Thursday, May 19, 2016

Processing the day

Watching the day go by in midtown. 3:15 PM. Photo: JH.
Thursday, May 19, 2016. Mild and sometimes sunny and sometimes overcast in the day with some heavier moisture this side of rain came in early evening.

I went to a lunch at Michael’s where Susan Magrino was giving a luncheon for Sacha Lichine. It was a rose lunch and Sacha’s rose wine, Whispering Angel, is widely popular. Sacha's father, the late Alexis Lichine was once married to Arlene Dahl, making Arlene Sacha’s step-mother whom he evidently liked very much.

Also at the table was a man named Paul Chevalier who works closely with Lichine as an agent. Paul is the great-nephew of Maurice Chevalier, for those of you who are old enough to know whom I’m referring to. Although Paul speaks with a total American accent because he grew up in Boston. But lives in France. But the best part was the rose. And Michael’s was its madhouse Wednesday-self. More on all that on tomorrow’s Diary when I’ve had time to process the day.
This is Paul Chevalier holding this magnum of Côtes de Provence rosé 2013 from Sacha Lichine's Chateau d'Esclans, with one thumb at yesterday's lunch at Michael's. Paul is seated next to Pam Liebman and that one eye belongs to Nina Griscom.
The ride home from Michael’s through the Park was a cacophony of bicycles, horse-drawn carriages, pedal-cars and us taxis. A lot of the riders on or in the first three are tourists, some of whom are fond of taking selfies of themselves while riding through the throng.

Then last night I was out again at six to go to The Boy’s Club of New York Annual Awards Dinner at the Mandarin Oriental where they were honoring Jackie Williams and Bill Tyree, two individuals who have devoted decades to working to support the Boy’s Club and its activities. This is a good story and I have more to tell.
The view last night at 7:15 from the 36th floor ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental overlooking Columbus Circle east and South. The building under construcction is said to rival in height the other two in view. The small white gem on the right is the Museum of Arts and Design.
Last night's honoree along with Bill Tyree at the Boy's Club of New York Annual Awards Dinner, Jacqueline Williams, with her two sons Harry (left) and Philip (right).
My pup Tobey came to live here via Bide-a-wee two years ago, and I am on their mailing list. I got this when I got home from the afternoon, and seeing the doc, coincidentally. I once had a little kitty who looked just like this guy. This guy’s story is sweet and heart-warming, and a reminder to all of us what we can do for our animals, and our children who need them too. Just like Rocky.
"The moment I held this tiny, frightened, four-week-old kitten in the palm of my hand, I knew I would call him Rocky, because he had one heck of a fight ahead of him." – Laura, Bideawee Vet Technician

Rocky was rescued by one of our vet techs, after a friend of hers heard a terrible wailing sound coming from his backyard and found Rocky alone, dirty, covered in fleas, and unable to move. After a closer examination, he discovered that Rocky had gotten himself stuck in the rope that was used to tie down the tarp covering his boat. Rocky was so small that he must have just been separated from his mother and siblings — likely left behind because of his injury — and now this sweet boy had been trapped, and all alone for hours, if not days.

Despite Rocky's terrible injury, all he wanted was human affection. From the moment that Laura began combing the fleas out of his matted fur, he purred emphatically as though he was in a state of complete bliss. Somehow he must have sensed that whatever hardships might lie ahead, he would be cared for.

Unfortunately, Rocky's paw was too mangled to save, and it had to be amputated. When I visited this sweet boy after his surgery, he mustered up every bit of strength to try to make his way over to me. It broke my heart to watch him attempt to drag his cast (which was almost half the size of his body) to the front of the cage so that he could nuzzle up against me.

Rocky is every bit the fighter that his name suggests but he has a long road ahead of him, and he needs your help. Rocky needed urgent care to stabilize him and treat his wounded paw, and now he'll need extensive post-op care to manage his pain and ensure a full recovery.

Please donate to Rocky's care today so he can continue to receive the treatment he needs, and Bideawee can continue to come to the aid of animals like Rocky, who will never be alone as long as we are here.

Contact DPC here.