Friday, July 22, 2016

high volume clatter-chatter

Looking east across Park Avenue and 95th Street. 11:00 PM. Photo: JH.
Friday, July 22, 2016. Yesterday was a very hot day in New York, although not with a lot of humidity, amazingly. Today, the forecast is for hotter, and this time with a “surge” in humidity. We’re not alone here in the Big Apple, but it’s the whole Northeast and well into the Middle West.

There was an article on Accu-weather reporting that flights can be canceled with this heat; that when the temperature is over 104, which thankfully it hasn’t been, it actually can be dangerous to fly. Because at that temperature the air is thinner and the thinner the air, the less density needed to give the aircraft a lift.

Nevertheless thunderstorms are predicted for today and at least they can cool off the pavement a bit, and the air gets more comfortable. In the meantime people are staying in as much as possible.

Dog-owners should be alerted that the heat is very dangerous for animals. Notice how when it’s hot they find a coolest spot and stay there? That’s because they know better than we do not to tempt Mother Nature when she’s heating. Those dog owners who take their dogs on their daily runs, even worse while the owners ride their bikes blithely, are literally threatening their dog’s life. In other words, enough of that heat and exercise could kill them. Right away. Animals do not have the same relationship to exercise that we do. They do not perspire the way we do and they can easily become dehydrated. Nor do they care what you think. They know better.

Wednesday Michael’s. I was there, with Linda Fairstein who has a new book “Killer Look” is coming out next week. Lunches with Linda are always fascinating, but more about that on Tuesday, her launch date.

I was surprised, given the hot weather that it was one of those Wednesdays of high volume clatter-chatter and a lot of the doers and the shakers in the media business. Leonard Lauder was there looking dapper in his blue seersucker and sporty with his (white) open shirt. He was lunching with Marigay McKee. Gerry Byrne was there with his son Gavin; Shirley Lord lunching with Linda Janklow; columnist Richard Cohen with Tom Freston; Barry Frey with Quividi CEO Ke-Quang Nguyen-Phue, and Olivia Bombart. At Table One, Desiree Gruber and Caryn Stern were hosting a (business and media) ladies lunch; Jim Mitchell with Butch Elias of Relias Sportswear; George Ledes with Mrs. Ledes, Christine Schott; Bob DiNapoli with Mary Russell whom coincidentally I met the night before at a cocktail party at Katherine Bryan’s.
Julie Britt and Mary Russell .
Mary is famous, especially among the famous. Based in Paris where she brought up her three daughters (they’re grown up now), she is the chronicler and photo-chronicler of The Fashion World. You may know a lot of her work for Vogue in Paris. She’s one of those women who knows everybody she needs to know. And she’s also known by more than she knows. She also, I learned when we met, reads the NYSD!

Moving around the room. At the table next to ours, comedian David Steinberg with John Loeffler of Fieldhouse Music; Alyssa Funk with Jean Louis Alpeyerie;  FishbowlNY’s Diane Clehane with Dan Fuchs and Sara Peterson of HGTV magazine; Bonnie Timmerman with Sean Stone, son of Oliver; Glenn Horowitz; Jack Kliger of British Heritage Travel; Jay Kriegel;  Julie Haddon; Daniel Kramer; Tom Rogers; publicist Judy Twersky with Hara Estroff Marano; Andrew Davidoff;  Peter Brown; Andrew Stein; Suzanne Dawson; Blair Effron; Todd Snyder; Stu Zakiim with Oleg Maryasis; Michael Pugh; Hank Ratner.
One of Mary Russell's photographs of Karl Lagerfeld.
And Mary's shots of Andy Warhol and gang in Paris in 1965.
But the star celebrity of the room was uber-restaurateur Julian Niccolini fresh from the final dinners at his and Alex von Bidder’s landmark-cum-legendary restaurant, The Four Seasons. Julian was looking well and was his charming self, greeting guests and friends around the room and lunching with his pals Joel Schumacher and Pete Peterson.

Meanwhile, speaking of celebrity sightings,
that night I was at dinner at Sette Mezzo where Paul McCartney was also dining. And coincidentally, who was at a table nearby but photographer Harry Benson dining with his wife Gigi. As the Bensons were leaving the restaurant, Sir Paul spotted him, and got up to greet Harry with a big hug. Fans will remember/know that Harry first came to America with Paul and John and Ringo and George and took some of the iconic shots of their fantastic debut in America. 
Harry's photo of the Beatles arriving at JFK Airport on February 7th, 1964 for their historic first U.S. visit.
It was a warm steamy weekend in the Hamptons, but nevertheless more than 300 animal lovers attended the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF) 7th Annual Unconditional Love Gala last Saturday evening at a private residence on Gin Lane in Southampton.

Gala Chair Jean Shafiroff was joined by Board President Jonathan McCann and Chairwoman Emeritus Susan Allen in hosting this year’s event which honored “El Faro de los Animales.”
Cocktail hour on the lawn.
Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Chuck Scarborough.  Among those attending were Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, John Catsimatidis, Dick and Donna Soloway, Howard Lorber, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Jill Rappaport, Wendy Wegner, Flo Anthony, and Liliana Cavendish.

Guests enjoyed a catered dinner by Robbins Wolfe while Alex Donner and his orchestra brought music to the evening.
Carol Bauhs with some of the animals up for adoption.
All proceeds from evening will go directly to the Southampton Animal Shelter's crucial initiatives, specifically their low-cost spay/neuter mobile van granted by the ASCPA, as well as efforts to rescue innocent animals enslaved in puppy mills, and the costs of daily care within the shelters. The proceeds will also benefit the Shelter's various programs that help special needs children, as well as implementing SASF's "Playing For Life" program, which is currently in over 40 shelters throughout the United States. 
For more information on the SASF go to
Dogs for adoption.
Ivy looking for her new home
Chuck and Ellen Scarborough.
Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney.
Gary Lawrance and Zita Davisson.
Howard Lorber, Susan Bordeaux, Claudia and Billie Walters, Peter Worth, and Noel Nikpour.
Wendy Wegner and Jonathan McCann.
James Marzigliano, Kate McEntee, and Chuck and Ellen Scarborough.
Jill Rappaport, Candy Udell, and Stanley. Lilliana Cavandish.
Jean Shafiroff and Georgina Bloomberg.
Kate McEntee and Cynthia Roth.
Anna Throne-Holst and Mayor Mark Epley. Dick and Donna Soloway.
Walking into dinner.
Under the tent.
The dinner tables.
The Alex Donner Orchestra.

Photographs by Lisa Tamburini (Unconditional Love)

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