Thursday, January 4, 2018

Down in the warmer climes

DPC surrounded: Karen LeFrak, Nancy Misset, Mai Hallingby and Joan Schnitzer at Doubles. This photo will appear in "Places & Faces: The Photography of Mary Hilliard," which opens on January 8th at the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach.
Thursday, January 4, 2018. It was a little warmer in New York yesterday with the temperatures rising to the mid- to high 20s. The weather forecasters are saying “blizzard” at the time of this writing (1/3 mid-evening). That of course remains to be seen since weather has become a frequently tabloidal item. Whatever, it is winter and many of us remember when the snows were piling up almost daily, and the rivers were massive chunks of ice. However, at this moment in the New Year, the town is quiet and there is less traffic. You don’t go out unless you have to. A respite.

Mary Hilliard.
Down in the warmer climes, which coincidentally is getting cooler temperatures (with snow in Tallahassee over the weekend) those who can partake of Palm Beach and the Caribbean, are — a party here, a party there; why not if you can.

A Special Party. Friends of society photographer Mary Hilliard, especially those who know her well, call her "Cookie," are aware of her modesty, grace and gentle charm. It took the prodding of the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach to convince her to open her archives for an exhibit. She finally gave in. Steven Stolman, a longtime admirer of Mary’s work, has curated the exhibit.

Barely scratching the surface of nearly 100,000 images taken during her distinguished career, "Places & Faces: The Photography of Mary Hilliard" will open to the public on this coming Monday, January 8th. There will be a celebration in Mary's honor for Preservation Foundation members on the evening of January 10th. "Tout Palm Beach" is expected.

For more information, call 561.832.0731 or visit
Esteé Lauder and John Galliher. John Richardson and Nan Kempner.
Aerin Lauder.
Blaine Trump. Lee Radziwill.
Alexander McQueen and Sarah Jessica Parker.
Bill Blass Front Row.
Samantha Rosen. Annette de la Renta.
Ann Slater.
Calvin Klein, S.I. Newhouse Jr., and Anna Wintour.
Daphne Guiness and Kenneth Jay Lane.
Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and Marylou Whitney.
Pat and Bill Buckley, flying from Tangier to New York following Malcolm Forbes' 70th birthday party.
Gayfred Steinberg.
Liz Tilberis and Cindy Crawford.
Bill Cunningham.
Which, speaking of, for the past few years, between Christmas and New Year's, Steven Stolman and Rich Wilkie have hosted a "Come one, Come all" drinks party at their Palm Beach apartment. This go-round, in spite of the check points, road blocks, detours and traffic jams associated with the President’s presence at nearby Mar-a-Lago, was still standing room only. Among the guests, was the very same society photographer Mary Hilliard.
Lawrence Jarema, Mary Hilliard, and Mark Walter. Louise Kemler Kaufman and Steven Stolman.
Bram Majtlis and Mary Hilliard. Andrés Villagrá and Tom Shea.
Earl Crittenden, Mary Hilliard, Ellen Welsh, and Maribeth Welsh.
Jim and Laura Freeman with Rich Wilkie. Jackie and Beau Breckenridge.
Rich Wilkie, Justin Hoffman, Ryan Meehan, and Scott Velozo.
Richard Lambertson and Rich Wilkie. Rob and Kate Waterhouse with Lawrence Jarema.
Colt Givner and Pamela Fiori. Chip Kidd.
Christmastime in Palm Beach. Jim Mitchell hosted a Christmas party at Bricktop’s with guests Jorie Butler Kent, John Terwilliger, Laura Codman, Jane Codman, Douglas Rowe, Marianne and John Castle, Leon Amar, Angela and Stephen Kumble, Juan Gonzalez, Skira Watson, Jimmy Clarke, Michael Harris, Mona de Sayve. Guests dined on deviled eggs, maple-topped bacon, ribs, cole slaw, french fries, hot chocolate fudge ice cream sundaes and lots of red wine and champagne, of course. All the basics.
Jane Codman, John Terwilliger, and Laura Codman.
Jim Mitchell, Skira Watson, Laura Codman, and Leon Amar.
Simon Liu, Jane Codman, and Michael Harris.
Jorie Kent and Jimmy Clarke. Angela  and Steven Kumble.
Jim Mitchell and Mona de Sayve.
Laura Codman and Douglas Rowe.
Leon Amar and Jorie Kent.
Guests at table.
Meanwhile, down at Round Hill, Jamaica (as reported to NYSD by Ned Brown*)Resorts come and go, but the cottage owners and guests of the venerable, and always elegant, Round Hill celebrated its 65th New Year's Eve replete with Russian caviar, a six course dinner, men in white dinner jackets (and other semi-formal interpretations) and women in long sparkly gowns — all dancing to the Fab 5 band led by Gom Myers.

