Friday, October 23, 2015

Vetting conditions

From Keshishian: Fisherman/Molecatcher. A fine and rare Teniers Brussels Tapestry, Flemish, circa 1720, from the workshop of Urbain Leyniers (1674-1747). Height: 10ft, 6in; Width: 17ft.
Friday, October 23, 2015. Pleasantly warm day, yesterday in New York with temperatures reaching into the low 70s and occasional rain clouds passing through.

Last night was the Annual Opening Night Gala of The International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show at the Park Avenue Armory. The Opening reception, which went from 6 to 9 benefited the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

This is a popular evening on the New York social calendar. This year is the 27th edition of the International Show. It is the first vetted art and antiques fair in the U.S.  The first evening is a preview, the proceeds from the tickets going to SMSKCC. About 1000 people attend the evening drawing many prominent dealers and collectors as well as those like me who cannot afford to buy let alone collect. I love seeing all the works, all an affirmation of our best side of creation. I go in order to take some photographs of the stalls and some of the people just to give you an idea of what it looks like.
Anna Haughton. Lavinia Snyder, new President of the SMSKCC, and Eleanora Kennedy.
There are 67 top specialist dealers from around the world exhibiting and selling a fantastic selection of works of art, antiques and design, from ancient to contemporary. What my photos can’t convey, unfortunately, is all the beauty, man-made – often along with Mother Nature’s helpers – that fill these stalls. You can spend hours looking. There is also a buffet and sandwich bar presided over by Swifty’s restaurant, so you can spend time there and even take a break for lunch or a coffee.

The International Show run through next Thursday, October 29th.
Polly Onet and pals.
Charlotte's Web, First Edition, at Imperial Fine Books. Elizabeth Adela Forbes, A Fairy Story (1895), from Macconnal-Mason.
A German Model Equestrian Jousting Armour, attributed to the workshop of Ernst Schmidt, Munich, circa 1900. Price: $130,000.
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, Portrait of the Painter Antoine Vollon (1873) at Mark Brady Gallery.
Leslie Perkin, Elizabeth Peabody, and Caroline Los Arcos. Chappy and Melissa Morris.
S.J. Shrubsole Corp.
Bernd Goeckler Antiques, Inc.
Walking through the show.
The Swifty's bar.
Buffet at Swifty's Café at the International Show.
Hollis Taggart Galleries.
Harry Benson, Pillow Fight x 9 - Beatles 40th Anniversary Photograph, at Holden Lunz Gallery.
Audrey Gruss, Luce, Mrs. Winston Churchill II, and Jamee and Peter Gregory.
"Bang" Contemporary Sculpture, Michael Wilding, 2014.
Camilla Dietz-Bergeron.
Librairie Signatures.
Ed Lobrano and Christopher Mason. Bill and Barbara Harbach.
Gallery Lefebvre.
Maison Gerard. Sylvia Powell Decorative Arts.
Maio Motoko, 2014, at Lesley Kehoe Galleries.
Bernard Goldberg Fine Arts, LLC.
Jeffrey Beal Henkel.

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