Monday, December 11, 2017

Let it snow

Looking west across the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. Saturday, 2:30 PM. Photo: JH.
Monday, December 11, 2017.  It snowed on Saturday for the first time this season. It wasn’t heavy but it was steady from mid-morning through mid-evening. While it didn’t stick on the roadways and pavement, it covered the cars, the canopies. It added the delicate beauty to the now leaf-less trees and brushed the bushes and the grounds of the park next door. About three inches fell here in the city.

I stayed indoors, except for walking the dogs, all of whom found it a little off-putting (they shook it off) at first, except for Ray, my latest roommate who came from a kill shelter in South Carolina via the Animal Rescue Fund. Ray is 11 and with failing sight but he’s a very disciplined (trained) shih-tzu who I think had never seen snow before. He just  stood there as if wondering what this “stuff” was that kept falling on him. Our madame, Rosemary, wasn’t into it and would have just sat out if I hadn’t insisted. The other two boys – Tobey and Willy — of course, had all kinds of interesting new spots to leave their card(s).
I took this first photo from my terrace in early afternoon Saturday because the snow was like mist on the trees. Then about 4 p.m., it was not sticking and we could see that it wouildn't accumulate.
This is one of my favorite trees in the nabe because through all seasons takes on a delicacy in the changes from winter (now) into Springtime when it first buds, to the abundance of the green, to the autumn changes and shedding.
JH, fortunately for all of us, was out there with his little camera showing you what some part of this great big city looked like during the snow. To the kids on the streets heading for the park, it all looked like heaven.

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