Thursday, March 17, 2016

The moment between seasons

First quarter moon. 1:00 AM. Photo: JH.
Thursday, March 17, 2016.  A cool-ish 60 degrees and sunny off and on, yesterday in New York. It rained hard but briefly in the late afternoon and then turned cooler. It's that moment just between seasons. The crocuses are just about to pop; the forsythia is in bloom, the daffodils and tulips are shooting upwards still all green with a bulging hint of beauty at their tips.
Signs of spring in Central Park.
The social calendar is now definitely heating up with luncheons, concerts and some galas in the offing. We're now playing catch-up with the activity which will soon turn into a swarm of events all over town.

The New York School of Interior Design (NYSID), the college leading the study of interior design for the past century, just celebrated its centennial at a gala at Cipriani 25, in the Cunard Building, a New York City Landmark as rich in history as it is in grandeur. They honored interior designer Ellie Cullman with the Albert Hadley Lifetime Achievement Award. Industry leader Jim Druckman, President and C.E.O. of the New York Design Center, one of the oldest yet most progressive design institutions in New York City, received the NYSID Centennial Medal. Real estate investor and manager Michael Phillips, President of Jamestown, LP was awarded the Green Design Award.  And, landscape architect Deborah Nevins received the Thomas N. Armstrong III Award in Landscape Design. Ariston Flowers created beautiful arrangements of cherry blossom branches that reached toward the painted ceilings of the rotunda more than 60 feet above. 
Ellie Cullman, Jim Druckman, and Nancy Druckman.
Among those attending the evening were: Martha Stewart, Margaret Russell, Alexa Hampton, Patricia and Michael Sovern, Cynthia Frank, Bunty Armstrong, Newell Turner, Michael Bruno, Jamie Drake, Kevin Sharkey, Hunt Slonem, Gil Shafer, Betsey Ruprecht, Dennis Miller, Wendy Goodman, Michael Boodro, David Sprouls, Lucy Danziger, Mieke ten Have, Tracey Pruzan, Jill Dienst, Jodie King, Ellen Kravet, David Scott, Alex Papachristidis, Ed Hollander, Marlene Hess, James Ziron, Adam Tihany, Mark Ferguson, Natalie Jacons, Pamela and David Hottenroth, Michele Oka Doner, Susan Zises Green, Etienne Coffinier, Ed Ku, Matthew Patrick Smyth, Ellen Ward Scarborough, Kimberly Kravis, Jonathan Schulhof, Laura and Gerry Holbrook, and Hugh and Tiziana Hardy.
Founded in 1916, New York School of Interior Design, ranked one of the top 5 interior design schools in the U.S. by Design Intelligence, has been leading the study of interior design for a century. They've trained the designers whose work defines interior design today, and, by rigorously preparing students for professional success, they're shaping the future of the entire field. To learn more, visit our website at

New York School of Interior Design is a private, nonprofit college, focusing exclusively on interior design, offering certificate, undergraduate, and graduate programs for students at all stages of their careers. There are more than 600 students now studying residential and commercial interior design, with specialties in sustainable design, lighting, and healthcare interiors.
Michael Sovern, Robert Klein, Bobby Kurtis, Rebecca Gamzon, and Lucy Danziger.
Jill Esterman, Susan Zises Green, Phillip Costikyan, and Beth McDonough.
Newell Turner, Cynthia Frank, Robert Rufino, and Mieke ten Have.
Nathalie Jacobs, Mark Fergeson, and Sandra Nunnerley. Brooke Lichtenstein and Yiannos Vrousgos.
Leon Polsy, Cynthia Polsky, Louise Hirschfeld Cullman, and Michael Sovern.
Jodie King, Ellen Kravet, and Jill Dienst.
Hunt Slonem and Stacey Bewkes. Michelle Oka Doner and David Sprouls.
Geoffrey Bradfield, Amy Hoadley, Ellie Cullman, and Roric Tobin.
David and Pamela Hottenroth. David Sprouls and Kitty Hawks.
Alex Papachristidis, Liz O'Brien, and David Sprouls.
David Sprouls, Betsey Ruprecht, and Julianne Andersen.
Jim Zirin and Marlene Hess. Elliot and Janet Greene.
Martha Stewart and Kevin Sharkey.
NYSID Board Chairman Patricia Sovern.
Larry Lederman, Deborah Nevins, and Samuel White.
It's Asia Week in New York these past few days, and its official organization, Asia Week New York, and  The Metropolitan Museum of Art co-hosted a reception this past Monday at the Met to celebrate the 2016 edition of this special week currently underway all over town.  The Met opened its Asian art galleries to the more than 600 guests -- international collectors, curators, gallery owners, and scholars in town for the gallery exhibitions, auctions, and museum shows. 

