Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New Yorkers are us

Climbing in Central Park. Photo: JH.
Wednesday, May 10, 2017. Lingering Cool; episodes of chilly air.The weatherman says even frost will affect the northeast through next week.  It’s a little on the chilly side but fine in the sunny side of the street.
Some New Yorkers start dreaming of summertime in the Hamptons.

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Holly Peterson has already anticipated that change in the weather in her new book “It Happens in the Hamptons” (William Morrow, publishers) which was officially published yesterday, May 9th.

I haven’t read the book yet although Tina Brown has said “the book seals Holly’s place as the Proust of the beach blanket. Wonderfully observed and forensic.” Then Jay McInerney spelled out the content of those Proustian beach blankets. He calls it -- “a sizzling beach read with all the right ingredients: sex, romance, class warfare, bikinis, and a mysterious man ...” I say: Holly knows these things.

That was yesterday. Tonight at 6 pm, at Anderson Contemporary Gallery on 180 Maiden Lane (entrance ate South Street), is the opening reception for our friend Anthony Haden-Guest’s “The Further Chronicles of Now.”

This is a show of the ground-breaking cartoon work that Anthony has been making over the last several years. He has a sharp eye and a quick wit. His targets are as various as the art world, our social disorders (new and old) and the state/fate of the planet, so the work is content-driven but such formal elements as color and design are very much part of that content.
Anthony mostly works in pen and ink on paper, but he likes to extend the possibilities of cartoon language through works in neon, collaborating with animators, and with other media, as you will see.  The show runs through June 10th.  But tonight should be a good old New York time. And at the same gallery, after the reception there will be a screening of "the best animated short films in NYC! called ‘Animation Nights New York’ from 8 to 10 pm."
New Yorkers are us; I missed a good one. I got a message a couple of weeks ago from Zarela Martinez, the famous New York restaurateur.  Zarela opened her first restaurant (Zarela), Mexican cuisine, in 1987. Her presence was instrumental in developing the taste for Mexican cuisine. Hers was authentic, and that was the key. She also opened a catering business El Paso which was very popular for years.

Zarela with Humberto M. Flores.
She’s written several books on her Mexican cuisine. There was a PBS series on her – Zarela’s Veracruzana.  Last year she made a movie “Moranga” in which she sang and acted. And now she has made an album of her songs: "Sad Songs For a Happy Heart."

Zarela loves people. She has joy in her pocket as well as onher menus.  Her message to me was about the changes in her life. One of them, a defining one, was that she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. However, she has turned it into a mission for herself.  She learned from her late friend Oliver Sacks, the writer/neurologist that music has a very positive effect on people with Parkinson’s. Zarela, as it happens loves music (more joy). So she’s focusing on her music. She made an album “Sad Songs from a Happy Heart.”

The album was “to prove that I can do anything I set my mind to doing, despite the Parkinson's,” and, she added “ it has been a lovely community affair -- many friends contributed their talents to make this work.”

Two weeks ago Wednesday they had a celebration of their work at Stage 48 on 605 West 48th. At 6:30 there was a Cocktail Reception with Mezcal Tasting or Siembra Azul Margaritas. The passed appetizers were provided by Chef Julian Medina’s La Chula, Café Frida, and Zarela. Then at 8 there was a performance with her friend Humberto M. Flores and a live band.
Click to order Sad Songs from a Happy Heart.

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