Thursday, January 11, 2018

Back to its old self

Looking west towards Madison Avenue from 57th Street. 5:00 PM. Photo: JH.
Thursday, January 11, 2018. A much warmer day, with bright sunshine, yesterday in New York. Who wudda thought 40 degrees would be such a pleasing “much warmer”?

I went to lunch at Michael’s, taking the Q. I am always a little wary when getting into the subway car because you hear so much about their breaking-downs, etc.  The Q, however, thus far has been tip-top. And fast. Yesterday’s trip from station to station (East 83rd to West 55th) took seven minutes, including the two stops at 72nd and 63rd.  By taxi it’s a good half hour or more and the are piles up. The roads are in horrible shape. Horrible. Yet there’s construction all around – tall condos, etc. – everywhere. When you ride around New York as much as I do, you can only lament when it was “first things first” – and that room to move, and that would be the pavement.
Meanwhile, Michael’s was back to its old Wednesday-self again. Mickey Ateyeh was lunching with Brenda Vaccaro who loves  being back in New York after an almost half-a-lifetime in El Lay. Andrew Stein was across the way with an Ivanka quality to her beauty; Dan Abrams with Brian Kilmeads of Fox and Friends; Alec Baldwin was at the corner table 4. Jean Doumanian was next door. Dennis Basso arrived looking chipper, fresh from a fantastic-sounding, luxurious-last word retreat in San Diego, where they calorie-count your days for you, and arrange fabulous meals (a bit smaller) while keeping the calories down. It’s called Cal-a-Vie Health Spa. The property used to be a Golden Door spa. This one is for all objectives (to the well-heeled objectivisor, my word; I know): Health, Diet, Exercise, Lolling by the pool, Living in Luxury, Living it up; relaxing and ... losing a few L-B’s while you’re at it.
DPC and Brenda Vaccaro. I don't know where Mickey disappeared to.
Dennis was waiting for Star Jones who is getting married to a lawyer from Chicago. Dennis says this guy is great. A couple of minutes later, Star came in. She’s looking great, and chipper too. It’s a whole new presence, beaming really, looking like she might have just come from Cal-a-vie herself. Getting ready for the Windy City in style.

Star and Dennis at table.
Right next door: Michael Kempner with Ron Insana. Across the way from us: Dr. Sarah Simms Rosenthal was lunching with Jane Hartley, Obama’s Ambassador to France. In the bay at table 1 Euan Rellie et al; Leslie Stahl with Alice Mayhew; and across the way Bob Barnett the Washington, D.C. lawyer, dealmaker, literary agent, very famous even to the sorta famous, and very well-liked everywhere he goes. And married to the great Rita Braver. He’s lucky he doesn’t want to run for President.

Moving right along: Joan Gelman with Joan Hamburg; producer Beverly Camhe next door, and around the room: John Arnhold Tom Allon, the newspaper publisher who was going to run against Bill DeBlasio four years ago; Henry Lambert; Jack Kliger; Lisa Linden with Melania McEvoy; Dianne Clehane was busy in the corner table 27 conducting her weekly interview  -- this week with Lisa Lockwood, and PR exec Judy Twersky in attendance. Onward: Martin Purvis; Henry Lambert; Teruko Secor; Frederick Clark; Oscar Schafer, Chairman of the New York Philharmonic; Jeff Peek and Ryan Caswell; Joshua Caspi. I was having our monthly lunch with Brooke Hayward and Alex Hitz.

Nuther time, same place. This past Sunday Joan Kron celebrated both her 90th and the  digital release of her new film, “Take My Nose ... Please!” with a champagne brunch at Michael’s this past Sunday. Guests were greeted by a Joan River’s look alike (Joan, of course, had a long-standing booking and couldn’t make it, but the Rivers in Joan’s film is the real McCoy). Bill Scheft, former writer for David Letterman and a cousin of Joan’s, lead off a series of including this tribute to Joan’s 25-year span covering plastic surgery for Allure magazine: “Michael’s has dedicated the menu to Joan.  You have your choice of entrée: Breast Augmentation of Chicken, Beef Implants, and Pasta Primavera-Plasty.” 
Joan Kron with Joan Rivers impersonator Linda Axelrod.
Mouth-watering? Well, not really. However. This was followed by tributes by friends including Terri Agins, Nancy Newhouse, Linda Wells, Nancy Novogrod, Randall Rothenberg, and Joan’s children.  Comedian Julie Halston, who also appears in the film,  performed a brilliant stand-up routine which included a reading from Joan Crawford’s autography and wisecracks including, “Every woman should have a face lift. It’s as expensive as a car, but I live in New York. I don’t need a car, I need a face!” 

