Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spirit of Life

Socializing on Fifth Avenue. 2:00 PM. Photo: JH.
Thursday, April 28, 2016. Sunny and bright, yesterday in New York with temps in the low 60s.

It was the Michael’s Wednesday lunch, with the restaurant very busy. Here’s the lineup. Terry Allen Kramer was with George Hamilton; Lyor Cohen of Tom’s Capital;  Sharon Bush with  Anne Hearst, Patty Hearst and Cynthia Germanotta who among other things is the mother of Lady Gaga; Tom Goodman; WSJ’s  Anthony Cename; Fredi Fiedman with Karen LeFrak; Lloyd Grove with Rose Hartman;  major Hollywood conduit/connector/marketer Mitch Kanner of 2Degrees Ventures with British fllm and TV producer John Heyman celebrating a birthday; William Lauder;  Fern Mallis celebrating a birthday (March 26th) with Hedi Kim, Charlotte Neuville and Paula Freidman; Alexandra Trower of Estee Lauder; Patrick Murphy of Morgan Stanley with Donna Solaway; CNN’s Jonathan Wald with Michael Braun; Fox TV’s Ed Wilson; Nanar Yoseloff; Randy Jones; Len Blavatnik; Liza Finlay with Erin Moriarty and Mark Crowley; Bonnie Fuller with Arie Kopelman; Amy Kamin; Deborah Norville with Meryl Poster of Superb Entertainment; Maureen Reidy, President of the Paley Center; Felicia Taylor with Pamela Johananff, Vivian Diamant, Cynthia Ott and Bonnie Pfeiffer Evans -- all of whom go on an annual “girl trip” together with Denise Rich on her super-yacht; Bob Towbin of Stephens Inc.; Diane Clehane of AdWeek’s “FishbowlNY” with Lisa Linden and Pauline Brown, former CEO of LVMH North America; Gerry Byrne, Vice Chair of Penske Media, who was also celebrating a birthday with his daughter Megan Byrne; Susan Kropf of Avon; and Kira Semler and Vi Huse at the bar.
From a table down at Michael's yesterday, the Hearst sisters, Anne and Patty, and Sharon Bush and Cynthia Germanotta. Mrs. G's daughter is in show business: Lady Gaga.
I was lunching with Lisa Fuld, of City of Hope (East End Chapter/Jeanne Kaye League) and Sandra Lee (that Sandra Lee!) to discuss the upcoming City of Hope Spirit of Life Award Luncheon which will take place at the Plaza, Monday May 9th.

I was probably the only person in the room who isn’t very familiar with Sandra’s work (because I rarely watch TV) since she’s one of America’s most well known chefs and authors with her “Semi-Homemade” recipes. I did know that she is Governor Cuomo’s live-in partner. I didn’t know that she’s a California girl, born and brought up in Santa Monica. So we had a lot to talk about (living in California). She even knew where I lived out there.
DPC, Sandra Lee, and Lisa Fuld at Michael's.
Sandra is being honored with the Spirit of Life Award along with Essie Weingarten and Ramy Brook Sharp of Ramy Brook Fashions. I do know Essie, having met her many moons ago at Sette Mezzo which she and her husband Max Sortinopatronize when they’re not in Malibu. Actually Essie – as a brand – is possibly as famous as Sandra. It wouldn’t surprise me if both Sandra and Lisa Fuld wear Essie’s nail polish (although I didn’t ask).

Lisa Fuld has been involved with City of Hope, for most of her adult life, and maybe before because her mother, the late Jeanne Kaye, started the East End Chapter here in New York many years ago.
The First Cottage/Tents at Duarte.
City of Hope originated in Los Angeles. It is a private, not-for-profit clinical research center, hospital and medical school now located in Duarte, in the San Gabriel Valley on a 110-acre campus, best known as a cancer treatment center whose roots go back a century (1913) when it was established as a free, non-sectarian sanatorium for people throughout the United States who were diagnosed with tuberculosis.

At its inception, the center comprised two tents – one for patients and one for caregivers. In the late 1940s, as tuberculosis was becoming less prevalent, a man named Samuel Golter began transforming the then fully developed hospital/sanitarium into a full medical center. In the following decades the transformation became best known for its cancer research and treatment programs. In those years the institution’s operating budget increased from $600,000 to more than $100 million thirty years ago and is, of course, much greater today. 
The Ladies Auxilary at the Early Sanatorium.
City of Hope’s goals are the prevention, treatment and cure of cancer and other life-threatening diseases including diabetes and HIV/AIDS. It is a now a “bench to bedside” institution with faculty, residents, and fellows conducting biomedical research, treating patients and educating medical professionals – a teaching hospitals. Among its achievements it has played a role in the development of synthetic human insulin. It has performed 12,000 hematopoiectic stem cell transplants (as of 2014) with outcomes consistently exceeding national averages.
The Modern Helford Building at the City of Hope.
This past Tuesday night at the Metropolitan Club, the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra held its annual black-tie Gala at the, honoring Patricia and Carlos Julio Ardila for their generous leadership and philanthropy to the arts and education.

The evening began with cocktails in the Grand Foyer, followed by a concert featuring members of Orpheus with soloists Santiago Cañón-Valencia, cello, and Christopher Dylan Herbert, baritone, in a program that includes works by Rossini, Vivaldi, Zipoli, Handel, and Mozart. A seated dinner and silent auction followed.
Cocktails at the Metropolitan Club.
The occasion benefited Orpheus’ ongoing commitment to provide performances and engagement activities of the highest caliber to communities worldwide, including the orchestra’s long-time educational initiative, Access Orpheus.

The Honorary Gala Co-Chairs were Kathy Sloane, a leading Manhattan real estate broker with the firm Brown Harris Stevens, Lizabeth Newman, philanthropist and trustee Emeritus of Orpheus, and Martha Stewart, who needs no description. The Underwriter for the event were Sr. and Sra. Ardila, with Berje Inc. participating as Lead Sponsor.
Gala honorees Patricia and Carlos J. Ardila. Lizabeth Newman, Kathy Sloane (Gala Co-chair), Patricia Ardila, and Martha Stewart (Gala Co-chair).
Alexander Schierle, new Orpheus Executive Director, his wife Katie Schierle, Laurie and Richard Brueckner, Orpheus Board Chairman.
Baritone Christopher Dylan Herbert and his aunt, Martha Stewart. Lizabeth and Frank Newman.
Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason, painters, and Betty Poppo.
George Sard and Susan Wasserstein. Rosario Ballesteros-Casas and Felipe Forero Hauzeur, Deputy Consul General of Colombia and wife.
Davis Weinstock, Katherine Nouri Hughes, and Elizabeth Hawes.
Orpheus Gala guests are seated for the orchestra's performance.
Baritone Christopher Dylan Herbert performs with Orpheus.
Cellist Santiago Cañón-Valencia performs with Orpheus.
Orpheus Chamber Orchestra performs at its annual Gala at the Metropolitan Club.
Board Chair Richard Brueckner addresses Orpheus Gala guests.

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