Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Flying high

"Octavia," the late Pale Male's eighth mate. 2:00 PM. Photo: JH.
Wednesday, February 3, 2016. A mild winter’s day, yesterday in New York, with temps in the high 40s, low 50s and sometimes cloudy sometimes sunny, with some rain in the forecast for today.
A kit of pigeons lined up outside the New-York Historical Society.
The most interesting thing that happened in the news yesterday (that isn’t potentially terrifying or traumatizing) was the news that Donald Trump didn’t win the Republicans’ Iowa Caucus.

I don’t follow the campaign news too closely, but been watching the man hold sway with an ease that keeps a lot of the spotlight on him, I was sort of shocked that Cruz won. Not by much of course, but nevertheless. To me, Trump was the only viable candidate for that side in terms of popular appeal.
Although I am not a voter committed to anyone, or even leaning at this point in the race to the White House, I have to admit I was  disappointed in the results; because what if he quit? Frankly where would this entire presidential campaign be without him? In the broom closet. The American people have seen and heard it all before. Nowadays it’s Wash-Rinse-and-Repeat. I’m holding no one responsible for the situation but it is -- aside from its humongous implications for the community of man -- boring. Except for Donald and his audience. Who may now be his voters.

I don’t know Donald. I’ve met him. We live in the same community in two different neighborhoods. He’s an at-home kind of guy when he’s not working. But he loves his work and so he’s always working. I share that benefit myself, and so I understand. So when I read that he’d lost, I found myself hoping he wouldn’t quit. As if he were my “favorite.”
Yes, I know; it sounds that way. But I was thinking of the man in the community, my community. Doing his thing. Running for President. The real Big Time. He never quit anything before, from what I can see. He may have had a setback or “defeat” on some project or another, and had a bankruptcy here and there. But he’s always progressed anyway. No doubt that’s what a lot of his supporters are impressed by.

So it will be even more interesting to see how he moves ahead.

Hillary has a lot of that quality albeit it in a different package and personality. But it’s the same instinctive doggedness. It’s especially apparent at this moment since she is so unpopular in certain circles.
Geoffrey Bradfield, the international interior designer was in Johannesburg last week and sent me this photograph of his greeters at a dinner party he attended at the home of friends. I look at all those little guys and girls lined up and all I can think is: beautiful. All the sweetness this side of heaven.
More doggie news. We’re so late on this, I don’t know how it slipped by us, but last early December, the Animal Medical Center hosted its annual “Top Dog Gala” at Cipriani 42nd Street with several hundred attending. They honored former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly as well as the NYPD’s Canine force.

The benefit was co-chaired by Cass Adelman, Nancy Kissinger, Elaine Langone, Annette de la Renta and Robert Couturier. Dog lovers all.  Event planner and designer David Monn provided the atmosphere. The Cip 42 is cavernous as well as enormous. David turned it into a kind of wonderland that was sufficiently intimate.
The dining tables at Cipriani 42nd Street with its decor created by David Monn.
The former commissioner, Mr. Kelly, you could see, was charmed by his award and gave an excellent speech about the work of the AMC and the NYPD’s canines who get all their care free at the AMC. There is a lot of talk about Mr. Kelly’s potential candidacy for mayor in the next election. I was aware of that listening to his speech. He’s a very comfortable and gentle speaker with a natural sense of authority in leadership. There were a lot of people in the room who are responding to that and would support him.

The event raised more than $1.36 million in support of AMC’s core mission of advanced treatment, research and education.
AMC Trustee Nancy Kissinger and Ray Kelly with the NYPD Canine Units.
Ray Kelly, CEO Kathryn Coyne, and Chairman Robert Liberman.
Dr. Henry Kissinger, Ray Kelly, Nancy Kissinger, and Veronica Kelly.
Kenneth Langone, AMC Trustee Elaine Langone, and friends.
Jeffrey and Ina Garten.
AMC Trustee Emilia Fanjul. AMC Trustee Cass Adelman and Jason Adelman.
Ray Kelly and AMC Trustee Annette de la Renta.
Table centerpieces ...

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