Monday, March 7, 2016

A Better High

The Metro-North bound for the Park Avenue Tunnel on its way to Grand Central Station (as seen from 97th Street and Park Avenue). 3:00 PM. Photo: JH.
Monday, March 7, 2016.  Sunny and cold-ish over the weekend in New York with temps in the low to mid-40s and 30s at night. Overall, both beautiful days by the river.

I had dinner out all three nights and there was no conversation about politics or Trump. Asher Edelman invited me to a party at his loft on 15th Street “starting at nine.” No doubt it would have been enjoyable as Asher likes eclectic. By the time I finished dinner, however, at that hour, I didn’t feel like the trek (Friday night) downtown and back up again. But I wanted to get back to “Fixers” (Melville House Publishing), Michael Thomas’ new book that is so at-the-moment that I want to find out what happened; It feels more present than the current political business we’re now besieged with. And more reliable too, if that’s possible for a novel.
It's my habit to check the skies in late afternoon. Don't ask me why. Sometimes there is something spectacular, like last Friday afternoon about 4:45. The air was moist and almost foggy in places, and up above were those pink clouds. I took the photo to see if I could capture their gossamer intensity. Almost but not quite. The building below with the flag atop is the new Robert A. M. Stern at 20 East End Avenue, in construction. The two buildings south and left of it are at the end of 72nd Street on the river.
I love the boats on the East River. All of them. They represent a visceral aspect of freedom to me. Friday afternoon was a beautiful day, quiet and clear on the river. I was walking the dogs on the Promenade moving northeast. There was no river traffic and then I spotted this tanker coming around the bend in from the Sound and traveling south.
It's a beautiful boat as you can see. I don't know what I'm looking at although it's clearly what it is; business as usual. Then as I caught another shot of it moving away down river, in the distance was a larger tanker being moved up river by a large tug.
The first big tanker is then reduced next to the larger tanker carrying a lot of cargo.
Saturday afternoon, a public relations woman sent me a group of party pictures from a party at a club at 149 Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris that took place less than half a day before, Friday night over there. I don’t know the club or any of the people. Nor do I really know Paris other than having visited. Although I am naturally impressed by it, and the impression Paris makes on our imaginations. Furthermore I’m a longtime devoted reader of the last three centuries of French history.

The party in the pictures, so named “A Better High,” is evidently what here in New York we’d call a “store party.” A promo party made especially for the Consumer Society which has basically replaced what we used to call High Society, or what Cleveland Amory dubbed Publiciety. Around here they are almost as commonplace as the cell phone or Facebook. The product at this party is “the first Franco-Japanese sake” (as in sock-y) and it’s called HeavenSake.
Performance of Kinbaku by Kinoko Hajime.
There were live performances including Kinbaku by the Japanese artist Kinoko Hajime, and a Rockabilly show. According to my source, “the party showcased the creative alliance between French and Japanese culture from which HEAVENSAKE was born to create this authentic Junmai Daiginjo sake.” I don’t know sake so I’ll have to take their word for it.

The party ran very late into the night (3 a.m.) with music played by Virgil Abloh and SOLOMUN.

