Wednesday, May 4, 2016

As the days and months pass

From taxi to taxi. 7:00 PM. Photo: JH.
Wednesday, May 4, 2016. Rainy, then damp, overcast day, yesterday in New York.

The main event this week occurred on Monday night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art -- the Costume Ball, or the Costume Institute Gala or the Anna Wintour Costume Institute Ball, or Met Ball. It is not to be confused with yesteryear’s Costume Institute Gala which was a primo social event back in the days when there was a primo social event, back when Diana Vreeland inspired and created what is now the Costume Institute at the museum. Now in these bread-and-circus days of ours, it is a fashion carnival getting closer to lift-off for Mars as the days and months pass.

Diana Vreeland at the 1981 gala, in celebration of the 18th Century Woman exhibit. Photo: Getty Images.
Anna Wintour at Monday night's Costume Institute Gala.
I did not attend but who needs to attend when you can get the red carpet on your computer screen. Yesterday I looked at the New York Times’ 100 shots of the arrivals. That’s the party, beginning, middle and end. And it’s interesting. Funny, ludicrous, bizarre, creepy and occasionally, beautiful, sensible, brilliant, and chic. I can imagine Vreeland would have loved the sight of it and observed something brilliantly ethereal to describe it.

Looking through the photos, and enjoying it myself, as well as enjoying my own privately uttered caustic comments, I also concurred that with this one especially, Ms. Wintour has finally turned the social pages for once and for all. Apres-moi, le deluge ... as old Louis Quinze is said to have uttered just before he left the planet.

You could look at that in one of two ways: “whatta shame ...!” or a stroke of genius. Talk about knowing your customer. Did you ever get a glimpse of the Kardashians outside of their fashion flackery that comes in all your SPAM? It’s their world right now. What that implies, infers or augurs remains to be seen (if anyone will have the ability to look up from their cellphone for a millisecond). Nevertheless, I am looking at it from the eyes of age, and decades of watching. How this same young man processed the changes in our world that occurred in his youth, was to not notice anything ... but the fun and excitement of it all. This was a costume ball in Millennials time, and I’ll bet it was a lot of fun for a lot of people, just the looking around made it so. And what it implies, infers or augurs ... who’s to say. I leave it to the gods.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there is so much going on out there in culture and philanthropy land is also New York, that we’re heavy into the process of catch-up.

For example: At the end of last month – April 27th and 28th, YOUTH AMERICA GRAND PRIX (or YAGP for short) held its Final Round of the international ballet scholarship audition with the Final Round performances by the top finalists on the 27th, followed by the “Stars of Today Meet the Stars of Tomorrow” Gala, which was held in Brooklyn at the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House.
Abby William, Katie Williams, Cassandra Trenary, Amy Astley, and Christina Chez Chanco.
More than 8,000 talented young dance students auditioned this season at the semi-final rounds conducted by the YAGP around the world. More than 1000 finalists from 35 countries gathered in New York in April to audition for scholarships and contracts with the world’s leading international dance schools and companies.