Forty-five galleries, from Belgium, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, and the U.S. have set up shop all over the city offering a wide array of the rarest and finest Asian examples of porcelain, jewelry, paintings, ceramics, sculpture, bronzes, prints, photographs, and jades from China, Japan, Korea, India, the Himalayas, and Southeast Asia.
There have been curatorial tours of the major exhibitions now on view such as Monkey Business: Celebrating the Year of the Monkey; Encountering Vishnu: The Lion Avatar in Indian Temple Drama; The Arts of Nepal and Tibet: Recent Gifts;Masterpieces of Chinese Painting from the Metropolitan Collection; Celebrating the Artsof Japan: The Mary Griggs Burke Collection; Asian Art at 100: A History in Photographs; Chinese Textiles: Ten Centuries of Masterpieces from the Met Collection;  Chinese Lacquer: Treasures from the Irving Collection, 12th-18th Century; A Passion for Jade: The Heber Bishop Collection; and Korea: 100 Years of Collecting at the Met
Gisèle Croës SA
Giuseppe Piva Gallery
Joan B. Mirviss Ltd
Seen in the crowd:  Thomas P. Campbell, Maxwell Hearn, Lark Mason and Erica Mason, Margaret and Jeffrey Tao, Sid Bass, Fred Eychaner, Gary Graffman, Glenn Lowry, Ann Hotung, Robert Rosenkranz and Alexandra Munroe, Ambassador Motohide Yoshikawa, Joan Mirviss, Carol Conover, Mary Ann Rogers, Alice and Halsey North, Bernard Wald, Colin Mackenzie, Mary Wallach, James Lally, Suneet Kapoor, Sanjay Kapoor, Robert Mowry, Suzanne Eliastam, John Carpenter, Beatrice Chang, Martha Sutherland, Hung Hsien, Carlo Cristi, Monica Bincsik Katherine Martin, Karen and Leon Wender, Peter Kang, Erik and Cornelia Thomsen,  Nancy Berliner,  Francesca Galloway, Christine Ramphal, Henry Howard-Sneyd, Christina Prescott-Walker, Mee-Seen Loong, Dessa Goddard, Bruce MacLaren, Jeff Olson, Edward Wilkinson, Louise Nicholson, Wendy Moonan.
Navin Kumar
Renaud Montméat Art d'Asie
Tenzing Asian Art
More? Friederike Moltmann, Michael Hughes,  Helen Dennis, Alan Kennedy, John Siudmak, Eric Zetterquist, Nana Onishi, Oliver Forge, Brendan Lynch,  Prahlad Bubbar, Tina Zonars , Michael Bass, Susan Borghese, Elisabeth Hammer, Jennifer Casler-Price, Freda Murck, David and Sarah Stack, Sue Ollemans, Walter Arader, Nicholas Grindley, Bill Griswold, Chris Malstead, Cameron Shay, Karsten Tietz, Giuseppe Piva, Iwona Tenzing, Renaud Montmeat, Carole Davenport, Margaret and Chip Ziering, Kurt Behrendt, Jeff Watt, Christina Yu Yu, Miwako Tezuka, Brigitte Vosse, Diane and Arthur Abbey, Peter Lang, Dr. Alvin Friedman Kien, Tu Qiang, Andrew and Daphna Kahane, Christophe Hioco, Hiroshi Yanagi, Nayef Homsi,  Bob Levine, Vijay Anand, Leonardo Vigorelli and Grata Somare, Ed Nagel, Thomas Bachmann, Gabriel Eckenstein, Rob de Vos, Shayne Doty, Boon Hui Tan, John Guy, Joe Earle, Alice Chin, Nancy Wiener, Shao Wang, Carlton Rochell, Noémie Bonnet.

