Friday, September 9, 2016

Out to Lunch

The New York skyline as seen from Arthur Ashe Stadium at the US Open. 11:30 PM. Photo: JH.
Friday, September 9, 2016. Very warm and humid yesterday in New York. All of which was superseded by the traffic around town, especially if you had to get around midtown.

Out to Lunch. I went down to Michael’s which required some patience due to the midtown gridlock. Also there is always a crowd now in front of the public entrance to the Trump Tower, as well as TV trucks and photogs. Was The Man in residence? I have no idea.
Outside the entrance to Trump Tower.
Meanwhile over at 24 West 55th, it was a familiar crowd: Barry Frey; Elizabeth Harrison; Adrienne Arsht; James Chanos; Peter Gethers, writer, publisher; prolific novelist, screen and television writer; Peter Gregory; Steven Kaiser; Esther Newberg; Leslie Stevens; Pete Peterson; Clifford Press; Joseph Scanlon; Andrew Stein; Jonathan Capehart, Joe Versace; Felicia Taylor with Ron Insana;  John Usdan; Bill vanden Heuvel with Harold Holzer; Nick Verbitsky; Jim Spanfeller; Boaty Boatwright; Olivia Flatto; Peter Brown;  Beverly Camhe; Chris Meigher with his editorial gang, Lizzie Brown; Lily Hoagland, Daniel Capello, Alex Travers, Elizabeth Meigher, DPC.

The first Michael’s Wednesday after “summer’s over,” again had an array of talkers and the media movers including Kate White with Jane Friedman; Jolie Hunt; Pete Peterson with Julian Niccolini; Gordon Davis; Drew Schiff; Euan Rellie; Diane Clehane with Turcotte and Leslie Gwinn; Jack Kliger; Peter Brown; Freddie Gershon; Eva Mohr; Lew Margolis; Andrew Stein; Matt Blank of Showtime; Jim Abernathy; Chris Meigher; David Poltrack; Todd Bishop; Jerry Burke; Nick Varney; and Liz Wood, up from our nation’s capital.

I first heard Jill Kargman speak a few years ago at a lunch benefitting City Harvest. I have known her since she was a very young woman because her parents Arie and Coco Kopelman are very active in the cultural and social life of New York. Mr. Kopelman was for years the head of Chanel US. I knew before that luncheon that she’d written a couple of “humorous” books but I hadn’t read them. So I had no idea what to expect of this very proper and sophisticated raven-haired young woman who doesn't look funny.
Jill Kargman moments before taking the podium at City Harvest's 7th Annual On Your Plate luncheon in 2011.
Well, within the first fifteen seconds of her “guest speaker” speech, she cracked me up. I was out of control there for a minute or three because, like Seinfeld, she creeps up on you and goes “Pow!!” with her wit and angle. This is a very very funny woman. I’ve only seen her popular Bravo! Show “Odd Man Out” once but I can see why it’s a hit. On top of that, the girl’s prolific (and a conscientious, hands on mother of two also). Her mother told me when we happened to be at the same dinner in Nantucket this past August that Jill is going to be doing a stand-up (at the Café Carlyle) soon too. When you hear about it make your reservations instantly! 
Jill Kargman will be teaming up with Trip Cullman for a smokin' hot evening of metal-lite tunes and comedy, JILL KARGMAN: STAIRWAY TO CABARET, at Cafe Carlyle in 2017.
In the meantime, Jill also has a new book out called “Sprinkle Glitter on My Grave: Observations, Rants, and Other uplifting Thoughts About Life,” a series of essays. Last night two of her good friends threw her a very glamorous book party at their Upper East Side pad where friends and family were there to meet and greet the woman of many talents ...
Jill with a copy of “Sprinkle Glitter on My Grave: Observations, Rants, and Other uplifting Thoughts About Life." Click to order.
Catching up. So it’s not the Hamptons but ... On the last Friday of August, up in the beautiful village of Bedford, New York, the Bedford Playhouse held a star-studded benefit at the Harvey School called “Playing for the Playhouse. Guests were treated to the varied talents of luminously talented group of performers, all local residents (locals) who are involved in making the new Bedford Playhouse happen. Those above referred to talents including Glenn Close, Paul Shaffer, Mrs. Marvin Hamlisch, Robert Klein, Marissa McGowan, Chazz Palminteri and Jeffrey Tambor. Really! Directed by Sarah Long, who is also Board Chair of the Playhouse. Board president John Farr who hosted the evening, proclaimed it “ ... an unforgettable evening.”
Glenn Close.
The Bedford Playhouse is an historic cinema located in the center of Bedford Village. It first opened its doors back in 1947. Almost seven decades later, in early 2015, the theater closed and a grass roots organization was formed under the leadership of  Mr. Farr, a Bedford-based film curator.

The mission is to provide a vibrant cultural and social destination dedicated to screening the best films for discerning adults and families, as well as providing a community hub for socializing, special events, and educational programs relating to film and the arts.
Mrs. Marvin Hamlisch.
Jeffrey Tambor.
Plans call for three state-of-the-art theaters to feature new independent films, documentaries, classics, speakers' series, small musical/theatrical performances, and educational programs.  There will also be an intimate cafe serving light fare at breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a bar serving beer, wine and spirits. For details
Laura Mantell, Alan Mantell, and Cathryn Mantell.
Henry and Jack Farr. Melissa and Gerardo Mendez.
Jill Brooke, Anna Lee, and friend.
Ira and Paula Resnick. Gregg and Kate Lemkau.
Deborah French with Steve and Vickie Morris.
Joe Berlinger and Sarah Long. Don Weeden and Vanessa Smith.
Jeffrey Tambor, Paul Shaffer, Glenn Close, Mrs. Marvin Hamlisch, Marissa McGowan, and Robert Klein.
Fred Hill. Kim Speegle and Loriann Low.
Paul Shaffer, Glenn Close, and John Farr.
John Farr, Mrs. Marvin Hamlisch, and Valerie Lemon.
Jonie Evans and Bob Perkins.

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