Monday, November 7, 2016

Running around town

Rounding mile 25 of the New York City Marathon, Sunday at 2:50 PM. Photo: JH.
Monday, November 7, 2016. Autumn weather in New York this past weekend with sunny days and temperatures in the mild high 50s, low 60s. Perfect weather for the Marathon as captured by JH in the mid-afternoon.
On Saturday I made my weekly trek over to Zabar’s, happy to see the beauty of the foliage change especially witnessed traveling in and around the Park. On my way back to the East Side, I took these photos. The first two were taken at the light, looking east on West 81st Street and Columbus Avenue toward the transverse at Central Park West. Then there’s the bus stop and hotdog stand serving the family crowds going to the American Museum of Natural History on the corner at CPW. And finally, coming out of the transverse at 79th Street and Fifth Avenue, looking south at Mother Nature’s grandeur.
The view traveling east approaching the light on Columbus Avenue and 81st Street, Saturday afternoon.
Waiting for the light to change, admiring the foliage that began to appear in the past couple of days.
The corner of Central Park West where 81st moves into the 79th Street transverse, where people catch the bus for the East Side.
Fifth Avenue and 79th Street, looking south, having traveled through the Park.
Which, speaking of grandeur, this past weekend, going through my archives, I came up this “painting” from my friend Schulenberg whose sketchbook/memoir we publish every Thursday. Schulenberg, whom I have known for fifty years (!!), is so entirely an artist that even a blank envelope for mailing (you can see the creases of the fold if you look closely) is irresistible to his hand and brushes. And to the receiver, there isn’t a letter that could be written from anyone that could match the pleasure of his wit and humor and social commentary.

This particular chef d’oeuvre, which I call Schulenberg’s Dog Dinner, was created on the back of an envelope for a letter he sent me eight years ago when the news came out that Leona Helmsley had left her Maltese dog “Trouble” a $12 million trust fund. The sum was later reduced to $2 million after some conscientious lawyers and judges decided a Maltese didn’t need that much.
No mention was made, of course, of the fees charged by the deceased’s “advisors” and/or heirs. (The executors later sought only $100 million – of the estimated four billion dollar estate – for their “services.) Whew! What work it was!

Little “Trouble” the Maltese lived only three years beyond his benevolent mistress, dying at age 12 in Sarasota, Florida where presumably someone fed and walked the little guy on a regular basis. Millions or jillions, I’m sure Trouble would have preferred living with his mistress who was also known to the world as “The Queen of Mean.”

And I’m sure, no matter how “mean” she might have been, Mrs. Helmsley worried every day about the little guy’s future without her. With good cause: he brought out the love in her and was maybe her purest pleasure in life.
Back to the Calendar full to the brim. Last Tuesday night at Pier Sixty of the Chelsea Piers the Musem of Arts and Design hosted its annual MAD BALL 2016 celebrating its 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee with a major dinner honoring Charles Cohen of Cohen Brothers Realty, as Corporate Honoree, architect Zaha Zadid, honored In Memoriam with a Lifetime Achievement Award; the fabulous Italian fashion house Missoni as Design Honoree; and Yinka Shonibare MBE as artist nominee. Simon Doonan was Master of Ceremonies, and artist Tom Sachs designed the Award.
Jerome Chazen, Michael Dweck, Yinka Shonibare, Andi Potamkin Blackmore, Angela Missoni, Jorge Daniel Veneciano, Michele Cohen, Charles Cohen, Ed Gaskin, Shari Loeffler, and Simon Doonan.
Andi Potamkin Blackmore, Angela Missoni, and Charles Cohen.
MAD awards, designed by Tom Sachs.
Events Chairs were Iris Apfel, Andi Potamkin Blackmore, Cecily Carson, Jerome Chazen, Michele Cohen, Shari Siadat Loeffler, Linda Plattus and Ralph Pucci. Lead Corporate Sponsor was KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. The indefatigable Barbara Tober was Journal Chairman. The Host Committee says it all about the museum’s supporters: Chris Anatemann, Barry X. Boll, Feliz Burrichter, Wendell Castle, Leslie and Dale Chihuly, Jane and James Cohan, Ellie Cullman, Rafael de Cordenos, Lauren and Richard Dupont, Sebastian Errazuriz, Richard Estes, Sir Norman Foster, Milton Glaser, Leila Heller, Holly Hunt, Chris Jones, Lauren Kalman, Garrrow Kadigian, Amy Lou, Juan Montoya, David Nosonchuk, Ebony. G. Patterson, Katharina Plath, Karim Rashid, David Rockwell, Arlene Shechat, Jill Spalding, Andrew and John Stark, Stefano Tonchi, Paul Travis and Marcel Wanders. And was it a resounding success, filling Pier Sixty to the rafters? I can assure you, Yes. And did they have fun? Ditto.
Angela Missoni, Rosita Missoni, and Luca Missoni. Barbara Tober and Wendell Castle.
Inga Sniukite, Suzanne Bolton, and Simon Bolton.
Shari Loeffler, Stefano Tonchi, and Zoe Buckman.
Paul and Erin Pariser. Anna Cleveland, Francesco Maccapani Missoni, and Pat Cleveland
Anna Cleveland, Angela Missoni, Pat Cleveland, Simon Doonan, and Jonathan Adler.
Simon Doonan and Michele Cohen.
Ursula Ilse Neuman and Lawrence Neuman. Dennis Mosticchio and Randi Schatz.
Lewis and Laura Kruger.
Prosper and Martine Assouline. Claire Laporte and Dror Benshetrit.
Yinka Shonibare and Shari Loeffler.
Anne-Rose Fredericks and Stephen Fredericks. Louise Banon and Jerry Chazen.
Sebastian Errazuriz and Monique Pean.
Henry and Phyllis Jedda. Peter and Ruth Schlosberg.
Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan.
John Driscoll and Marylyn Dintenfass. Stanley and Judith Zabar.
David Carpenter, Grace Carpenter, Sean Carpenter, and Lauren Carpenter.
Deon Walcott and Luisa Fernandez. Marian Burke and Rusty Burke.
Michael Pucci, Ralph Pucci, Rebecca Moses, and Michael Everett.
Jorge Daniel Veneciano and Patrik Schumacher. Jean Shafiroff and Lucia Hwong Gordon.
Charles and Clo Cohen.
Scott Studenberg, Andi Potamkin Blackmore, Jordan Blackmore, and John Targon.
And before we forget (and who could forget ...) Friday, a week ago, the New York Restoration Project (NYRP), as indefatigably creative as its founder award-winning singer, entertainer, actress and green activist Bette Midler, celebrated two decades of transforming and beautifying New York’s urban environment with its annual party, Hulaween at the Waldorf. The Grand Ballroom was transformed into The Witches, Wizards & Warlocks Ball at The Haunted Hotelcomplete with zombie bellhops and witches on stilts (watch your step!) greeting guests as they arrived.

