Monday, July 17, 2017

A pet and a pat

The crowd in the Central Park Mall. 1:30 PM. Photo: JH.
Monday, July 17, 2017. Nice weekend weather-wise; some humidity, some light rain, lots of Sun, and a quiet city.

Meanwhile, this just in. Way down South in Palm Beach this past Friday, the Mayor issued a Proclamation proclaiming July 14, 2017 as “Brownie McLean Day.”

Brownie turned 100. There are a lot of people out there who've never heard of Brownie McLean, but you can tell just from one look at her, that there are a lot of people in the last half of the 20th century who knew and heard a lot about Brownie McLean. She was one of the all-time glamour girls of post-War society in America. She was also the daughter-in-law of Evalyn Walsh McLean, the mining heiress who owned the Hope Diamond. Brownie was a Diamond herself, as you can see, and like the De Beer’s slogan, a diamond that lasts forevah ...
Outside the city, out east and up on the islands it was pretty clear, warm weather too. Out in Southampton on Saturday afternoon, ARF hosted a small cocktail reception in Peter Marino’s gardens at his home.

Peter Marino.
Patrick McMullan was there to show us all what it looked like. Like all of Mr. Marino’s work, the gardens are stunning and beautiful. And Rizzoli has recently published a book “The Gardens of Peter Marino. And so, there were a few animals present.

ARF had also had an Adopt-a-thon here in the city at Petco on Union Square this past Saturday. I recently adopted an 11 year old Shih-tzu from ARF. Ray is his name. He’s the sweetest little guy, very well trained, eats like a horse and is a pleasure to live with. I don’t go to the adopt-a-thons only because I have four which is enough for one person who works all the time. However, they are my family. I know how important I am to them and it’s up to me to return the favor. That’s everything.

Peter Marino is on the Board of ARF. I don’t know this for a fact, but I’m sure he’s got some furry friends from ARF. More people should adopt, for their own mental stability if nothing else. The pleasure of these sensitive creatures who ask for nothing but your presence and your care is unlimited.

There are people who have animals who shouldn’t have them, of course; particularly dogs, because cats have the ability to ignore those ignoramuses with their carelessness and wild tantrums, not to mention insensitivity.
Walking through Peter Marino’s Southampton garden.
There’s a guy who parks a limousine on Gracie Square every now and then and walks his boss’s dog. The dog’s a very handsome Shih-tzu, but obviously fearful of others. I asked the driver why. He told me the dog’s owner yells at him all the time. She lives alone and yells at him. She feeds him, and keeps him, but yells at him.

I envisioned someone no one would want to be around. I always think people who like to yell at their animals should go and yell at themselves in the bathroom mirror and pretend they’re yelling at their dog or cats. And see what it looks like. I’ll tell you what it looks like: it’s hilarious. You look like the idiot you are. I know, I’ve done it. And it’s so pointless, not to mention destructive to the essence of one’s own life. Which those furry friends of ours possess and share happily in exchange for a pet and a pat and maybe a treat every now and then.

What made me think of that was Little Ray. Since the moment he came into our life, he’s a gentle, kind, sweetie. Someone was nice to him for a long time. He brought it with him.
Perri Peltz.
Mathew and Ann Wolf.
Lauren Lorizzo and Catherine Philbin. Astrid Hill.
Eleanor Dejoux, Travis Auqavella, Nick Aquavella, and Marina Purcell.
Brian McCarthy, Lisa McCarthy, Heather Leeds, and Tom Leeds.
Candy Hamm.
Kathy Rayner, Shelly Wanger, George Farias, and Leslie Stevens.
Shelley Carr, Michael Carr, Tracey Huff, and Craig Huff.
Ryan Hoffman, Isabelle Trapnell Marino, Juan Carlos Menendez, and Catherine Philbin.
Charles Marder.
Owen Laub and Robert Wilson.
Sandra McConnell, Brian McCarthy, and Lisa McCarthy.
Clelia Zacharias, Carol Mack, and Lisa Jackson.
Jill Spalding.
Peter Marino and friends.
A curious little critter.
Besides the Marino ARF party, speaking of Saturday, there were lots of things going on out there and Billy Farrell Agency was there to capture it all:

Out in Montauk, the Surf Lodge concert series was presenting Kranium ...
Kranium. Nancy Gomez and Maxwell Osborne.
Alexa Riportella, Michaela Riportella, Phil Riportella, and Simon Huck.
Theo Battaglia, Phil Riportella, Keith Griffin, Michaela Riportella, Simon Huck, Alexa Riportella, and RJ King.
Nina Agdal.
Peter Brant Jr.
While out  in Bridge, Club Revolve presented by 10AK was hosting a party at Hamptons House.
Larry Milstein, Josh Milstein, Rachel Kushnick, Ariel Tensen, Eli Rivkin, and Ariel Sibony.
Richie Akiva and Scott Disick.
Hailey Clauson and Yovanna Ventura. Andrew Warren and Morgan Halberg.
Raissa Gerona and Michael Mente.
Cory Paul Martin.
While over in South, Amr Al-Dabbagh was hosting a dinner at home. Mr. Al-Dabbagh is CEO of Jeddah-based Al-Dabbagh Group. The group provides “free online courses for non-profit sector professionals and entrepreneurs looking to make the right social impact with their money” (Forbes). Through his family’s London-based Stars Foundation, he’s created a seven-course curriculum in partnership with UC/Berkley’s Haas School of Business.
Early evening cocktails.
Raoul Witteveen, Bettina Witteveen, Susan Rockefeller, and David Rockefeller.
Henry Buhl and Peter Beard. Stephen Ross.
Amr Al-Dabbagh, Susan Rockefeller, Peter Beard, and Simone Levinson.
And over in Watermill, The LGBT Center was hosting their annual Tea Dance at Nova’s Art Project, with Lady Bunny doing the spinning ... and spinning ... as only a bunny can.
Christopher Anderson, Warner Masa, Cameron Paingrule, Colin Glenn, Steven Young, Dean Kain, Monty Albers de Leon, Michael Meltzer, and Rob Migacz.
Rusty Nails.
Michael Adams and Wendy Stark.
Henry Bram, Perry Straus, Caroline Rodman, Larry Milstein, Ben Djaha, and Eli Rivkin.
Jill Kumar, Steve Urso, Tippi Sookshawee, and Conner Hickey.
Lady Bunny.

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