The Cake.
“Take My Nose Please,” is Joan’s history of comedians and plastic surgery.  It won the audience award at the Miami Film Festival and the Berkshire International Film Festival. It is widely available, beginning now, beginning on Joan’s actual Birthday (Jan. 9th). You can find it On Digital and On Demand — including on iTunes Prominent Movies, Amazon Featured Movies to Rent and Buy, and FandangoNow New Releases. They’ve covered the waterfront so to speak, and now this. It is also available on most Cable and Satellite TV platforms, including Comcast, Cox, Verizon, Charter, RCN, Time-Warner Cable and Dish, to name just a few.  

Guests at the bash included MoMA curator Paola Antonelli,  Sheila Nevins, Judy Bachrach, Bina and Walter Bernard , Louise and George Beylerian, that ubiquitous wit, Mario Buatta; Gina Chiu, Judy and Jerry Della Femina, Jamie De Roy, Dr. Roy Geronemus , Cathy Hardwick, Tracy Jackson andGlenn Horowitz, Janet Kardon, Fern Mallis, Grant McCracken, Sheila Nevins, Virginia Postrel, Susan Roy, Suzanne Slesin and Michael Steinberg , and Shirley Young — plus Joan's children, grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Joan Kron is already working on her next film.
Dr. Mark Lebowitz, Dr. Diane Berson, Dr. Jonah Shacknai, Dr. Roy Geronemus, and Dr. Michael Kane.
Jeff Nuechterlein and Linda Wells. Sharon Hoge and Lee Fryd.
Jamie deRoy, Bill Scheft, and Julie Halston.
Jenna Rubenstein and Dr. Heidi Waldorf.
Fern Mallis and Mario Buatta.
Cathy Hardwick, Sheila Nevins, Nancy Newhouse, and Fern Mallis.
Mangus Kron, Isadora Kron, Joan Kron, Daniel Kron, and Geane Brito.
Linda Wells, Joan Kron, and Nancy Novograd.
Paul Hands and Teri Agins.
Sheila Nevins and Nancy Newhouse.
Walter Bernard, Joan Kron, and Michael Gross.
Jonathan Marder and Janet Kardon.
Meanwhile catching up down in Palm Beach. The chairmen and committee members of the Lighthouse Guild’s 2018 Visionary Evening Dinner Dance, were honored this past December 19th at a kickoff Holiday Tea at Club Colette, hosted by Nancy Paul.

Mark G. Ackermann, Lighthouse Guild’s Executive Vice President and COO, announced that longtime Committee member Grace Meigher, will be honored with her daughters, Elizabeth Meigher and Amanda Meigher Mariner, at the annual Dinner Dance at Club Collete on Feb. 22, 2018. Junior Chairman Wyatt Koch will also be honored with Lighthouse Guild’s Inaugural Young Visionary Award

The Lighthouse Guild marks its 10th Anniversary in Palm Beach at this evening.  Co-chairs are Tom Quick, Frannie Scaife, Grace Meigher, Kit Pannill and Talbot Maxey. Arlene Dahl is Honorary Chairman.  Proceeds will fund LG's programs in Palm Beach County helping those at risk for, or affected by, vision loss.

For more information, visit
Kira Krasnow and Randee Bank. Frannie Scaife, Mark Ackermann and Arlene Dahl.
Nancy Paul, Marc Rosen, and Carla Mann.
Wyatt Koch and Kate Waterhouse. Stephen DeAngelis and Mona de Sayve.
Christine Schott and Talbot Maxey.

Photographs by Patrick McMullan (Kron); Capehart Photography (Lighthouse).

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