Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Lights, Camera, Action

Shooting a scene in front of Orsay on 75th and Lexington. Photo: JH.
Tuesday, March 6, ,2018. Partly sunny, windy and colder yesterday in New York with temps dropping to the mid-30s. Another Nor’easter is in the forecast for tomorrow.

Down Jamaica way, there were more than 100 private jets in the Montego Bay airport for the big week at Round Hill where Josef Forstmayr had organized a week of events.

The first night was the Jamaica night, with dancers, fire eaters and a fabulous buffet. Then came the Sugar Cane Ball, an annual black tie dinner dance on the beach with 400 attending. The evening benefited the Hanover Charities raising several hundred thousand dollars for the children of Jamaica.
The setting for the 2018 Sugar Cane Ball — A 1920's Soiree, Grand Speakeasy — was the Seaside Terrace at Round Hill
Jennifer Flanagan, Josef Forstmayr, Round Hill's Managing Director, Ralph Lauren, Ricky Lauren, Daisy Soros, Edmund Bartlett, and Katrin Casserly
Auctioneer Alexander Gilkes
Among the guests: Ricky and Ralph Lauren, Naz and Roddie Klota, designer Vanessa Noel (wearing amazing black pearls), Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia and his cousins Count and Countess Von Pejascevic from Vienna; Maria Sharapova, Julia Utsch, Senator Jill Vogel; Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney from New York, Pat and Ed Falkenberg, Larry Leeds, Glen and Mary Jane Creamer, Jim Mitchell, Wendy and Gordon Gill, White House Social Secretary Rickie Lloyd and her husband Thomas Lloyd, Bryan Huffman, Michael Harris.
Alex and Meriel Lari (Claremont Group)
Betsy Hoyt Stephens and her daughters Charlotte and Sarah Jane
Josef Forstmayr and Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney Paula Kerr Jarrett and Claire Dwoskin
Chairman of the Round Hill Board of Directors, Glenn Creamer, and his wife Mary Jane
Emma Ginley and Joe Pacetti
Former world heavyweight boxing champion, Lennox Lewis, with his wife Violet
Lise Murphy and Rickie Niceta Lloyd, White House Social Secretary
Larry Leeds
Senator Jill Vogel and her husband Alex Vogel
Stephen and Lise Murphy
Tennis star Maria Sharapova with Radford Klotz
Tryall home owners, Mark and Paula Kovinsky
Many of the guests from Round Hill flew to Palm Beach where the week started with Jim Mitchell’s big dinner at Bricktop’s for Marylou Whitney and John Hendrickson where they celebrated a birthday for Marquessa Barbara San Damian from Spain. Among the guests were John and Marianne Castle who had just celebrated her birthday with a big four-day party at Disney World in Orlando with their sons, their wives, seven grandchildren and several members of their household staff.
Marianne and John Castle
Fern Tailer, Mona de Sayvre, and Barbara San Damian
Bryan Huffman and Michael Harris
Bryan Huffman, Fern Tailer, and Barbara Cates
Hans Kertess and Antoinette Guerini Maraldi
Angela and Steven Kumble
John Hendrickson and Marianne Castle
Marylou Whitney and John Hendrickson
Jim Mitchell and Candy Ledbetter
Kim Campbell and Leon Amar.
John Castle and Marylou Whitney
The big February  week continued with dinners by Frances Scaife, Ginnie Burke, Texas oil tycoon, John Terwilliger, Douglas Rowe. There was the Lighthouse for the Blind’s POSH  gala dinner at Club Colette honoring Grace Meigher and her daughters Amanda and Elizabeth. The dinner was organized by Mona de Sayve, daughter of the late Ann Downey. 

The week ended with a big candlelight dinner at the Everglades that Marylou Whitney gave for John Hendrickson's birthday (February 24th) with hundreds of white, pink and green roses in three-foot-tall silver vases, with a menu of caviar, champagne, filet of beef, chocolate  soufflé. The Coral room at the club was also decorated with teddy bears, with almost a hundred guests enjoying cocktails on the terrace overlooking Lake Worth.

Among the guests: Wilbur and Hilary Geary Ross, Rudy and Judith Giuliani, Susan Lucci, Arlene Dahl and Marc Rosen, Frances Scaife and Tom McCarter , Ann and Charles Johnson, Maureen Donnell, Joyce Sterling, Jim Clarke, Diana Wister, and Dede Wilsey from San Francisco, who had just arrived from Washington where she was celebrating the 100th birthday of her mother Ruth Buchanan at a party at the Chevy Chase Club with more than 200 guests.

Photographs by CAPEHART (Bricktops)

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