Monday, January 25, 2016

We got our snow

Cedar Hill in Central Park. 11:15 AM. Photo: JH.
Monday, January 25, 2016. Well, as you now know: we got our snow. It was just starting as I came home from dinner at Sette Mezzo on Friday night about 9:45. I happened to talk to JH on the phone a little later. And he, on the other side of the island on West End Avenue, said there was no sign of it over there.

By midnight it had started, a light snow. By one, when I turned in, it was still lightly falling. When I awoke on Saturday morning about 8:30, it was coming down. This was the first snowfall of the season. I was amazed that the weather forecast a week before on Friday actually predicted this and it looked like it might be so. It snowed until about 9 o'clock on Saturday night, almost 24 hours. I never left the apartment that day. I'd stocked up on Friday afternoon, just in case.
Saturday morning about 11 a.m., the doorman across the avenue had shoveled away the drifts that covered tenants access to the roadway. That was a job. The orange cone is there to prevent someone from parking.
Someone parked there anyway, as you can see on the far left of this picture. And there's the doorman with the shovel talking to the owner of the white car, while he finishes shoveling away the snow. I hope he was tipped well because that was a job.
And there he goes back to work. It looks like he's noticing me taking the photo. I was walking the dogs for the first time since Friday and while stopping for them, I watched that little moment of the doorman and the driver and the heavy fallen snow.
Most people I know stayed home. I didn't even take the dogs out, although they're pad users in emergencies. I didn't do much on Saturday – which is usually a day of chores for me. I read some on the internet, and read another chapter of a new biography of Gore Vidal, "Empire Of Self" by Jay Parini. But more often than not, all through the day and evening, I'd wander over to the window or out on the terrace, just to watch the snow. Watch the snow. I used to do that as a kid on snow days (and they were not infrequent in western New England). Look out at the world and imagine, then return to playing with my toys.

Today I do it with my camera and my keyboard. Stories. So I also took a lot of photos. I'll show you tomorrow, if you're interested, images from my neighborhood during the storm. However, today we're turning it all over to JH with Jeff's Page of blizzard images, especially after it stopped and the sun came out along with thousands of New Yorkers. JH was out in Central Park yesterday morning, a beautiful sunny winter's Sunday in New York, looking for the best of life.

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