Thursday, February 2, 2017

The weather as nostalgia

Taking advantage of the short-lived snow on Tuesday. 3:00 PM. Photo: JH.
Thursday, February 2, 2017. Yesterday the weatherman said snow was coming “in 71minutes.” (I check the weather online.) A look outside I saw sunny skies with some occasional big, darkish clouds. A couple hours later, the word was “rain in 39 minutes.” Snow didn’t work out, going for the rain. Action. The weatherman is action. Plus, sex, death and catastrophe thrown in as a pick-me-up. I’m fascinated.

Sitting at my desk working, and sitting and working, I look at the weather where something’s changing. Even if it’s not. The day was like that. Same thing. Now it’s Feb and soon it will be getting darker later; always a good sign. That’s the bag I’m in, like the song Buzzy Linhart recorded in the ‘70s.
Today is the birthday of our esteemed colleague and heroine, that li’l ole Texas gal, Liz Smith. She’s one year older in her fabled youth, and as NYSD readers out there know, she’s still out there hollerin’ for what’s out there to curl your lip, your toes or just plain fascinate.

The birthday girl (with pal BIlly Norwich) pictured just this past Monday night. Photographed by Jill Krementz.
I’ve probably told this non-story before, but I’ll tell it again. I first started reading her when she first started her column in the Daily News. She was a big hit. I read her everyday. This was in the early ‘70’s. One very cold (not like these days) winter’s weekday, I was down at the garment center doing some business when I spotted this hot new columnist coming out of one of the office buildings with a woman wearing a fur coat.

I went up to them, interrupting their path just to tell Liz how great her column was. (ed. note: The woman in fur who was walking along with Liz was Ruth Mitchell, a very important Broadway producer and general manager and close associate of Hal Prince).

She didn’t know me; had never seen or met me. I could have been  “annoying” to say the least, but no, Liz said in that big wide Texas smile of hers, “Why, thank you. You made my day!”  I believed her. That was more than forty years ago.

So you can imagine how honored we are over here at the NYSD to have Liz still lighting up our curiosity – and now with her perspicacious collaborator, Mr. Ferrera. Happy Happy Birthday Liz. And thank you always; You made lots of our days and still do!
Liz and Denis.
However, late in the afternoon I got a call from Carmen (Carmen Dell’Orefice). She thanked me for running that spectacular shot of her at the couture show in Paris, the lady in red, majestic as ever. I thanked her for the pleasure of seeing her, and also knowing her.

After the thanks, she said the real reason she called was to tell me that when she got back from Paris, she was still a little tired from the travel but on Tuesday she heard that Isaac Mizrahi was appearing at the Café Carlyle.
Isaac Mizrahi, the designer?

Yes, she said. Fatigue and all, she pulled herself together and went over to the Carlyle where Tony Skrelja, the maître d’ put her at lovely little table for one. And on came Isaac.

Isaac at Cafe Carlyle.
He brought us back to the New York that Noel Coward lived! Said Carmen. The real New York we all love! And he’s got a great voice, and really funny stand-up. You must go see him!!

She said.

And that was really why she called.

Right after Carmen’s call, I got a call from a friend I haven’t seen in several months. We talked about meeting up. I told her about Isaac Mizrahi at the Café Carlyle. What’d you think?

Oh, I’d love to! She said.

Wednesday night we’re going to see him. I think he’s playing through next Saturday.

I’m late to the table on this one. Another friend told me Isaac Mizrahi has been playing these gigs for awhile now, and like everything else he does, he’s very good (see Blair Sabol's Meeting Mizrahi). Next week is Fashion Week in New York. This fashion designer will be up at the Carlyle on his own personal runway with set by Vertes. Have a look; it may change your weather too.

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