Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Ides of March

Looking west across the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir. 3:30 PM. Photo JH.
Wednesday, March 15, 2017. The Ides of March, the day on the Roman calendar which was marked by several religious observances and became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC, a turning point in Roman history, as one of the events that marked the transition from the historical period known as the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire. (Wikipedia). In olden days in the US, it was the date on which taxes had to be filed. That was changed to April 15th in 1955.

And yesterday in New York, and all over the Northeastern US, it snowed. Blizzard was forecast, and may have occurred elsewhere, but in the Big Town, it just snowed, was cold and grey, and just about everybody stayed home who could stay home.
Park Avenue.
Madison Avenue.
Clearing Madison Avenue.
Fifth Avenue.
It was a terrible day for all homeless animals including the cats. Traffic in my neighborhood was very sparse except for the plows. The forecasts were for a foot of snow. Didn’t happen. The snow began in the early morning hours (4 a.m. or so), coming down light, and heavier toward late morning. By early afternoon it looked as though it had stopped, except the air was thick with freezing light rain that looked like fog in the distance. From the looks of the map, the big storming was inland and north to Maine.
Scenes along the Bridle Path.
The anticipation of a big snowstorm has that very exciting element to it, and even more exciting for the school kids. However, businesses were closed down too, including restaurants and delis and even pizza parlors, not to mention all the service businesses. Many New Yorkers – sometimes it seems like everybody orders in most of the time but last night was not favorable in my neighborhood where the businesses were closed early, or didn’t open.

However, there is something about a snowstorm, even in anticipation, and certainly in ending, that calms the nerves. Possibly because you can’t do a damned thing about it. Mother Nature has the last word.
Looking south and north on East End Avenue last night about 9 p.m.
Meanwhile.  Asia Week New York in full swing. Last Thursday night, The Metropolitan Museum of Art opened its doors to more than 600 international collectors, curators,gallery owners, artists and scholars in town for the non-stop whirl of gallery exhibitions, auctions, and museum shows.

Now in its eighth year, an unprecedented 50 galleries — from England, France,Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, and the U.S. have set up shop all over town. They are offering an astonishing array of the rarest and finest Asian examples of porcelain, jewelry, paintings, ceramics, sculpture, bronzes, prints, photographs, and jades from China, Japan, Korea, India, the Himalayas, and Southeast Asia — from ancient to contemporary.
Asia Week opening night guests.
Asia Week New York Planning Committee.
The Met is offering curatorial tours of their exhibitions in its resplendent Asian art galleries. This year they included:

From the Imperial Theater: Chinese Opera Costumes of the 18th and 19th Centuries; Cinnabar: The Chinese Art of Carved Lacquer 14th to 19th Century; Colors of the Universe: Chinese Hardstone Carvings; Celebrating the Year of the Rooster, Asia Art at 100: A History in Photographs; Splendors of Korean Art; Celebrating the Arts of Japan: The Mary Griggs Burke Collection; Show and Tell: Stories in Chinese Paintings, and An Artist of Her Times: Y.G. Srimati and the Indian Style.
Joan B. Mirviss, Ltd. Kaikodo, LLC.
China 2000 Fine Art.
Eric Zetterquist.
Alan Kennedy. M. Sutherland Fine Arts.
Erik Thomsen Gallery.
Michael C. Hughes, LLC. Dr. Robert R. Bigler.
J.J. Lally & Co.
They had a huge turnout. Among those seen in the crowd were (brace yourself): Thomas P. Campbell, Mike Hearn, Tom Pritzker, Lark Mason and Erica Mason, Qiang Tu, John C. Weber, Oscar Tang, Patricia Tang, Mary Wallach, Kathy Yang, Margaret and Jeffrey Tao, Joan Mirviss and Bob Feinberg, Sam Farrell, Christina Prescott-Walker, Michael Hughes, Cornelia and Erik Thomsen, James Lally, Carol Conover, Katherine Martin, Dessa Goddard, Mary Ann Rogers, Patricia Faber, Michael Henss, Stephan Loewentheil, Takaaki Murakami, Mee-Seen Loong, Li Jin, Izzy and Lark Mason III, Brendan Lynch and Oliver Forge, Francesca Galloway, Christine Ramphal, Suneet and Sanjay Kapoor, Prahlad Bubbar, Dr. Young Yang Chung, Soyoung Lee, Josheen Oberoi, Alexis Renard, Runjeet Singh, Dickson Yewn, Eric Zetterquist, Hiroshi Yanagi, Iwona Tenzing, Martha Sutherland, Samina Khanyari, Justin Warner, Sue Ollemans, Karsten Tietz, Giuseppe Piva, David Priestley, Alexander Gherardi, Nana Onishi, Navin Kumar, Peter Kang, Beatrice Chang, Andrew Kahane, Heakyum Kim, Robert Hall, Veronica Miller, Karen and Leon Wender, Laurence Miller, Carlo Cristi, Carole Davenport, Steven Chait, Dr. Robert R. Bigler, Doug Frazer, Gabriel Eckenstein, Walter Arader, Karen Wang, Miwako Tezuka, Midori Oka, Henry Howard-Sneyd, Colin Mackenzie, Xiaochen Ma, Liyan Li, Denise Leidy, Ralph and Debbie Blumenthal, Roger Keverne, Julia White, Clarissa Von Spee, Michael Cohen, Lijun Kevin Chen, Tu Quiang, Hyonsoo Woo, Heather Lemonedes, Emily Sano, John Teramoto, Philip Hu, Dr. Vijay Anand, Regina Krahl, Martha Blackwelder, Virginia Salem, Dr. Xiaojin Wu, Dr. David Sensabaugh, Dr. John Henry Rice, Dr. Yang Liu, Shayne Doty, Chip Ziering, Judith Dobyrnszki, Noémie Bonnet, Marilyn White, Kathleen Doyle, and Louis LeB. Webre, Richard and Jane Wesley, Arnold Chang, Chino Roncoroni, Eve Reid, Dickson Wong, Dr. Willow Hai Chang, and Alfonso Lledo Perez.