And precisely at midnight, Managing Director and Round Hill maestro (for nearly 3 decades) Josef Forstmayr rang in 2018 with a fireworks display to the music of the Blue Danube waltz. What makes Round Hill unique is its ability to maintain a certain Jamaican colonial elegance, coupled with fun, always focused on the beach and terrace restaurant/bar areas, just as a 28-year-old John Pringle, and his model wife, Liz Benn, had envisioned upon its opening in 1953.
RH is kid-friendly, too. Here, they are enjoying a New Year's costume party.
Round Hill is attractive to a new generation, who are drawn to it like: Thomas "Skippy" and Lara Inskip, who celebrated their wedding there this past year with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in attendance, Andrew Lauren, son of  Ralph and Ricky, who have owned homes at RH for over three decades, along with long-time girlfriend, Natasha Schultz, and a host of other millennials. 
The RH front terrace dressed for the holidays.
Dinner table settings.
Sheldon and Mia Solow and family.
Cocktails on the terrace.
Among many others celebrating the New Year were: White House Social Secretary Rickie Niceta Lloyd with husband, Thomas (grandson of the late Bunny Mellon), Count Leopold "Bolle" and wife, Debonnaire "Deb" von Bismark-Schoenhausen, U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney with daughters, Christina and Virginia, le tout Lauren clan, Lord and Lady Rayleigh, Kate Moss with daughter, Daisy Soros, Caroline St. George, Ed and Pat Falkenberg, von Bismarcks and offspring; Monsons and offspring; Ali and Monica Wambold, Larry Leeds, Alfre Woodard and family, Anne-Marie Lacy, Mia and Sheldon Solow, Nigel, Melody and Christie Pemberton, Miles Redd, Robert and Sarah McCain; Michael and Scott McCain and families, Sue Wagner and Neal Leonhard, Adam and Mahnaz Ispahani-Bartos, Zibby Schwarezman-Owen, Glenn and Mary Jane Creamer, Heinrich and Anna Areco-Husslein, Richard Northcott, and many others; a very international crowd, and always a plentiful number of Jamaican society. 

* Ned is currently working on his new book "Jamaica: A Good Life," expected on an October 2018 release. The book covers the golden ear of the late 1940s through the jet set crowds of the 1960s, and how it has been redefined today.
Josef Forstmayr with U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney. Andrew Lauren, Natasha Schultz, and RH chairman, Glenn Creamer.
Christie Pemberton and Michael Weatherly.
Danny and Stency Wegman (of the supermarket chain). Enter Paula Kerr-Jarrett.
Mary Jane and Glenn Creamer of RI.
Kingsley, longtime RH front man, with Caroline St. George.
Count Leopold and Debonnaire von Bismark-Schoenhausen. Richard Nelson and Josef Forstmayr.
Josef Forstmayr, boxer David Haye, and Christie Pemberton.
The extended McCain family at table.
Dinner in full swing.
Dancing under the stars.
Midnight fireworks.
Author Ann Marie Lacy and Theresa Menefee recuperating on New Year's morning. 

Photographs by Round Hill staff and Caroline St. George.

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