Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The day and the time

An UES townhouse decorated for Halloween. 10:30 PM. Photo: JH.
Wednesday, November 1, 2017. A sunny, chilly day, yesterday in New York that ended with more violence and grim news. There’s enough media to dwell on the subject at this moment. We have nothing to add to inform, so we’ll just look at the day and the time.

Halloween is one of the most popular “holidays” (although it’s not a holiday). It’s observed in a variety of costume changes from day-to-day sidewalk to Ghengis Khan and the Rockettes. Mainly it’s a positive way to vent your creative urges and take them public for the enjoyment, curiosity, and even silliness of our time.

It’s been in preparation for a few days now. Last Saturday the over-21 crowd celebrated at the SPOOKTACULAR SOIREE at Doubles, the private club in the Sherry. They dined on Doubles’ fabulous fare (always) including asparagus flan, chicken francaise and a delicious vanilla chocolate chip gelato torte.  

The Club's directrice, Wendy Carduner awarded Apple iTune prizes to THE JOKER Arny RosensheinWONDER WOMAN Georgia Mouzakis, BATMAN Miguel Rigles, INDIAN BRIDE Priscilla Silva, and GENERAL CUSTARD Alex Zoullas.
Alex Zoullas, Patricia Silva, Matthew Thomas, and Rosalee Thomas
Andrea Warsha, Tina Storper, Lauren Day Roberts, Sabina Riglos, Paola Rosenshein, Arnie Rosenshein, and Miguel Riglos
Diego Urrutia, Cristina Shae Urrutia, and friends
Fabrizia Fiamma, Stephen Fiamma, Susan Gamble, and Ted Gamble
Rheinhold Giebert, Elise Slaine, Duncan McKay, Tana Wellner, Paisley Kadison, and Alexandra Chauvin
Kellyanna Polk and Ashton Wackym
Meriel Lari, Roya Shahabi, Alex Lari, and Khosrow Shahabi
Ann Van Ness, Dr. Vincent Bonagura, Judy McLaren, Mark Schwarz, and Christina Rose
Aleksandra Cragg Miguel Riglos and Wendy Carduner
Georgia Mouzakis and friends
Then yesterday, actual Halloween, children flocked to the Club for its annual GHOSTIES and GOODIES. They were treated to Disco Dancing, Magic Al's Magic, Daisy Doodle Face Painting and their favorite chicken McDoubles, baby hot dogs and grilled cheese squares. A good time was had by all including: Tatiana Perkin, Anna Safir, Ashley McDermott, Katie Boulud, Ashley Rooks, Betsy Frank, Andrew Earls, Patty Lynch and many more.
Then it was also the Big Day of the 44th annual Village Halloween Parade. There was brief talk about canceling the parade after the so-called incident that killed and wounded innocent people.

So gathering at dusk, the streets of Manhattan with costumed characters. I don’t know the final number but the organizers were predicting up to 60,000 marchers, with more than a million people taking it all in. This year’s them was Cabinet of Curiosities: An Imaginary Menagerie,” and bring ‘em on the marchers did.

The marchers met at Sixth Avenue and Canal Street at 6:30 p.m. You had to be wearing a costume to join the parade of hundred of puppets, 35 bands of different types of music, dancers, artists and thousands of New Yorkers just participating in a good time. The organizers call it the “nation’s most wildy creative public participatory event in the greatest city in the world!” Pierre Crosby was there with his digital while the crowd was assemblnig ...

Photogrpahs by Natalie Bero and Annie Watt (Doubles)

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