Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Concrete jungle

Looking north through Gramercy Park towards the Chrysler Building. 2 PM. Photo: JH.
Wednesday, November 3, 2016.  T’was a sunny day in the chilly 50s in New York yesterday, with the weatherman predicting the low 70s for today and tomorrow. The city was relatively quiet traffic-wise.

Weekend redux. By which I mean: Halloween. For example Alex Beard, son of writer and editor Patricia Beard, and Sam Beard, had his Chelsea solo exhibition debut on Saturday night. Mingling among Beard’s friends and family, one could see Cleopatra, ghosts, of course, and devils: and even David Bowie. Well, sort of.
Halloween Revelers ...
The crowd, costumed and otherwise, gathered at the George Billis Gallery to celebrate the opening of Beard’s exhibition “On Camel Safari” as well as the launch of “A Brush with Nature” – a monograph of the artist’s work recently released by Glitterati.

Mr. Beard, a passionate conservationist and nephew of African wildlife photographer Peter Beard, created more than 20 new works for this show and before the night was through, well over half of the show was sold. A portion of the proceeds from art and book sales are being donated to the Watering Hole Foundation, founded by the artist in 2012, to raise funds to support endangered wildlife and their environments.
In the crowd were proud mama Patricia Beard (former Editor of Town & Country, Elle, and Mirabella), Sam Beard (Co-founder of the Jefferson Awards), Anson Beard (Wall Street Executive), and Hillary Beard Schafer (Executive Director Jefferson Awards), and over a hundred friends and collectors including Norah O'Donnell (of CBS’s  This Morning), Geoff Tracy (Chef Geoff’s), celebrity stylist Emily Ford , Edwin and Lorna Goodman (of Bergdorf Goodman) Joyce Cowin, Bartle Bull, Philae Knight, Mark Schafir, Maggie Gilliam, Anna Beth Goodman (wife of actor John Goodman. 
Amy Beard, Alex Beard, Norah O'Donnell, Geoff Tracy, Mark Schafir, and Hillary Beard Schafer.
Alex Beard signing A Brush with Nature.
This very talented New Orleans-based painter/author, who is also a children’s author, has a unique style of painting called “Abstract Naturalism” which combines Abstract Expressionism with naturalist environmentalist art. His work has inspired comparisons to the works of M.C. Escher. He was personally inspired by his travels, wildlife and recurring natural patterns. His drawings and paintings are intensely colorful, detailed interpretations of the world around us.

His book, “A Brush With Nature,” contains works produced over the past twenty-five years and serve as an introduction to the artist/author’s philosophy of the interconnectedness of life at, and mathematics.
Morgan Hill Beard and Mark Shafir.
Patricia Beard with Ed and Lorna Goodman.
Philae Knight, Maddie Rice, and Hollbrook Newman.
Anson Beard and Alex Beard.
Robert Power, Bartle Bull, Claudia Bull, and Cecilia Bull.
John Sweeney and friend.
Pola Rosen and Joyce Cowin.
Last month redux. Two weeks ago on this day, the Boys’ Club of New York and DIOR hosted the BCNY’s 68th Annual Fall Dance, along with co-chairs Sara Ayres, Amy Griffin, Alexandra Robertson, Lauren Santo Domingo, and Shirin von Wulffen at the Pierre ..
Gabrielle Bacon, Victoria DíAgostino, and Shirin Von Wulffen
Breanna Sabo
Andrew Thomas, Kathy Thomas, Brian McCarthy, and Lisa McCarthy
Christine Schwarzman and Muffie Potter Aston
Sebastian de la Cruz, Ritchey Howe, and Stephen Tosh
Amy Griffin, Sara Ayres, Renaud de Lesquen, Alexandra Robertson, Shirin von Wulffen, and Lauren Santo Domingo
Ellen Niven and Ritchey Howe
Karyn Ravin and Stephanie Rosenblum
Audrey Gruss with Wilbur Ross and Hilary Geary Ross
Ulla Parker and Lauren Remington Platt
Carter Simonds, Travis Acquavella, and Kathy Thomas
Karl Wellner and Deborah Norville with Jamee and Peter Gregory
Kiane von Mueffling and Charlie von Mueffling
Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos
Alexandra Richards
Brad Comisar, Julia Koch, and Mark Fabry
Sebastian de la Cruz and Nancy Rodriguez
Antonio Aponte and Sebastian de la Cruz
Charlie Ayres, Mary Snow, Mark Gilbertson, and Alexandra Lind Rose
Emma Williams, Jamie McDonald, Stephanie Kearney, and Karen Wheeler
Fairfax Dorn and Mark Glimcher
Thorne and Tatiana Perkin
Bronson Van Wyck, Marisa Pucci, and Andrew Bowen
Jennifer Creel and Cosby George
Elizabeth Reid, Bill Reid, and Dara O'Hara
Ashley McDermott, Dennis Basso, and Debbie Bancroft
Rebekah McCabe and Stephanie Coleman
Donald Miller, Muffy Miller, Susan Meyer, and Joe Meyer
Michael Cominotto and Sallie Giordano
Alison Knight and Chris Harvey
Marybeth Harvey and Dan Kelly
Greg Heyman and Lisa Blau
Alexia Hamm Ryan and Leslie Coleman
Mark Glimcher and Gucci Westman
MaryKate Boylan and Alexandra Shaheen
Jill Roosevelt and Larry Creel
Ward Hunt and Virginia Tomenson
Whitney Case and Shabnam Henry

Photographs by Patrick McMullan (Boys' Club)

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