Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Three days til the Autumn Equinox

Looking up at one of the grand old wooden houses on East 92nd Street, built in 1871. 8:00 PM. Photo: JH.
Tuesday, September 19, 2017. It was an overcast day in New York yesterday, looking like some of that Hurricane Jose rain might be leaving his imprimatur on the metropolitan landscape. But no, just some embracing breezes in my neighbor by the river, taking the temp to the mid-60s by evening.
DPC and Jeannette Watson Sanger at Sette Mezzo.
I had lunch at Sette Mezzo to interview Jeannette Watson Sanger who is about to publish a memoir, “It’s My Party,” which is coming out (official pub date) October 10th.  I’m doing a piece about this interview for next month’s Quest.

I read the entire book over the weekend. I read it with no expectations except to know what I was talking about with her. I loved it; couldn’t put it down. The reasons: they’ll be in the October Quest.

Click to order "It's My Party."
Jeannette and her husband Alex Sanger were neighbors of mine for many years until a couple years ago when they decided to make a change and move to Madison Square, which they love. We’ve known each other as neighbors and in our professional lives but we’ve never sat and had a personal conversation. This often happens in relationships in the big city with so many passing by or passing through. It turned out that we had a lot to talk about and Jeannette is a very good listener, if you catch my drift. She has that great talent.

At the next table Gillian Miniter, Elyse Newhouse, and Fe Fendi were lunching with dancer/choreographer Tom Gold about his upcoming ballet evening. Also a table across from them was my friend Essie Weingarten, the founder and creator of Essie Cosmetics.

Then last night Jackie Weld Drake hosted a cocktail party in her Park Avenue apartment in honor of Elizabeth Peabody “On the occasion of her Casita Maria Gold Medal of Honor, and of Honorees Rosaurea Henkel and Julia Salvi and the Committee of Fiesta 2017.” Casita Maria is Jackie’s baby and it’s been very successful in its mission as well as staging a great dinner dance in the style of chic that Latin women know well. The party las night  was  a little bit of promo to remind the uninformed, and to pass the champagne and the pigs-in-a-blanket.

Jackie’s cocktail parties are the old fashioned New York kind where you see a large group of people (for the size – which is ample – of the apartment) who are packed in just enough so that everyone is conversing everywhere. And enjoying themselves!! Plus her apartment is full of her and her late husband Rod’s American Illustrators collection.
Jackie Weld and her sisters Mercedes Levin and Martha Bograd.
Mary Hilliard and Elizabeth Peabody. Elizabeth Peabody and Carol Herrera.
This is UN Week in New York and many of the world’s leaders are here or arriving. President Trump is, I believe, in residence for at least part of it. This event is a real drag for New Yorkers who need to get around mid-Manhattan because of the Security surrounding the participants.
Meanwhile ... out east, over at East Hampton’s Guild Hall, Jeffery Conway, Gillian McCain and David Trinidad gave a reading from their new epic retelling of the 1967 film, “Valley of the Dolls,” which starred Susan Hayward, Patty Duke, Sharon Tate, and Barbara Parkins. The live reading was punctuated with film clips. The audience was held rapt by their “recitations,” and a healthy dose of literary gossip including each poet’s experiences with Allen Ginsberg.  A book signing followed.
Gillian McCain.
Accomplished after more than ten years in the writing, in “Descent of the Dolls,” Dante’s Inferno meets Jacqueline Susann's bestseller. Just as Dante was guided by the ghost of Virgil, these poets invoke Frank O’Hara, Sharon Tate, and Anne Sexton to illuminate their journey through this iconic work. Our three poets follow the film’s heroines — Anne, Neely, and Jennifer — backstage into the murky circles of Showbiz and PoBiz, where anything can happen. Joan Crawford, Wayne Koestenbaum, and Tennessee Williams (and many more) jump in for the ride. This is the first installment of anpoetic trilogy.
David Trinidad, Gillian McCain, and Jeffery Conway.
With my peeps—Frank, Tate, Monroe and Harlow,
I’ve found courage to go deeper into the abyss, let wigs fly
And fall where they may: hell or bust.
Jeffery Conway

Send her a plane ticket, book her a bungalow at the Beverly,
and then get Lotte Burke on the phone
Its time to slenderize. Goodbye profiteroles, hello Obetrols!Gillian McCain

She wants a maid to follow her with a Dirt
Devil sucking up her candy bar wrappers, her cigarette butts, 
her nose-pickings, and dandruff. She wants the audience's love
to rise up and wash over her like a tsunami. She wants, I want.David Trinidad
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