Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Rainy mood

Lining up outside the Met. 3:05 PM. Photo: JH.
Tuesday, August 8, 2017.  It rained all day yesterday in New York, and the temperature dropped to the mid-60s – which isn’t really cold, but it was cool enough to turn off the AC, put on a sweater, and otherwise keep the terrace door closed to avoid the chill.

On this past Sunday night, it was clear and warm, and the Full Moon was a beauty over the East River. My friend and neighbor Charlie Scheips took the shot about 9 p.m. of the moon on the rise from the terrace of his apartment. You’re looking at the end of East 83 Street, across the river to Roosevelt Island. The lighted doorway on the right is the entrance to the Brearley School, and directly across the street is the 83rd Street entrance to 10 Gracie Square.
Moon over Manhattan on Sunday night, 9:00 PM.
Meanwhile out East, JH got these shots of the moon on Saturday night ...
Dusk in Bridgehampton. 7:45 PM.
Moon over the corn fields. 10:30 PM.
The Summer holidays of August are now in effect. A lot of the neighborhoods on the avenues of the Upper East Side are especially quiet with lots of apartment buildings mainly dark as their residents are away.

Our friend Jim Mitchell noted this with the following list:

Pia Lindstrom and her husband Jack Carley are headed to the Italian Riviera to stay with friends. Rickie Lloyd, Melania Trump's White House Social Secretary, and her husband Thomas Lloyd, who is the grandson of the late Bunny Mellon, are on Cape Cod staying at one of the Mellon retreats. Guiliani Zuiliani, proprietor of Primola, is off to Croatia. Oriente Mania, one of the proprietors of Sette Mezzo, is staying with family in his native Trieste. Ralph Lauren and family are at their ranch in Colorado. Pauline Pitt and Jerry Seay are at their home in Aspen. Chris and Grace Meigher are on their island on Lake George in the Adirondacks where their daughter Amanda will marry in September. Prince Albert of Monaco and Princess Charlene and twins are at their 125-acre palace retreat Roc Agel on the slopes of Mont Agel just over the border in France. The King and Queen of Spain, along with their daughters and other members of the Royal Family spent August in Majorca. The Dutch Royal Family go to Porto Santo Stefano; Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip move to Balmoral in Scotland. Marianne and John  Castle are on their estate on Long Island. Frayda and George Lindeman on their yacht in the Mediterranean. And Jim can be found at his apartment in Venice.
Jim at the Hotel Monaco in Venice.
And no matter your summer or where, Shirley Lord sent us a little message that affirms the sweet side of a lot of us animals, two-legged, four-legged and even some surprises ...

The power of hugging.
It helps the body's immune system.
It cures depression.
It reduces stress.
It's rejuvenating.
It has no unpleasant side effects.
It's a miracle drug!
It is all natural, it contains no chemicals, artificial ingredients, no pesticides, and no preservatives!
There are no parts to break down, no monthly payments, non-taxable, non-polluting, and of course ... It's fully returnable!

Here are your hugs for the day ...

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