On the Street

One of the all-too-many weekend street fairs in New York. 3:30 PM. Photo: JH.
Monday, September 19, 2016. A beautiful, mid-September weekend in New York. Sunny and warm on Saturday; overcast and warm on Sunday expecting some rain.
I was in midtown, dining with a friend on Saturday night when on West 23rd Street in Chelsea, about thirty-five blocks from us (approximately two miles), the explosion occurred. We heard no noise, unsurprisingly considering the traffic around us. And so we had no idea that it happened. I learned when I got home and went online for the news.
Another Sunday street fair on Columbus Avenue.
After dinner, I walked a couple blocks down to Bergdorf’s to get some photos of their spectacular windows. The area around Bergdorf’s was fairly busy, as it always is, because of the Apple Cube, but otherwise, these sidewalks are not busy on a Saturday night – whereas in Chelsea, there are crowds out heading to restaurants, bars, parties.

The  Bergdorf windows always amaze. The theme of this set is obviously women’s handbags, as you can see. After I finished with Bergdorf’s, I couldn’t resist a shot of Bulgari’s corner on 57th and Fifth, across from Van Cleef on one opposite corner, and Tiffany on the other (not to mention Louis Vuitton diagonally across).  Bulgari is remodeling but in the meantime their mask is lively and great to look at.
I took this photo from a friend's apartment Saturday night looking out at the Plaza Hotel and Fifth Avenue and 59th Street. 9:30 p.m.
The Bergdorf windows from across the avenue.
The message in fashion is handbags.
Sumptuous luxury; dripping pearls, diamond girls on the town (found on the main floor according to the window).
And handbags.
Bulgari on the corner of 57th and Fifth.
Today we’re running more photos from the Quest 400 Party that took place last Thursday night at Doubles. These are by Billy Farrell who has now become bi-coastal with his camera, and has even taken up part time residence with an apartment in the flats of West Hollywood.
The descent to Doubles.
The party in full swing.
This is an annual party, if you didn’t know, and many of the guests have been attending every year, so it’s one of those get-together cocktail parties, New York style, and a good time was had by all.