The Divine Miss M thrilled them all by bringing Winifred Sanderson, her iconic character from the 1993 cult classic Hocus Pocus, to life. During the celebration, she also surprised the crowd joining the legendary Darlene Love on stage to perform “He’s Sure The Boy I Love” during Love’s set to close out the spectacular night. Darlene also performed several of her hits and everyone danced the night away to songs including “He’s A Rebel” and “Da Doo Ron Ron.”
Bette in her 1st costume, Winifred Sanderson, her iconic character from the 1993 cult classic Hocus Pocus.
Bette on stage.
Kathy Griffin was the evening’ hostess. She came dressed as a Snapchat filter, enthralled guests with her hilarious Donald Trump experience involving Liza Minnelli, a cashmere Halston jumpsuit and a speeding golf cart.

The night’s honorees included Bobby Kennedy Jr. -- who attended with his wife, Cheryl Hines -- and Dan and Adrienne Lufkin. This year’s costume judge, fashion designer Marc Jacobs – who “when Bette told [him] the theme was witches, [he] heard bitches” -- showed up as a spellbinding female bodybuilder with his muscular male bodybuilding counterpart, Charly DeFrancesco. Bette commented that had Marc and Charly not been the costume judges, they surely would have won the contest.
Adrienne and Dan Lufkin, Bette Midler, and Cheryl Hines and Bobby Kennedy, Jr.
Marc Jacobs and Charly DeFrancesco.
Best costume winners for the most incredible handmade costumes which included Glinda The Good Witch, and a Disco Ball Witch took home the coveted “How The Hell Did You Do That” prize.

Douglas Little transformed the Waldorf’s Grand Ballroom into a landing pad for witches in flight. Each table showcased a pair of colorful witch legs that had crash-landed into them just before the event began.
Hulaween at the Waldorf.
Guests indulged in specialty spooktails (of course) that included Eye of Newt Gingrich and Love Potion #9. Pre-dinner salads were served up in a carved pumpkin, and event-goers received a bubbling chocolate cauldron for dessert. The main corpse was a spooky Graveyard Meatloaf, complete with blood orange sauce. BOO!!

Among the hundreds supporting NYRP and Miss Bette Debbie Harry, Sandra Bernhard, Gloria Steinem, Alan Alda, Sophie Von Haselberg, Cheryl Hines, David Rockwell, Rajiv Surendra, Marlo Thomas, Catherine Curtin, Ryan Serhant, Emilia Serhant, Margo and James L. Nederlander., Tali Lennox, Pat McGrath and many, many more!
Darcy Stacom and guests.
Linda Allard and guests.
James Sliman, Sandra Bernhard, and Scott Allgauer. Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue.
Hula dancers.
Chris Kraus and Darcy Stacom.
Kathy Griffin. Bette Midler, Marlo Thomas, and Tim and Nancy Armstrong.
Co-Chairs Margo and Jimmy Nederlander and guests with Bette Midler.
Darlene Love, Brian Sawyer, and Bette Midler.
Cheryl Hines and Bobby Kennedy, Jr.
Marc Jacobs and Linda Wachner.
Alexander Lis.
Joe Gulla and Annette Zito. Debbie Harry and Brian Sawyer.
Jon Recor.
Adrienne and Dan Lufkin, Anna and Bo Polk, and friends.
Lola and David Rockwell. Tony and Shelly Malkin.
Cole Ruffcorn, Ron Miller, and Emilia Serhant.
Alexandra Wolfe and Christian Frei.
Joann McPike.
Darlene Love on stage to perform “He’s Sure The Boy I Love."