Friday, September 4, 2015

Running Hot

Shoe tossing on Amsterdam. Photo: JH.
Friday, September 4, 2015.  Hot weather in New York. Bad air quality. Nothing new really except extremes always seem new, like the first time. It cools down in the night time. Although it’s not exactly cool. I went out to dinner last night at 7:30. The temperature was 88 degrees.

My big concern is the dogs. Because the heat is hard on them. Many of their owners are unaware of this and/or don’t think it matters. They are easily dehydrated. They need a lot of “drinks of water” when out on a walk. It is even harder for small dogs whose lungs are often tiny.

We humanoids are often having a hard time breathing freely in this kind of weather. For the dogs it’s life-threatening and their little brains know this even if us big brains don’t. When you see them not wanting to move forward and the walker/owner is pulling them, you know what they’re saying: they can’t do it.  It’s too hot. Their little lungs can’t handle it. It’s dangerous.

They can, of course, but it is at a risk to their health. Dogs are much smarter about their health that we human animals are. They know when to knock it off, and they do. Except when their moronic owners insist.

But then many have owners/masters who are not paying attention and, ultimately, who could give-a-sh*t. Sorry, but that’s what that action/non-action amounts to. I watch this every day. Often they (the walkers/owners) are on, or looking at, their cell phones, and don’t even know the world is surrounding them. The dogs know. So do the children. But that’s another story.

In the world of Donald Trump.  A friend of mine told me yesterday that many people think I am supporting or endorsing Donald Trump. If that were true, I’d come right out and say so. Secondly, who cares who I like? Because I’ve written about him several times and not in a “negative way,” some translate that as “favoring.” Frequently readers know I make a point of not writing about people in a negative way. That is not because I’m “nice” so much as it is that I’m looking for the truth of the matter.

Donald Trump in New York City, Manhattan, in the social scene (in which he rarely participates anymore), is a hometown boy.  A celebrity, yes. And a billionaire, yes. And a television figure with high national, even international recognition. But he’s ours. He’s not from somewhere else unless you consider Queens somewhere else. And everybody and his Uncle Ernie knows him. And knows who he is.
Donald Trump is in a way, a beacon. Symbolic of this moment in our jumbled history. He’s engaged our interest while all the other so-called candidates are languishing on old Instagrams. Donald is different. The audience had long before got a taste of him and what he thinks. Yes, he’s amusing, and he’s been satirized more than once. But the audience is turning to him as much as they are turning away from the rest because he says what he’s thinking. Whether we agree or not, we know what he thinks.  And the business about insulting others only affirms that. No politician these days says what he or she is thinking to the entire population in one place at one time. Donald does.

Watching him speak, unlike other politicians, the audience pays entire attention. They’re fascinated. That is his talent. One of them. You can say anything you want about it – narcissistic, stupid, dumb, blah blah – but it is a talent and honed over the years. That honing is not an accident; that identifies the man and his ambition. John F. Kennedy had the same accessible charm.
However, the Presidency is another matter for us. Or at least we like to think it is. The other day, a friend of mine who is also an old friend of Donald’s, told me that when he married Ivana in 1976, he insisted she get a U.S Citizenship “because someday he was going to run for President.” It’s forty years later. The story almost sounds apocryphal except for the source. That’s a long time to carry a thought, a dream, an objective.
Many, I am told, have the impression that my writing about Donald Trump is my endorsing or supporting him. Firstly, I am lousy at predicting Presidential politics. Secondly he is leading in the polls.

How can I not write about him? I actually know him (to say hello to). I have never thought of him as a politician. I even thought when I first heard of his entering the race that he was kidding. But he wasn’t. That makes it more interesting, no matter what happens. It’s also changed the game and its self-certain, lackluster players.
And Donald is a good story. He is also currently the only news that isn’t painful or disturbing or terrifying right now. Oddly, to the reader, the spectator, it almost doesn’t matter what the outcome will be of his race to the Presidency because the trip we’re on with him is curious, stimulating, and even maddening or amusing.

The matter at hand now for Donald Trump’s campaign is how this will play for the next fourteen months. That’s a long out-of-town tryout for any performer -- and all Presidential candidates are performers by dint of what is expected of them, the role they play for the citizens a/k/a the public. How will The Donald hold up?  We’ll all be watching. And writing.

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