Monday, November 30, 2015

Up close and personal at the Thanksgiving Day parade

Paige amongst the Thanksgiving Day Parade crowd.
Monday, November 30, 2015. A long, quiet holiday weekend in New York. Friday it was warm enough that people were out in the park often wearing not much more than tee-shirts. Saturday the same, with temps even in the low 60s in evening time, with the slightest spritz in late afternoon to dampen the sidewalks and the streets. Yesterday New Yorkers woke up with the heat on in the apartment and the temps in the high 40s outside. This has been the warmest November I can recall in New York.

On Friday and Saturday, many friends headed off to the movies.“Spotlight” was the film of choice, if you could get in. Some theaters in the city have been sold out even during the weekdays for this film.

Today we’re running what has become our traditional post-Thanksgiving feature of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade photos taken by Paige Peterson. It’s the closest I ever get to the parade and it’s always fun to look at – maybe more fun than watching the actual parade from the stands, the sidewalks or the television – because it’s “up close and personal.”
Overlooking Central Park West: Peter Brown on his balcony with Jeff Sharp and his son Jack and the Josephson/Zapf family.
Heidi, Devon, Kylee, Brianna and Joe Geist.
Jeff Sharp, Peter Cary Peterson, Peter Brown, and Joe Geist.
Paige lives in the Central Park West neighborhood where they set up the “floats” and the parade begins on Thanksgiving morning.

Her tradition for this holiday has long been a cocktail party the night before where guests can look down from her apartment and see everything being brought out and set up for the following day.
Paige on the ground with Mayor de Blasio.
Then early the next morning, she’s out there with her camera as the local crowds – in the thousands (or is it hundreds of thousands?) – find a spot to watch it all come together. She starts out on the roadway, as you can see in the photos, and then when it’s begun, she joins her friends at Peter Brown’s apartment (which also overlooks the parade) as it begins.

Altogether, from the street to Peter Brown’s balcony, Paige has given us the best seat in the house. Enjoy!

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