Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Cool and Collective

Cooling down in Central Park. 2:00 PM. Photo: JH.
Tuesday, April 4, 2017. Yesterday was a bright sunny day in New York with the temperature decidedly in the low 60s. It was warm enough that I felt compelled to look closely at the buds of the branches off my terrace to see if they’ve begun to grow. The past couple of weeks have caught the flowers, bushes and trees to get caught in the quick freeze.
Taking in a view of the Reservoir.
Sunday night, I had dinner with friends at Sette Mezzo. It’s not a large restaurant, maybe 30 tables, but it was full up and buzzing. Sitting there listening to the cacophony, the chatter-clatter, it occurred to me how much I enjoy just that. Perhaps it’s the writer’s life where much time is spent by the self, but hearing that chatting din, amuses with its own music.

I don’t know if the owner was sitting in the restaurant, but right there curbside in front of the restaurant was this custom Caddy Seville. Undeniably cool. I don’t know the year. Maybe it’s brand new. It sure looks it inside as well. When I was a kid I would have wanted this car. Now? I’d leave it to the guy who parked it there. But definitely cool.
The front ...
... and back
In the crowd: Woody Allen and Soon-Yi; Jon Corzine; the Newhouse family, Kasper, Margery and Jeff Rosen, Michel Witmer, Dr. Dino Rivera with Jeff and Danielle Hirsch; Vicky Ward and Richard Cohen, Geoffrey Leeds, and Jeanne and Herb Siegel who were celebrating their niece Sofia Sorensen’s 16th birthday. Sofia is here from Utah and going to Blair Academy next year.

Yesterday at noontime, I went down to the  old Four Seasons restaurant (soon to be opening as the Landmark) on Lew Rudin Way — that being East 52nd Street between Park and Lexington Avenues. I was going to a luncheon observing the 90th anniversary of Lew’s birth that his son and daughter, Bill Rudin and his wife Ophelia, and Beth Rudin DeWoody, and Lew’s widow were hosting.
The Grill Room of the former Four Seasons Restaurant where the Rudins were hosting the dinner in honor of their late father Lew Rudin, who was born on this day in 1927. I was seated next to Pat Schoenfeld who told me that she had the same birthday and that today she is 88! Happy Birthday Pat!
Lew died 16 years ago at 74. He had a rich full life as a New Yorker, growing up in a close family and working for his father Samuel Rudin who started the family real estate business. By the time Lew and his brother Jack came of age and managing the very prosperous business, Lew cultivated an interest in sharing his love of his hometown.

He was a man of the people, all the people. He loved passing through any part of the city and observing the changes. Once during the 1970s I was riding with him across town from East to West. It was nighttime and we were cutting through side streets to get to Broadway, and Lew recalled how there was a time when he wouldn’t have walked that neighborhood at that hour, but ... it’s a new neighborhood.” It was in the difficult economic times of the '70s when New York was in very bad fiscal shape and even real estate owners were living in dangerous times financially, that Lew Rudin promoted the “I Love New York” “Big Apple” campaign to rally the spirit of the city. And rally he did. And he raised two children who continue to honor the memory of their father and their mother, long after they’ve departed.

In the little gift bag that everyone was given to take home, there was a little silver apple on a stem, with an aromatic candle inside.
This was the dessert (with ice cream and berries to accompany.) It was too perfect to open but I think there was chocolate inside.
Last night was a the Museum of Arts and Design on 2 Columbus Circle, they held their 17th Annual LOOT MAD about jewelry sale and dinner.

Dame Zandra Rhodes served as Honorary Chair. The beautiful Daphne Guinness was a guest as well as filmmaker John Waters, Anna Sui, Iris Apfel, Patricia Field, Isabel and Ruben Toledo, and Pat Cleveland, who were all present at The Museum of Art and Design's annual exhibition and pop-up shop benefit. At 7:30 the guests began to move up to restaurant Robert on the 9th floor where they presented the 2017 LOOT Award to Camilla Dietz Bergeron, Francine LeFrak and Kara Ross for their philanthropic contributions to the community.
Last night was a the Museum of Arts and Design on 2 Columbus Circle, they held their 17th Annual LOOT MAD about jewelry sale and dinner. I got out of my taxi at 61st Street and walked the two blocks to Columbus Circle. It was a beautiful night (it was 7:30 when I took these). Looking to the east you can see there are more mega-towers going up. Looking south is the beautiful MAD. The red lights near the top are the lights of the restaurant Robert where the dinner was to be held.
The 3rd floor, converted into a salesroom for the designs of all the contributors from across the world.
The table setting.
The always glamorous Daphne Guinness talking to filmmaker John Waters. This was a record year sales-wise — more than $650,000 was raised. The funds go to arts education programs to young people and children here in New York public schools.
Bryna Pomp, the Museum's curator of jewelry. She is wearing a necklace from this year's "LOOT" collection. I love Bryna's name. She told me her mother was going to name the child Bryan if he were a boy, and so, since she was a girl child, the mother changed the second syllable from "an" to "na." My dinner partner's necklace, purchased at the sale just before the dinner. A friend asked her how she was going to wearing that under her overcoat. She replied that she'd worry about that later.
Ruth Shuman's bracelet.
This is the view from restaurant Robert last night looking down on Columbus Circle and north up Central Park West (on the right) and Broadway on the left. Taken about about 8:15 after a beautiful early April day in New York.

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