Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Down among the sheltering palms

Christmas Eve on Worth Avenue.
December 26, 2017. It was cold and grey and dry Christmas Day in New York, with some occasional bright sunshine. I have been afflicted for the past few days with a strange sort of cold that I’m told is going around (the country) and leaves me feeling very tired at times. The city from my window is very quiet, as we would expect on this holiday. And I’m sure it was thus all over town, giving everything a rest for all of us and rest itself for quite a few of us. It’s that extra-Sunday feeling.

Meanwhile down among the sheltering palms in Palm Beach, where the clarions are calling a lot of our neighbors at this moment is Christmas, and all of the palms are decorated with gold lights. Worth Avenue is ablaze with lights from the ocean to Lake Worth with evening temperatures hovering around 72. PB is jam packed according to our sources ...

The season started with Emilia and Pepe Fanjul’s annual black tie dinner at their mansion. Pepe and Emilia and a large group of their friends including Pauline Pitt and Jerry Seay, Christina de Caraman, left today for the Fanjul compound at Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic to celebrate the New Year.

Giney Burke hosted her big Christmas Eve dinner at the lavishly decorated Everglades, turning it into a (tropical) winter wonderland. Frances Scaife hosted a dinner at the club. Marianne and John Castle were guests at a Christmas party at Bricktop’s along with Fern Tailer, Jorie Butler Kent; John Terwiliger, Laura Codman, Jim Mitchell, Joan Chorney (Chorney Oil and the sister of the late Marvin Davis

Maureen Donnell also hosted at dinner at the Everglades. Terry Allen Kramer was with her family and friends at her magnificent mansion La Folie on the ocean. Former Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney and his wife Mia were with their family at their Palm Beach house. On Christmas Day, Elise Gillet hosted a lunch at the Everglades. Jackie Rogers was back in town, opening her shop in Worth Avenue. There was an exhibition of Polly Reed’s jewelry at Four Arts. All these festivities are leading up to the Coconuts biannual big New Year’s Eve black tie dance.
The Everglades all dressed up for Christmas.
And last Thursday night at the Holden Luntz Gallery on Worth Avenue, Holden Luntz and Jodi Luntz hosted a a celebration of Harry Benson’s new book “Person of Interest,” with many friends stopping by to say hello.
Gigi and Harry.
Stefan Richter and Gallery owner Holden Luntz.
Gallery owner Jodi Luntz with Harry.
Andrew Preston and Tomas Maier.
Palm Beach artist/writer Bruce Helander with Harry.
Eileen Judell with daughter in law Cecilia Weiler and interior designer Jennifer Garrigues.
Erik de Bourbon-Parme with artist Edwina Sandys standing in front of Edwina's grandfather Sir Winston Churchill's photograph taken by Harry in 1960 at Harrow School.
Kathryn and Leo Vecellio. Charlotte Kellogg wearing Charlotte Kellogg and holding Harry's book.
Ambassador Mary Ourisman.
Harry with Hillie Mahoney.
Harry with Roseanna Opper and Missie Rennie.
Laurie Bodor, Julia and Vicki Hanson, Steve Rak, and Rochelle Ohrstrom.
Michael McCarty.
Palm Beach Councilwoman Danielle Moore with Britta Bardes Damgard.
Harry with Regine Diamond and Manucher and Mashi Azmuceh.
Hilary and Wilbur Ross.
Tom Quick and Michael Donnell.
Julia Hansen and Anka Palitz. Michele and Howard Kessler.
Bob Nederlander with Ann and Gil Maurer.
Royce Pinkwater and Stephen Jacoby. Val Selleck with his Wheaton Terrier Nina.
Talbot Maxey, Susan Lloyd, John Loring, and Val Selleck.
Stephen Jacoby, Burt Minkoff, and Ken Wyse.

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