Friday, December 29, 2017

Turning the corner

Delivering the party balloons. Photo: JH.
Friday, December 29, 2107. Well, we’re almost there – the end of the old year, the beginning of the new.  It’s very cold in New York as I write this – the coldest it’s been in this old year with temperatures in the low teens and going over before the night is over. Incidentally, readers wondering about the Christmas Card page we run every year – we’ll be running on New Year’s Day for your perusal and enjoyment. As it is with everything else as time marches on, it will be the same and different, too!!
All is quiet and cold in Central Park. Below: looking east toward Fifth and (l-to-r) The Hotel Pierre, a new tower on Park Avenue, two blocks east, and The Sherry-Netherland tower.
Meanwhile before we get on to the warmer climes where so many New Yorkers and otherwise have fled, let me tell you about an American hat worn by an English duchess which she wore to church this past Sunday.

The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate to you and me — us Amurricans) went to church on Christmas day with  her husband and her brother-in-law and his American fiancée wearing a red and green Mieui Miu peacoat and a Vallnord Alpaca Fur toque hat from the Peruvian Connection.
We have a special relationship with the Peruvian Connection because they have a store right here in Manhattan at 76th Street on Columbus Avenue (on the east side of the avenue) selling Peruvian Alpaca items. We know about this because we are the proud possessors of a Peruvian Alpaca cardigan, which I am wearing on this cold cold night as I write this. 

The hat, which has been in the company’s collection since the 1990s, is very chic as you can see, and is also very warm for very cold days like this one in New York.  The duchess purchased this from their store in London. And when it appeared in the London papers, it sold out. What else is new? Kate is the fashion plate of our time. And guess what? It sold out as soon as it appeared in the media.

However, you can still order it online. It comes in five colors. Handmade in Peru for the Peruvian Collection (which is out of Tonganxie, Kansas) — it’s $99. And if you’re living in the cold climate we’re living in right now, it’ll keep your head warm, as it does for the duchess, and leave you looking chic and sensibly stylish.
The Vallnord Alpaca Fur Hat comes in black, snow, caramel, espresso, and grey. It's important to note that their fur is sustainably sourced from alpaca farmers in Peru.
Back to business. President Trump and his First Lady Melania are in Palm Beach for the holiday weekend but while they are, the White House social secretary Rickie Lloyd, granddaughter-in-law of the late Bunny Mellon, is at Round Hill in Montego Bay, Jamaica with her husband Tom Lloyd and children staying at the famous Caribbean resort. Josef Forstmayr, managing director of Round Hill Hotel and Villas has been very busy welcoming holiday guests with flowers and fireworks (at night of course).

Ralph and Ricky Lauren with son Andrew and daughter-in-law Lauren, son David, along with their son and Sharon Bush (David’s mother-in-law and Lauren’s mother), who arrived today for the New Year’s Weekend.  Also arriving today is Sarah, Duchess of York. Among the other arrivals were the Marquis and Marchioness of Bute, Guy and Lady Monson; Patricia and Edward Falemberg, Count Leopold von Bismarck, actress Alfre Woodard and her husband Rod Spencer, Count and Countess Peter Von Pejascevich from Vienna; interior designer Miles Redd, Sarah and Robert McCain, Michael McCain, Daisy Soros and her raft of houseguests, Caroline Saint George. The big party of the season will be the dinner dance at Round Hill that Count von Bismarck is giving for his mother’s birthday.
Ralph Lauren, Ricky Lauren and HRH Prince Michael of Kent at Round Hill in Montego Bay, Jamaica a few years ago.

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