Monday, October 1, 2018

Friends and friends of friends

Looking south along Park Avenue. 9:00 PM. Photo: JH.
Monday, October 1, 2018.  Sometimes sunny weekend just past in New York, with big clouds rolling by but no rain and temps in the mid- to low-60s. Ideal for a quiet weekend in town.

Last Thursday night, Chris Meigher, publisher and owner of Quest magazine and I hosted the magazine’s annual Quest 400 party at Doubles. I don’t know how many were on the guest list but at least 200 attended what is now a “classic” cocktail party merely meant to entertain with hospitality and familiar faces. The club is ideal for a large cocktail reception — between the bars and Doubles’ plentiful and delicious hors d’oeuvres — and a now rare invitation list including a great mixture of two (and sometimes) three generations of guests enjoying the company of  friends and friends of friends for no other purpose other than the camaraderie.

It’s a rare thing in New York where generations rarely mix socially, and when it happens you can feel the pleasure of the company. It was called for six to eight. I left for dinner a few minutes before the eight o’clock hour, and there were people still coming in. Thursday night was also the first night of the New York City Ballet’s fall season so some were dressed to go on to the black tie affair at Lincoln Center.
DPC, Wendy Carduner, and Chris and Grace Meigher
Randall Gianopulos, Hannah McFarland, and Stan Ponte
Kari Tiederman, Mona Arnold, and Iris Love
Lee Black and CeCe Black
Jamie MacGuire with Melissa and Chappy Morris
Tom D'Agastino Scott Snyder and and Sydie Lansing
Nancy Brinker, Alexandra De Borchgrave, Lorna Graev, and Jane Bunn
Ann Dexter Jones and Lisa Bytner Amanda Mariner and Grace Meigher
Anka Palitz
Dan and Nancy Paduano
Fernanda Kellogg and Kirk Henckels Susan Magrino Dunning and James Dunning
Robby Browne and Anja Stallinga
Hayden Arnot Maria Cooper Jamis
Harry Benson, Gigi Benson, and Susan Lloyd
Jeff Pfeifle and Dave Granville
Lisa Crosby, Chuck Pfeiffer, and Sharon Bush
Margo Langenberg John and Ingrid Connolly
Anna Rothschild
Posey and Charlie Dana
Joan Jacobson
Courtney Fischer and Sabrina Forsythe Tinsley Mortimer and Elizabeth Meigher
Geoffrey Bradfield, Chiu-Ti Jansen, and Alex Donner
Blaine and Robert Carvaggi with Muffie Potter Aston Matthew Raynes
Nathan Saint-Amand and Michael McCarty
Scott Nelson and Alex Papachristidis
Krista and James Crol Grace Meigher and Dr. Joel Kassimir
Grace Meigher and Barbie Bancroft
Ann Nitze, Libby Fitzgerald, Evelyn Tompkins, Lisa McCarthy, and Jill Roosevelt
Patty Raynes Bambi Putnam Cece Cord
Renee Morrison and Mariana Kaufman
Polly Onet, Webb Egerton, and Felicia Taylor
Grace Meigher and George Merck Robert Nederlander and John Castle
Eugenia and Eric Richman
Ronald and Harriet Weintraub
Alexandra Lebenthal Sessa Von Richthofen and Richard Johnson
Eleanora Kennedy and Jacqueline Weld Drake
John Johnston and Gil Walsh Allie Fuller and Nick Converse
Georgina Schaefer and Marcia Schaefer
Mai Hallingby Sylvester Miniter
Emmy Wolbach Scheerer and Dr. Rudy Scheerer
Jamie and Peter Gregory Louis and Alexandra Rose
Pepe and Emilia Fanjul
Michael Donnell, Nancy Brinker, and Tom Quick
Julie Bancroft and Roy Ostrom  Laurance Kaiser
Dick and Sky Field
Barbara and Donald Tober Montgomery Frazier and Consulo Vanderbilt Costin
Rich Thomas, Brad Farrell, and Bianca Grace
Bob and Beth Hardwick Scott Currie and Andrew Churchill
Annie Fuller, Jennifer Beel, and Hilary Dick
Frederica Biggs and Martha Glass Courtney and Page Leidy
Kevin McLaughlin, Pamela Howard, Winn Laffey, and Jack Lynch
Si Anthony, Jo Sutton, and Kelso Sutton
Linda Filardi, Gary Talarico, Olivia Tedesco, and Mona De Sayve
Kasmira Della Schiavo and Cristiana Vigano Kathy Prounis and Jack Lynch
Jill Brooke and Gary Goldstein
Cornelia Bregman and Courtney Arnot
Joep de Koning and Dixie de Koning Tatiana and Thorne Perkin
Karen Klopp, Mark Gilbertson, and Webb Egerton
Hilary Block Leslie Stevens and Michel Cox Witmer
Elizabeth Stribling and Guy Robinson
Andrew Saffir, Joachim Bader, Mary Snow, and Daniel Benedict Lara Meiland-Shaw
Polly Onet and Christopher Mason
Jonathan Farkas and Somers Farkas Whitney Stroh and Jackie Gale
John and Martha Glass

Photographs by Annie Watt

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