After going through the photos and Googling 149 Rue Saint-Honoré, I kinda felt like I was there. More or less as a fly on the wall, that is. Often better to read about in a novel, like the people in Michael Thomas’ novel. The Now.
Atlanta De Cadenet and Rockabillies.
Among the heaven-sent getting a Better High: Cara Delevingne, Raf Simons, Tony Garrn, Kelly Rowland, Anna Cleveland, Pat Cleveland, Paul Van Ravenstein, Noomi Rapace, Anja Rubik, Daria Strokous, Giorgia Tordini, Etienne Russo, Loan Chabanol, Caroline de Maigret, Elisabeth Von Thurn und Taxis, Noor Fares, Gilda Ambrosio, Carl Hirschmann, Giovanna Battaglia, Sabine Getty, Remo Ruffini, Brendon Green, Maryna Linchuk, Elizabeth Von Guttman, Alexia Niedzielski, Ellen Von Unwerth, Sara Battaglia, Benjamin Eymère, Alexandra Golovanoff, Fiametta Cicogna, Francesco Scognamiglio, Audrey Marnay, Joana Preiss, Leigh Lezark, Atlanta de Cadenet, Tina Leung, Soo Joo Park, Viola and Vera Arrivabene ... 149 Rue Saint-Honoré 75001 Paris – France ...
Alexander Wertz Carl Hirschmann Karla Otto Etienne Russo and Benjamin Eymere.
Ana Beatriz Barros and friend.
Caroline de Maigret. Francesca Versace. Fiammetta Cicogna.
Tobias Nathan and Giorgia Tordini.
L. Wixson. Loan Chabanol. Pat Cleveland.
Anja Rubik.
Anna Cleveland and Goga Ashkenazi.
Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz. Candela Novembre. Daria Strokous.
Elizabeth Von Guttman and Alexia Niedzileski.
Eva Cavalli.
Soo Joo Park. Toni Garrn. Virgil Abloh.
Giovanna Battaglia and Victorie de Portales.
John Nollet and Virginie Courtin Clarins.
Joana Preiss and Audrey Marnay. Ellen Von Unwert and Carl Hirschmann.
Kelly Rowland and friends.
Maria Carla Boscono and friend.
Marie Jose Susskind.
Leigh Lezark and Geordon Nicol. Raff Simons.
Mimi Xu and friend.
Sarah Andelman.
Tina Leung.
Meanwhile back in little ole Noo Yawk, Barbara and Donald Tober held an intimate soiree for G.A. Mudge, author and photographer of the books "Alice in Central Park: Statues in Wonderland" and "Two Alice Statues in Central Park," at The Lotos Club. 

Mr. Mudge, joined by his wife Sis Mudge, dedicated the evening to the statues in our beloved Central Park. He spoke briefly of the Alice In Wonderland statue in memory of Margarita Delacorte in the presence of members of the Delacorte family. Also there was Jeffrey Spring of the Modern Art Foundry, who created the sculpture and Matthew C. Reiley, the conservation manager at the Central Park Conservancy, who keeps the statues pristine. 
Letitia Delacorte Spangler, Donald Tober, Barbara Tober, G.A. Mudge, Matthew Reiley, Jeffrey Spring, and Sis Mudge.
Guests included Sharon Bush, Liliana Cavendish, Joan Hardy Clark, Cece Cord, Fe and Alessandro Fendi, Mary McFadden, Simon and Loli Roosevelt, Letitia Delacorte Spangler, and Stephanie Stokes.

There was also a silent auction for a G.A. Mudge photograph of the Margarita Delacorte Memorial; proceeds generously donated to the Central Park Conservancy. Mr. Mudge also presented the Tobers with photographs of the Sophie Irene Loeb Fountain and the Margarita Delacorte Memorial.

The books are available to purchase at
G.A. Mudge, Max Greenberg, and Nancy Hall-Duncan.
Mike Brennan, Sis Mudge, Mimi Haggin, and Ben Ali Haggin.
Jim Kelly, Marcia Kelly, Fred Howard, and Elaina Howard.
Allegra Durante, Dianne Durante, and Jay Schwam.
Barbara Tober, Lady Liliana Cavendish, Sharon Bush, and Jonathan Marder.
Mary McFadden and Joan Hardy Clark.
G.A. Mudge and Cece Cord.
Fe Fendi, Kira Wizner, Jake Wizner, and Alessandro Fendi.
Millie Roth and Elena Howard.
Tim Bartley and Jenny Bucove.
Stephanie Stokes. Jessica and Peter Tcherepnine.
Sis Mudge, Wendy Phillips, and Richard Phillips.
Donald and Barbara Tober.

Photographs by Stephanie Feugere (A Better High); Annie Watt (G.A. Mudge)

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