Monday, March 30, 2015

Young Fellows

Playing ball in Central Park. 3:50 PM. Photo: JH.
Monday, March 30, 2015. Cold and often overcast early Spring weekend in New York. Snow was forecast. Not.

It was a quiet weekend in this part of town. Both of the girls’ schools on either side of the block I live on have been closed for the past two weeks. Spring break. This is the time that parents often do one last trip before summertime, off to warmer or snowier climes. Probably not Daytona, although what do I know. The city seems to have been quieter in midtown also. Today all that will probably change. School buses will be lining the avenue, big SUVs will be delivering and picking up.
Last of the spring break silence.
On Friday night I went with a friend to dinner at Sette Mezzo. As I was leaving, I happened to notice our current US Ambassador to Japan, The Honorable Caroline Kennedy, was immersed in animated conversation having dinner with a friend (or what looked like ...) a very pretty young woman, who I later learned was the ambassador’s daughter. The Ambassador happened to be doing the talking in that millisecond when I passed their table on my way out.

Caroline Kennedy with daughter Rose in 2008.
The expression on her face as she spoke to this “friend” had a very personal kindness to it. I wasn’t certain if it were she – Mrs. Kennedy – at first. I don’t know her and have only seen her in public where she always seems poised and very serious. On this night it was quite different. Her conversation was gently animated as if she were speaking to a friend. I was seeing the mother. It was just a moment, one of those moments in the city where the humanity comes out and touches you; a reward.

