Gala nights are beginning

The Harvest Moon. 10:30 PM. Photo: JH.
Friday, September 14, 2016. It was a beautiful day, yesterday in New York with temperatures in the low 70s, a lot of sunshine and dropping into the 60s after the sun went down. Wednesday was the hot one and high humidity. I took these photos of the terrace because I'm often looking them over for no reason other than the satisfaction of having this beauty on my doorstep. It's my homage to the countryside I don't live in. And also to Southern California where I once lived and loved nature's beautiful bounty.

I took the photos Wednesday afternoon right after it had begun to cloud over around 4:45 – 5 o'clock. I was hoping to get the color of the blossoms and leaves in that ultra-violet light that comes with the darkening clouds. It doesn't translate on my camera, but they are beautiful nevertheless. 
The little guy standing next to the vinca would probably be taking a bite out of one of those petals if I weren't around. This is Willy or Willy Willy. A little guy with the energy of ten big guys. He's getting fairly used to his new home and I am getting fairly used to his still not quite but almost housebreaking habits. But he's a sweet little guy.

The tan furry coat to the left belongs to Rosemary or Rosemary Dog. Double everything I said about Willy and that's Rosemary. She is the Alpha dog in the pack. Tobey is not in the picture as he prefers to rest under my desk and get away from (them) it all, until he can get some of the attention for himself. Or dinner or treats.
About fifteen minutes after I took these pictures, the skies suddenly started to pour, and the steam it suddenly created from the torrential rain was like a low flying misty cloud over the avenue. You couldn't see more than two blocks.
Last Night in New York.  Fashion Week is wrapping and the gala nights are beginning. As well as a lot of other activities around town. For me, it was the annual Quest 400 party at Doubles which I host with Chris Meigher, the owner and publisher of the magazine. 
The List comes out every August. As you may have read before, and even more than once, I created the first list back in the early 90s (I think '94). It never occurred to me at the time that it would become a magazine tradition, and a popular one not the least because Lists are popular with magazine readers. It is also true that many of the several hundred on the 2016 List, know or know of scores of the individuals on the List by 2 or 3 degrees of separation.
Billy Farrell, who photographed the party, came rushing in just as I arrived in the lobby of the club. Billy covered the entire party from beginning to end, which we'll show you next week.
What does it speak of in the second decade of the 21st century versus the days of the Gilded Age when Mrs. Astor's amanuensis Ward McAllister created the first List of this kind? It now speaks of neighborhood, friendships, acquaintanceships and New York still being a Big Town that loves a good cocktail party at the end of the day to relax and enjoy the company it's keeping.

The Doubles Club has very smart and well lighted rooms with two bars and constant hors d'oeuvres being circulated (and devoured), and a lot of people know a lot of people in the room, and don't know a lot of people in the room. That is a perfect cocktail reception, and so it was.

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