Monday, June 19, 2017

"Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience..."

The Guggenheim Museum from inside Central Park. 10:00 PM. Photo: JH.
Monday, June 19, 2017.  Almost Summer. Weekend of lower temperatures (70s), plus some heavy, steady rains on Saturday, and bright Sun and temps in the low 80s with higher Real Feel from the humidity.

Thursday night Paige Peterson had a small dinner for Clint Hill and Lisa McCubbin, authors of three books on Mr. Hill’s career as a Secret Service agent who served five Presidents from Dwight D. Eisenhower to Gerald Ford. Clint Hill is the man who rushed to the back of the Presidential limousine in Dallas at the moment President Kennedy was shot, leaping onto the back of the open limousine, shielding Mrs. Kennedy and the stricken President as they were rushed to Parkland Hospital.
Clint Hill jumping on the presidential limousine, as captured on the Zapruder film.
Initially assigned to the Kennedy Presidential detail to guard Mrs. Kennedy, this put him at her side from the birth of John Jr. through the Assassination, until after the 1964 election of Lyndon Johnson.

I’d never met a Secret Service agent before. We all know about them. We see them in photos from time to time when they are escorting the President. But their job is to remain in the background, as close to invisible (impossible of course), and on the lookout, always thinking of their one responsibility – protecting the President and his family. What never really occurs to us on the outside looking in, is what goes into that kind of work. It is singular in its requirements which are really demands. Every moment on the job requires total attention.
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Clint Hill was born in North Dakota to a Norwegian-born mother. He was placed in an orphanage at age 3 months and adopted by another Norwegian family Chris and Jenny Hill. He told us at Paige’s dinner that his father had always advised him whatever job or assignment he had, he should strive to do his best.

After college he joined the Army and became a Counter-intelligence agent. After the Army he joined the Secret Service in 1958, serving on the detail for President Eisenhower. When John Kennedy was elected President, Clint was assigned to protect Jacqueline Kennedy. His book “Mrs. Kennedy and Me” is a fascinating account of working so close to her.

Several months ago, Clint and his collaborator Lisa McCubbin published (the bestselling) “Five Presidents,” Clint’s account of working for each of them. An entirely fascinating life in history.
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Vamping Savannah. Our friend Bobby Zarem, legendary longtime New York/Broadway publicist and public relations man, retired from the Big Apple several years ago to his native Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is a destination for a lot of New Yorkers who’ve made a second home there. This message to us was about two very social events that took place at Tybee Social, the hot spot at Tybee Island, the beach in Savannah.

One was the launch of "The Original Tybee Island Coloring Book" written by Jeremy Scheinbart and Ashley Logan Wilson
Jeremy Scheinbart and Ashley Logan Wilson, creators of The Original Tybee Island Coloring Book, with Bobby Zarem.
Jeremy Scheinbart with a copy of The Original Tybee Island Coloring Book. Click to order.
Jeremy is the son of Diana Scarwid, who portrayed Joan Crawford's daughter in Mommie Dearest, and who lives on the island. A lot of the cream of Savannah society were there, including Audrey Platt, Jonathan Rhangos, author Hartford Gongaware and writer Alex Marvar, Sarah Lanier and Kurtis Schumm, Linette DuBois, car czar Danny Kaminsky and his wife Lisa Silvers Kaminsky, Gail and Bill Lanier, Mallory Pearce, artist David Laughlin, brilliant musician and photographer Harrison Simons, and his beautiful sister Roxanna Simons.
Roxanna Simons outside the venue in 90-degree weather at the beach. Brother Harrison Simons staying cool in the shade.
The second big event takes place this coming Wednesday and Thursday when singer/actress Pam Shaw tries out her nightclub act "NAUGHTY" prior to her New York performances and the month of August at the Edinburgh Festival. Ms. Shaw will bring out the town from the Johnny Carswells to Lila and Dale Critz to Bailee and John Gilbert to Adam Davies, who authored The Frog King, Karon and Rick Meyers, Cindy and Richard Moore, Savannah Philharmonic conductor Peter Shannon, top cookbook authoressm Diane Palliser and husband, painter Anthony, New York publicity doyenne Rebecca Gardner, Beth Vantosh, Roz and Charles Morris, who is building a new Arts Center at Trustee's Garden on the water in Savannah, Hannah Pearson and Daniel Eichholtz, two of the stars of Bravo's Southern Charm: Savannah, and Dr. Carmela and Chris Pettigrew, a top plastic surgeon.
Actress Diana Scarwid with her grandson, Lucas Hendry.
Audrey Platt and Mark Lebos holding a skateboard on which Mark arrived.
Lisa Silvers Kaminsky and Bobby.
Bobby with authors Hartford Gongaware and Alex Marvar.
More books. Last Thursday evening, Vanessa Noel hosted a book party at her home and showroom for Town & Country's Stellene Volandes, who just came out with a big, beautiful coffee table book called Jeweler: Masters, Mavericks, and Visionaries of Modern Design. The book highlights the artistry, expertise, and inspiration behind the work of today's most influential and interesting jewelry designers. A must for any jewelry lover.

Friends who stopped by to greet the author: Anne Hearst and Jay McInerney, Prince Dimitri, Christopher Mason, Frederic Anderson, Max Tucci, Christopher Walling, Edgar Batista, Lilliana Cavendish, Patricia Falkenberg, Lauren Lawrence, Charlie Ruger, Darcy Miller, Princess Cécile Hohenlohe, and Laura Hunt.
Stellene Volandes with a copy of Jeweler: Masters, Mavericks, and Visionaries of Modern Design.
Stellene signing books. Click to order.
A different kind of book. A couple of weeks ago at the Standard Hotel, Ryan McGinness — a highly regarded painter, sculptor, and creator of "environments" here in New York (he's known well out in LA, too) — held a launch party for his book, 50 Parties, 2009-2010.

From June 2009 to June 2010, Ryan — with a little help from his legions of fans and friends — held 50 parties (yes, 50!) in his studio on Canal Street in downtown Manhattan. You see, Ryan was sick of all the parties that were either celebrating a new product or publication or development (we can relate here at NYSD) so he created the 50PARTIES project. The goal: to bring back the artist's studio space as an environment for social exchange and revitalize the practice of artist's studio as salon. Parties for the sake of parties with NO sponsorship.
The invitations for the final four parties.
50 parties. 50 themes. 50 weeks. In a row. In the studio. No sponsors. No strangers. And he pulled it off. Wow.

At the book party, a handful of the original 50 parties were represented ...
Ryan McGinness with his book, and a fan.
Burlesque Performer Darlinda Just Darlinda and Ryan McGinness at Party 08: County Fair.
Party 45: Prom.
Party 22: Tupperware Party.
Tigger! the Stripperformance Artist at Party 34: Oscar Burlesque Show.
Party 01: White Trash BBQ.
Party 20: Parlour Party.
Party 10: Birthday Party.
Party 41: Fight Club.

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