Another moment, quite different, but one which also leaves a pleasant afterthought: Last Thursday night at the Frick Collection, they were hosting their annual Young Fellows Ball, number sixteen. The theme of the evening was “A Dance at the Spanish Court,” and it was sponsored by Lanvin. The inspiration was the Frick’s special exhibition Coypel’s Don Quixote Tapestries: Illustrating a Spanish Novel in Eighteenth-Century France, which is now on view.
The Garden Court at The Frick.
This is one of the very few formal evenings in New York which draws a high percentage of younger New Yorkers (20-, 30-somethings) who come out for such an occasion. The Frick’s administration has made this party what it is. They are successfully accomplishing two important matters to the museum. They are raising funds that provide an essential support for the Frick’s education program which serves New York City public schools in all five boroughs; and they are building a strong relationship with the younger set coming up in the city.
Chairmen Sarah P. Flint, Lucy Jane Lang, Amory McAndrew, Jennifer Wright, Elizabeth Kurpis, Lydia Fenet Delaney, and JoAnn Pailey, all dressed in LANVIN, in the special exhibition Coypel's Don Quixote Tapestries: Illustrating a Spanish Novel in Eighteenth-Century France
A great part of the Frick’s appeal is the quality of evening as well as the quality of the host. It remains, in one’s mind Mr. Frick’s house – completed for the steel magnate (in the days of the Robber Barons). It was built with great planning with the intention of it serving as it does almost a century after Mr. Frick’s death. It reflects a formality of what was a slower, quieter age (even in New York). There was a code of behavior which was strict, known, and observed. Civilized is an easy description compared to contemporary mores, etc. The Frick mansion commands that architecturally as it does in its interior design. It’s “old world,” and yet amazingly these evenings are fun – especially because it gives people a chance to meet others, to learn about other’s interests and to enjoy the best of New York, and all within a splendid and New York historical environment.
Taking their cues from the tapestries (the theme of dress on the invitation was: “Don Quixotic Black Tie”), many of the approximately 600 guests wore red, black or gold (gowns) with gems and accessories that referred to that age. Custom-made LANVIN LOVES THE FRICK COLLECTION fans were distributed to guests on arrival. Chairmen of the evening were: Lydia Fenet Delaney, Sarah Flint, Elizabeth Kurpis, Lucy Jane Lang, Amory McAndrew, Joann Pailey, Lauren Remington Platt, Jennifer Wright.  The Leadership for the evening wore gowns by Lanvin, as did many other women attending.
Guests in the West Gallery.
Among those attending: Noreen and Ahmar Ahmad, Paul Arnhold, Janine M. Atamian, Rebecca Lynn Bagdonas, MD, Kevin Michael Barba, Edward Barsamian, Liddy Berman, Ben Brudney, Joseph Bunge, Eleanor and Joseph Cobb, Katherine Jollon Colsher and Michael Colsher, Annika Connor, Catherine Corman, Ryan Dattilo, Martin Dawson, Justin de La Chapelle, Lydia Fenet Delaney and Christopher Delaney, Nina Delano, Dr. Lara Devgan and Patrick Verdonck, Di Mondo, Selby Drummond, Christina Eberli, Allison M. Ecung, Alexandra Ford English, Julia Catherine Erdman, Andrew J. Fenet, Hilary Fenet, Julie Fossi, Kylie Gattinella, David Gray, Mark Guiducci, Alex H. Henderson, Astrid T. Hill and Ryan Dattilo, Caroline Hoffman, Kate Horvitz, Anne Huntington, Zane Jones, Benjamin Edward Karp, Eaddy Kiernan, Mareill Kiernan, Eliza Hudson Kontulis, Isabelle B. Krusen, Megan Kultgen and Sean Dailey, Elizabeth and Jon Kurpis, Justin R. Kush, Lucy Jane Lang and Scott Asher, Alexandra Longanecker, Ashley B. T. Ma, Katherine MacCallum, Cecile Andrau Martel, Amory McAndrew and Sean McAndrew, Sage Mehta, Saara and Tom Melton, Alexandra Michler, Ingrid and Leland Miller, Kristy Morrone, Sumit Nihalani, Joann Pailey, Tatiana and Thorne Perkin, Stephan Petrov, Alexandra Porter, Megan Petrie Ramm and Bryan Ramm, Katherine G. Reibel, Thayer and Jay Reynolds, Carolina Richards, Mary Madeline Roberts, Olivia Rogan, Adam Rozencwajg, Scotlan Taylor Ryan, Olivia Sandelman, Frances Schultz, Lacary Sharpe, Carson Sieving, Juliana Simmons, Jaclyn Smith, Stephanie Stamas, Austin Varner, Charlotte Vignon, Lisa and Jeff Volling, Ian Wardropper, Nina Wainwright, Christy Williams, Carolyn Wilson, Jennifer Wright, Samantha Wright, Chloe C. Wynne, Jacob M. Zucker.
Joshua Knowlton and Angela Longanecker
Angela Ledgerwood, Charlotte Greenough, and Cassandra Tighe
Dana Flint, event Chairman Sarah P. Flint (dressed in LANVIN), and Emma Cohen
Mathew Coco and Asha Talwar
Angela Ledgerwood and Charlotte Greenough
Stephanie Xethalis Stamas, Paul Stamas, Jamie Kim, and Jennifer Holmes
Andrew Fenet and Chairman Lydia Fenet Delaney (dressed in LANVIN)
Debbie Silverman, Noreen Ahmad, and event Chairman Elizabeth Kurpis (dressed in LANVIN)
Di Mondo and Polina Proshkina
Christina Morrone, Jacob Zucker, and Christopher Marshall
Debbie Silverman, Anne Huntington, Susi Kenna, and Christina Eberli
Amber Guyton and Sarah Keller
Alexis Light, Manager of Media Relations and Marketing at The Frick Collection, dressed in LANVIN
Chairman Sarah P. Flint and LANVIN'S Julia Erdman, both dressed in LANVIN
Laura Webb and Sally Greenland
Nina Delano, Kylie Gattinella, Chloe Wynne and Eaddy Kiernan (dressed in LANVIN)
Ford Beckett and Olivia Fialkow
Tom Threlfall and Marta Tokar
Ashley Sandall and Marc A. Lewinstein
LANVIN'S Julia Erdman, event Chairman Lydia Fenet Delaney, and LANVIN'S Cecile Andrau, all dressed in LANVIN
Samuel Leeds and Chardonnnay Pickard
Amanda Skier, Bella Slagsvol, and Catherine Strickler
Charlotte Vignon, Curator of Decorative Arts at The Frick Collection, and Chairman Lucy Jane Lang, dressed in LANVIN
Chairmen Amory McAndrew and Elizabeth Kurpis, dressed in LANVIN
Alexandra Longanecker, Joseph Bunge, Edwin Gierbolina, and Joshua Knowlton
Akhurapa Ambak and Rebekah Moniz
Cassandra Tighe and Michael Espiritu
Chairman Amory McAndrew (dressed in LANVIN), Alex Henderson, Steering Committee member Lisa Volling, and Jeff Volling
Chairman Lydia Fenet Delaney and Steering Committee member Astrid Hill, dressed in LANVIN
Tanja Dreiding Wallace
William Keesler and Mary Ellen Whitford
Brooke Bornes, Maggie Bornes and Megan Kultgen
Elizabeth Brewer, Taylor Roach, and Thayer and Jay Reynolds
Anne Huntington and Susi Kenna
Blake Funston and Carrie Engerrand
Adam Rozencwajg, Eaddy Kiernan (dressed in LANVIN), and Michael Parker
Sarah Bray, Britta Briscoe, and Logan Sykes
The Frick Collection's Heidi Rosenau and Alexis Light
Jessica Hirsch and Maureen Nash
Kim Tambascia, Charlie Schlanger, Chairman Jennifer Wright (dressed in LANVIN), and William O'Reilly
Lara Devgan and Patrick Verlanck
Logan Sykes, Sarah Bray, and Britta Briscoe
The Frick Collection's Associate Director of Media Relations and Marketing Heidi Rosenau, Chairman Lucy Jane Lang (dressed in LANVIN), Frick Director Ian Wardropper, Tia Chapman, Deputy Director for External Affairs at the Frick (dressed in LANVIN)
Chairman Lucy Jane Lang (dressed in LANVIN) and Sarah Maslin Nir
Charlotte Vignon, Curator of Decorative Arts at The Frick Collection (dressed in LANVIN), and Frick Director Ian Wardropper
Guests in the special exhibition Coypel's Don Quixote Tapestries: Illustrating a Spanish Novel in Eighteenth-Century France
LANVIN'S Zane Jones, Randle Doss, Julie Erdman, and David Gray
LANVIN'S David Gray, Darrin McWhorter, Bryan Kluge, and Alex Paige
LANVIN's David Gray and Randle Doss
DJ Jason Fioto
Guests on the dance floor of the Frick's Music Room

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