the house or the office or the studio) and see some people. And being “book parties,” they take on a little bit of gravity (depending on the book, of course).

The book: "Yes, it's a love story. But even more, it's about how hard it is to be intimate even in intimate relationships." Click to order.
We’re running two today, one up on Central Park West that Paige Peterson gave this past Tuesday night for her friend Jesse Kornbluth and his novel, and one that occurred a couple of weeks ago at Da Silvano downtown for Marisa Marchetto, the author and New Yorker cartoonist Marisa Marchetto.

Jesse’s novel, “Married Sex,” is the proverbial “hot” book.  “Hot” as in steamy -- to put it in conventional terms.  “It’s not cheating if your wife’s there,” is how Jesse puts it. Hollywood thinks it’s hot too. He even sold the film rights before the publication rights. He’s written the screenplay already too, for Griffin Dunne to direct.

There were about a hundred friends jammed into Paige’s apartment. Paige loves giving parties and filling her apartment with friends, including lots of old friends. This one was a bit bigger than most.

It was a warm night and the apartment -- which overlooks the Park -- isn’t wired for A/C. Or so someone said. Doesn’t bother me but there were others who were getting a little hot under the collar (and they hadn’t even read Jesse’s first chapter yet). Although it didn’t move anyone to leave.

At one point, Jesse got up to address the guests about “Married Sex” and thank them for coming. He repeated a story, “possibly true” (which means it’s so good it doesn’t matter) --- about Erica Jong meeting Philip Roth.
Jesse Kornbluth, Helen Kornbluth, and Karen Collins
“Erica is said to have gushed: ‘Oh, Philip, the themes in our books, the way we write about sex….’ Roth held up his hand: ‘But Erica… enough about you.’ Jesse then said, ‘I hate authors talking about their books, so….enough about me, too.”

With that everyone resumed their conversations. This wasn’t a party where they sold books. Brian De Palma and Griffin Dunne were trading notes about casting. Garland Jeffreys, the rock legend talked with filmmaker Gretl Claggett about making a documentary. Kay Salter, widow of James Salter who was the greatest influence on Jesse’s writing, was there, told Jesse she represented “the two of us.”
Wendy Goldberg, Paige Peterson, and Marshall Cohen
Richard Kornbluth and Karen Collins
Gillian and Sylvester Miniter
Garland Jeffreys, Claire Jeffreys, and Gretl Claggett
Eleanora Kennedy, Priscilla Rattazzi Whittle, Liza Lerner, and Kay Salter
Georgia Shreve, Gretl Claggett, Christina Gerry, and Kate Seward
Mary Hilliard
Ginger Brown, Christopher Cerf, and Peter Cary Peterson
Jane Friedman, Jesse Kornbluth, and Griffin Dunne
Kim and Michael McCarty
Renata Adler, Nancy Cobb, and Daniel Asa Rose
Brian De Palma and Griffin Dunne
Asher Muldoon, Jean Korelitz, and Paul Muldoon
Judy Collins, Louis Nelson, and Sheila Weller
Renata Adler and Christina Haag
Click to order "Ann Tenna."
Two weeks ago on Tuesday, September 1st, Da Silvano was packed with top celebs, socials and tastemakers celebrating the launch of "Ann Tenna: A Novel," the latest graphic novel by Marisa Marchetto. 

Emily Smith and Dini von Mueffling co-hosted the party.

Among those in attendance were comedienne Sandra Bernhard with her daughter Cicely Bernhard, New Yorker editor David RemnickRichard Kirschenbaum, Robert Verdi, Anne Keating, Wednesday Martin, Marla Maples, Lucy Sykes and Euan Rellie, Ann Caruso, Nicole Miller, LaQuan Smith, Alina Cho, Christine Vachon, Amy Fine Collins, Christine Quinn, Colin and Elizabeth Callender, Michelle Barish, Leandra Medine, Erica Jong, Molly Jong-Fast, Joan Juliet Buck, Jenna King, and Patrick McMullan, who was there in two capacities.
Marisa Acocella Marchetto, David Remnick, and Emily Smith
Naz Rinaldi
Kenneth Burrows, Molly Jong-Fast, Erica Jong, and Ben Fast
Virginia Chambers, Zelda McMullan, and Liam McMullan
Jennifer Constantine and Stephanie Morris
Edward Barsamian, Lauren Ackerly, and Michael Walsh
Meredith McCormick
Lloyd Grove, Christine Quinn, and Emily Smith
Milly de Cabrol, Lucy Sykes, Euan Rellie, and Wednesday Martin
Bee Poku, Alina Cho, Celine Rattray, and Laurie Ackerly
Ian Ginsberg and Robbie Franklin
Lee Haber, Jill Armus, Robin Desser, Elizabeth Sheinkman, and Leslie Stevens
Mickey Raphael and Michelle Manning Barish
Sara Sotti and Fabrizio Sotti
Lori Griffith and Andrew Lascar
Fay Zinger
Marlene McCarty and Christine Vachon
Jenna King, Phil Giordano, and Janaina Devieira
Tripp Swanhaus, Hunter Hill, and Maddy Simpson
Dario Lorizzo and Paolo Falconio
Jay Cheshes and Sheri de Borchgrave
Shandi Levy and Leandra Medine
Geroge Wayne and Silvano Marchetto
Oberon Sinclair, George Wayne, Emily Smith, and Alina Cho
Laquan Smith and Jakia Handy
Robert Verdi and Keisha Johnson
Dini von Mueffling, Christine Quinn, Patrick McMullan, and Richard Kirshenbaum
Amy Fine Collins
Marla Maples and Tom Lampson
Chip Kidd, Tony Cappoli, Dr. David Colbert, and Peter Walters
Jack Hruska and Anne Keating
Cicely Bernhard and Sandra Bernhard
Lavinia Branca Snyder, Michael Gross, and Barbara Hodes
The men of Da Silvano

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