Asia Week New York ends on the day after tomorrow, Saturday, March 19th.
Kira Simmon-Kennedy, Alan Kennedy, and Monica Bincsik
Yaquing Li and Jianwu Luo
Wendy Moonan and Louise Nicholson
Mee-Seen Loong and Bob Levine
Mary Ann Rogers and Carol Conover
Peter Kang and Isabel Seong
Betty and James Brow
Sarah Cascone and Nathan Monroe
Michael McCormick and Beata Tikos
Lark Mason, Thomas Campbell, and Mike Hearn
Carol Conover and Katherine Martin
Wendy Noonan, Noemie Bonnet, Marilyn White, and Margaret Tao
Tomoko Aka Boshi, Danielle Ivory, and Hiroko Tabuchi
Leonardo Vigorelli and Grata Somare
Diane Abbey, Mike Hearn, and Arthur Abbey
Dessa Goddard and Joan Mirviss
David and Sarah Stack
Shao Wang, Vera Hearn, Mike Hearn, and Yim Tom
Prahlad Bubbar and Shubha Taparia
Margi Gristina and Michael Bass
Daphna and Andrew Kahane
Susanna Borghese-Lang, Peter Lang-Borghese, and Susan Ollemans
Shayne Doty, Boon Hui Tan, and William Griswald
Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch
Nicholas Grindley
Carlo Cristi, Friederike Moltmann, and Suneet Kapoor
Martha Sutherland, Hung Hsien, TC Chang, and B Li
Jian-Guo Xu and Shau-wai Lam
Freda Murck and Jennifer Casler Price
Margaret Tao and Lark Mason
Xiaochen Ma and Liyan Li
Alice H North and Halsey North
Larry O'Rourke, Cheney Cowles, and James Lally
Jeff Watt, Walter Arader, and Kurt Behrendt
Dorothy Goldman, Vera Hearn, John Tancock, and Christina Yuyu
Mark Wolcott and Koichi Hara
Beatrice Chang and Brigitte Vosse
Joanne Mournet, Alice Chin, and Kathleen Doyle
Joan Mirviss, Michael Hughes, and Helen Dennis
Tarun Jain and Navin Kumar
Anita Chung and Shau-Wai Lam
Seongmin Ahn, Ran Hwang, and Yuree Jang
Jarett F Wait, Keum Ja Kang, Younghee Kim-Wait, Ran Hwang, Uno Wait, and Lucas Tupinamba
Laurence Miller and Lorraine Koziatek
Margaret Ziering and Chip Ziering
More than 600 leaders from across sectors gathered at Cipriani 42nd Street last Wednesday, March 9, for United Way of New York City's Women's Leadership Council's (WLC) 10th annual Power of Women to Make a Difference Award Luncheon. The luncheon honored female leaders who have positively impacted their communities and made a difference in the lives of others.

The 10th anniversary event raised nearly $1 million to support United Way of New York City's ReadNYC initiative, to boost literacy and improve educational outcomes for low-income New Yorkers by focusing on grade-level reading, a critical milestone in a child's future success.
Bob Kueppers, Martine Reardon, and Juju Chang.
Hosted by Juju Chang, co-host of ABC's Nightline, this year's event honored Monique L. Nelson, Chair & CEO of UniWorld Group, Laurie M. Tisch, President of the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund, Martine Reardon, Chief Marketing Officer at Macy's, and Jennifer Warren, Managing Director and Head, U.S. Region at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. Sheena Wright, President and CEO of United Way of New York City, was also in attendance.
Elsie Berry and Valerie White. Jennifer Raab and Laurie Tisch.
Max Mara was premier sponsor for the second consecutive year and presented its Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Champagne Laurent-Perrier provided cases of Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé for the event's VIP reception, Laurent-Perrier Brut NV for the 10th Anniversary Toast and magnums of Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rose for the honorees. Additional sponsors included Cepi Style, leading style specialist for executive women and Source Media.
Max Mara models.
The luncheon also featured for the first time the Power of the Purse auction, where experience packages and luxury designer handbags by Max Mara, Givenchy, Chloé, Gucci, Michael Kors and others are being auctioned off in support of ReadNYC. Experiences included a VIP tour of Champagne Laurent-Perrier in Tours-sur-Marne, France (airfare included) and an exclusive shopping party at the Michael Kors Soho Flagship store in NYC. The auction is open until today March 17, 2016:
Elinor Tatum, Sheena Wright, Monique Nelson, Jennifer Jones Austin, and LuShawn Thompson.
Jennifer Warren and Denise Pickett.
Ann Tisch and Mickey Ateyeh.
Mark Woolgar and Sally Miller.

Photographs by Annie Watt & Evy Reinhart (Asia Week).

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