Asia Week New York continues through Saturday, March 18. To learn more, go to:
Kathleen Doyle, Marley Rabstenek, and Ashley Hill.
Sean Ghassemi, Sue Ollemans, Louis Werner, and Elena Werner.
Gilles Beguin Aquino and Chino Roncoroni.
Dr. Hiromi Kinoshita, Lydia Duanmu, Zhongming Qiu, and Xin Chen.
Sanjay Kapoor, Ramesh Kapoor, Andrea Mignucci, and Carlo Cristi.
Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch.
Fatima Menese, Beatrice Chang, and Munirah Khalifa.
Carol Conover and James Lally.
Lark Mason, Izzy Mason, Lark Mason III, and Erica Mason.
Mariam Saleem Farooqi, Yukina Zhang, Kalyani Ramachandran, and Aiuna Kirshma Qumar.
Ralph and Deborah Blumenthal.
Mee Seen Loong, Arnold Chang, and Ann Hotung.
Erik and Cornelia Thomsen.
Alice White-Hoppe and Julia White.
Dr. David Sensabaugh, Dr. Young Yang Chung, Colin Mackenzie, and Richard McKenzie.
Soyoung Lee and Dr. Young Yang Chung.
Julian Leon, Jessica Yuen, and Runjeet Singh. Alexis Renard and Tyler Rollins.
Henric Adey and Susan Page.
Alan Kennedy and Michael Henss.
Taryn Higashi, Ivan Zimmerman, Tamara Zimmerman, Mike Hearn, Jack Zimmerman, and Michael Henss.
Halsey and Alice North.
Agnes Hsu-Tang, Thomas P. Campbell, Younghee Kim-Wait, and Oscar Tang.
Lark Mason, Thomas P. Campbell, and Mike Hearn.
Nana Onishi, Itoh Sekisui, Itoh Chieko, Satoh Taekoh, and Satoh Motohiro.
Xiaoming Zhang and Eve Reid.
Justin Warner. Mark Slaats.
Eric Zetterquist, Heakyum Kim, and Hugo Weihe.
Lydia Duanmu, Li Jin, and Mee Seen Loong.
Lora De Montvert, Alexis Renard, Stephane Houy-Towner, Rim Mezghani, and Patrick Morell.
Mary Ann Rogers and Carol Conover. Cindy Elden and Gabriel Eckenstein.
Leon Wender, Linyan Wang, and Henry Howard-Sneyd.
Dr. David Sensabaugh and Karen Wender.
Carlo Cristi and Gildas Hioco.
Noemie Bonnet and Margaret Tao.
Francesca Galloway and Christine Ramphal

Photographs by Annie Watt (Asia Week)

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