The sold-out YAGP Gala featured the talented young finalists of YAGP 2016 season performing alongside international ballet stars. This year’s all-star cast featured a new generation of stars from many major ballet company, including many YAGP alumni. Michaela DePrince and Edo Wijnen of Dutch National Ballet, both YAGP alumni, will made their New York Debut as part of the renowned company. Newly promoted Paris Opera Ballet Premier Dancer and YAGP Alumna, Hannah O’Neill, also made her New York Professional Debut, performing a Pas de Deux from “La Esmeralda” with Hugo Marchand.
Hugo Marchand, Hanna O'Neill, Edo Wijnen, and Michaela DePrince. Simeone Scaramozzino, Anait Kilat, and Giuseppe Laspada.
Stuttgart Ballet Principal Dancer and YAGP alum Daniel Camargo made his New York Professional Debut with Pas de Deux “Diana and Acteon,” performing with Gillian Murphy from American Ballet Theatre. Camargo also performed a US Premiere “Fire Breather” by YAGP 2016 Emerging Choreographer Katarzyna Kozielska (Stuttgart Ballet) The rising stars of Mariinsky Ballet, Kristina Shapran and Xander Parish, performed a duet from “Romeo and Juliet” by Leonid Lavrovsky – the original Soviet choreography rarely seen in the United States.
Bolshoi Ballet stars Ekaterina Krysanova and Artem Ovcharenko, who recently portrayed Rudolph Nureyev in a BBC documentary “Leap to Freedom” to high critical acclaim, performed a duet from “Marco Spada.” And there was a performance from Christopher Wheeldon’s “Carousel” by Tiler Peck and Robbie Fairchild from the New York City Ballet. American Ballet Theatre Principal, Stella Abrera, performed in a World Premiere multidisciplinary piece, “Invocation” with freestyle parkour artists, choreographed by Josie Walsh.
Ashley Vello, Alexandra Perzhu, Suzanne Saperstein, Christina Lyon, and Elizabeth Segerstrom.
Jerry Applestein, Jenny Lee, Hee Seo, and Judith Hoffman.
Sergei Filin, Peter Quanz, and Eliza Menden.
Mrs. Rosalind Hohenberg and Master Adrien Hohenberg. Sean Maryweather and Ezra Ezzard.
Marc Anthony, Saundra Cornwell, Cheryl Bergenfeld, and B. Michael.
Marion Sell, Wonda Orme, Dianna Mesion, and Pierce Jackson.
Danielle Hirsch and Tara Milne. Dr. Mark Avram and Maria Avram.
Noni Marcader and Charles Barker.
Elaine Brownstein, Flavio Salazar, and Rosario Murillo. Brittany Weir and Lane Azerill.
Elizabeth Camp, George Vandenberg, andf Allegra Kent.
Suzanne Dance and Alexis Fine. Karine Plantadit and Dameka Hayes.
Elizabeth Papadopolos, John Sills, and Angel Corella.
Katherine and Richard Jacobson Jenya Andriamova, Elizabeth Orlov, and Natalia Orlov.
Hal Witt, Allison Tang, Michele Gerber Klein, Jonathan Marder, and Laure Vienot-Tronche.
Howard Paley, Katherine Crowely, John Murphy, and Jessica Corr.
Barbara Hemmerle Gollust and Sarah Arison. Andrea Himmel, Jered Friedland, and Dr. Shirley Madhere-Weil.
More catch-up: Last last month, The New York Center for Children (NYCC) hosted its 21th Anniversary Spring Cocktail Reception at Clement Restaurant in the Peninsula Hotel in New York City. They celebrated NYCC’s more than 20 years of helping the most disadvantaged children achieve their potential.
Kevin Kaufman and Ivana Kane. Karen Sachs and Elizabeth Courtney.
The event featured a Live Auction where one participant won a customized Vespa from Vespa of Manhattan. There was also a Silent Auction held where guests bid on a variety of exquisite gifts and experiences. Timatha Kasten performed a musical tribute accompanied by a jazz trio honoring the memory of Broadway legend Marty Richards. The Mary Lea Johnson Richards Charitable Foundation also supported the musical memorial.

The event raised more than $100,000 toward the organization’s mission to support victims of child abuse and their families. More than 100 supporters gathered for the event.
Joanne Rivera, Natalie Emerson, and Stacey Averbuch. Joanna Darling.
Christine Rales, Board President of the New York Center for Children, addressed the crowd of supporters thanking them for their attendance and support. Also taking the stage was Dr. Katherine Grimm, Medical Director of the New York Center for Children. She spoke about the important work that the center carries out and how it helps child abuse victims and their families. Lastly, Michele Herbert addressed the crowd to stress that it’s the contributions from loyal donors that help the NYCC execute its mission and provide children, regardless of financial standing, with the support they need. She ended with a thank you to all the guests and participants of the auction. Auctioneer of the evening was Kevin Kaufman.

The NYCC Board of Directors includes: Kate Spade (Emeritus Chair), Christine Rales (President), Steven M. Alden, Christine Boeke, Martin S. Foont (Treasurer), Michele Herbert, Heidi Mitchell (Secretary), Meghan Pardi, Linda Schoenthaler (Vice President), Sophie Ann Terrisse, Lauren Vernon, Susan Warren, Georgette Mosbacher (Founder), Richard Martin (In Memoriam).
Rob Davis, Marty Foont, and Kevin Ryan.
Michele Herbert, Jean Shafiroff, and Christine Crowther.
Marty Foont, Jonathan Crook, Tricia Rosentreter, and Alpan Keskin.
Regina Kravitz. Mei Chu and John Troisi.
Chrisine Rales, Scott Higgins, and Lin Higgins.

Photographs by BFA (YAGP); Rob Rich & Patrick McMullan (NYCC)

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