Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Summer’s Swan Song

The dining pavilion set up for George Farias' end of summer dinner last weekend in East Hampton on Georgica Beach.
Wednesday, September 2, 2015.  Yesterday was very warm in New York. The weatherman predicted big humidity. Somehow it wasn’t as bad as I’d been anticipating. Nevertheless I was inside for most of the day. It’s forecast to go on like this until the end of the week.

This is really the last week of the summer for so many New Yorkers who have been away for (at least much of) the summer in “outposts” like the Hamptons, etc. The social calendar at these resort communities really beefs up before the end. Among the notable events last weekend were this dinner, reported by a friend for the NYSD:

Summer’s Swan Song. Most Hamptonites have been satisfactorily sated and quenched this summer. There have been gallons of Southsides and rose, poured, lobsters cracked, and peonies posed. But just as we settled back, contented with the lovely little summer it was, George Farias astounded us with the party of the season at the glamorous house he took for the season on Lily Pond Lane right at Georgica Beach.
Howard Blum and Ivana Lowell. Dan and Estrellita Brodsky.
John Studzinski and Lally Weymouth. John and Lauren Veronis.
Seeing Glorious Foods’ Sean Driscoll is always a guarantee that the night ahead will be flawless. His staff fawned over and served us while guests mingled poolside.

Then everyone was led down the grassy knoll to design impresario David Monn’s tented pavilion with a Giacometti-inspired chandelier, created for the party, hanging twenty-seven feet above us, while Yale's famous Whiffenpoofs serenaded guests as they entered. George found white plaster vases at Ines de la Fressange’s shop in Paris, also reminiscent of spare, clean, Giacommeti-esque works, and so the theme was launched. We found our seats by looking for the white plaster chargers with our names engraved (they were whisked away and returned to us individually, beautifully wrapped, as we left).
Anne Hearst, George Farias, Robert Zimmerman, Milly de Cabrol, and Sharon Bush.
Once guests were seated, our host stood before his guests, and explained that this was the first summer he’d spent on the East Coast in fifteen years. In those previous years, George took up residence in Beverly Hills, where he was famous among the glitterati  for his annual late summer dinner. George has an unerring eye for a beautiful atmosphere, as he demonstrated year after year to the LA crowd.  He told us on Saturday night that this being a “return” to the east end, he wanted to have a real American summertime dinner evening out by the beach.

After guests were seated the Whiffs continued their program with “Something ... in the way you move,” “The Boxer,” “Operator” and “House of the Rising Sun.” George then welcome his guests, and introduced the Whiffenpoofs (George is a Yale alumn). They then sang the classic Whiffenpoof Song, after which dinner was served. One besotted mother of a coed was holding up a picture of her daughter on her cell phone for them to see. Yes, anyone of them would do. Peter Duchin supplied the wonderful singer who followed the boys.
The host greets his guests and introduces The Whiffenpoofs to serenade them before dinner.
Yale's Whiffenpoofs 2015.
George and Sean Driscoll planned a simple menu of classic American summer food. Our menu reflected that: artichokes with lobster, lamb chops, peas, and corn pudding. George later confided that he had to admit that Glorious Food does a wonderful job. They bring in their best waiters from town and make it all look gracious and easy.

It was a very special evening for all the guests. It marked the end of a beautiful summer in a lovely atmosphere, presented with an easy yet impeccable taste that was not only a comfort, but amazing for its ease and simplicity on a beautiful night under the August moon in East Hampton.
Robert A.M. Stern, George Farias, and Ophelia Rudin,
Sharing in the pleasure of it all: Kathy and Billy Rayner, Michael Shnayerson and Gayfryd Steinberg, Alison Mazzola, Susan Stroman, Robert A.M. Stern,  Serena Boardman and John Theodoracopolous, Caryn Zucker, Anne Hearst McInerney and Jay McInerney, Bettina Zilkha, Dan and Estrellita Brodsky, Lauren and John Veronis, Teresa Melhado, Bob Colacello, Debbie Bancroft, Peter Duchin and Virginia Coleman, Kathy and Rick Hilton. Lauren King, John Studzinski, Lally Weymouth, Robert Zimmerman, Milly de Cabrol, Lisa Fine, Nathalie Kaplan, Ivana Lowell and Howard Blum, Ophelia and Bill Rudin, Alex Papachristidis, Kathy and Rick Hilton, Chip Conlan, Nicole Miller and Kim Taipale, Jeffrey and Marjorie Rosen, Nancy Marcus and Harry and Laura Slatkin.
Dan Brodsky, Lauren Veronis, Dr. Mitch Rosenthal, Kathy Hilton, and David Monn.
Rachel Hovnanian, Chip Conlan, and Carol Mack.
Patrick McMullan, Nicole Miller, Kim Taipale, Debbie Bancroft, Jay McInerney, and Kathy Hilton.
Marge Rosen, Nathalie Kaplan, and Jeff Rosen.
Jane Scott Hodges, Gayfryd Steinberg, Debbie Bancroft, Bettina Zilkha, and Charlotte Moss.
Rick Hilton and Nicole Miller.
Bob Colacello and Kathy Rayner.
Also last weekend in Southampton last Saturday afternoon, designer Tamara Mellon invited guests to join hosts Mickey Boardman, Giulia Caltagirone Azmoudeh, Ann Caruso, Peter Davis, Kelli Delaney, Zani Gugelmann, and Lucy Sykes for a festive afternoon of shopping and cocktails at her new Southampton pop-up store. A percentage of sales from the event benefitted Love Heals, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education.  

Fashionable guests included Serena Boardman, Marie-Chantal of Greece, Brendan and Eva Dillon, Kimberly Guifoyle, Alex Kuczynski, Margaret Luce, Euan Rellie, and Susan Shin, who received style advice from the designer as they shopped her current collection.
Tamara Mellon, Ted Krueckel, and Marie-Chantal of Greece.
Peter Davis, Andrew Fry, and Euan Rellie.
Brendan and Eva Dillon. Alex Kuczynski and Ann Caruso.
Milena Kozhin and Zani Gugelmann.
Margaret Luce, Lucy Sykes Rellie, and Ann Caruso.
Kimberly Guifoyle and Susan Shin. Kelli Delaney.
Giulia Caltagirone Azmoudeh and Tamara Mellon.

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