Thursday, September 27, 2018

Perceived resistance

Gridlock on Madison Avenue. 9:30 PM. Photo: JH.
Thursday, September 27, 2018.  84 degrees at one point yesterday afternoon in New York with conflicting forecasts of rain or no rain. It’s pouring out at the time of this writing (10:30 pm Wednesday night).

The Battle of the Sexes. For those of us who still engage in general semi-serious conversation when friends get together (in New York, anyway), the activitytaking place on this day in Washington is at the top of the list. I read yesterday that Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina when asked about his position on Judge Kavanaugh, told reporters: “If accusation is enough, God help us all. It’s OK to challenge the accuser.” That makes common sense, although on the surface it is unacceptable to many.

I have no opinion on the matter since there is nothing I can do but watch it unfold -- which for some is same as disagreeing with their conviction. This seems to be common in the case with the Kavanaugh matter in my neck of the woods.

I am old enough to remember when the emerging generation of women in the ‘60s burned their bras in public, and young men burned their draft cards  protesting the War in Vietnam. It made a difference, not right away, but in the long run. Now young men no longer have draft cards; and now the wars we are involved in across the world are mainly digitally managed where many in the armed services are no longer faced directly with the fear of battle. That technological change has beem removed from the emotional equation (while legions of women, men and children in other parts of the world have been killed – including a million in Iraq). It’s as if all is forgotten or now “unknown.” Nevertheless, the liberation of women has progressed measurably, and the society has changed for the better as a result.

Age Before Beauty. The behavioral matters of the genders, however, in every conceivable way, for both, have not been liberated. One of the issues that confounds, while amusing me, is the more recent cases of Women, especially teachers,  being accused of “raping” (that’s the word used in the media) teen-age (sometimes “underage”) boys.

It begs the obvious question: how is that physically possible? The urge may be there. On both sides. Of course, the 13- or 14- or 15-year-old male may be taken aback at first by Ms. Jones’ tenderly intimate advances. But he also might be taken in by that ole-dabbil-sex. That’s when he learns the penis has its own voice.
Ow got it bad, got it bad, got it bad,
I'm hot for teacher
I got it bad, so bad,
I'm hot for teacher
— Van Halen
I have a friend who was “taken in” by an older girl when he was 14. That was when he “found out.” It was Lesson 1, and it turned out to be a favor for him. (He never told anybody, but he liked it.) Years later the lady contacted him from out of the blue. She wanted to “make amends.” He was taken aback and started to laugh at her choice of words, assuring her that it was not a problem.

So what about these poor women who are bringing young boys into the great big world by “raping” (?) them? And some have got pregnant and then they are sent to jail?? Should they be jailed for it? Does anybody think they ruined some “boys” lives? Really? What fascinates me about it is: what does a 30 or 40 year old woman finds sexy about some kid who’s new to puberty. But that will have to remain one of the sweet mysteries of life at this age of mine.

The girl on her arrival from the Humane Society three years ago.
The birds & the bees, and another part of the animal kingdom. I have a female dog, Rosemary – literally known as a “bitch” – who has an aggressive personality and constantly comes for her share of attention whenever I am giving any to one of the other dogs. She can really annoy me with her “demands” she wants all the attention all of the time.

When we encounter others dogs on our “walkies,” the boys like to stop and sniff with the other dogs. Not Rosemary. She just stands there and watches; and then suddenly growls and starts barking aggressively (that word again) until we’re on our way and she’s been removed from the offensive.

I’ve talked to her about this in different tones of voice at different times. She pays no attention. Sometimes I reprimand her in a stern but quiet tone. Then she knows she’s really annoyed me, and comes to my side, rolls over on her back, looks up at me, and wags her tail rapidly. Frankly she makes me laugh -- even just thinking about it as I as I write.

Sometimes Rosemary humps one of the male dogs (I have three.) Of course she doesn’t have anything to “work” with, but she’s obviously fulfilling a need which I’ve never asked her about because I know she’ll never tell me. And he – whichever mutt she chooses – just stands there, and waits for her to finish. Unimpressed.

Two of my three males, incidentally, sometimes hump Rosemary. Separately, of course. But there is nothing to worry about because the boys have been “fixed.” Everything’s gone except the Eternal Desire. And Rosemary, just stands there, like a doorstop. The boys are more frequent in trying to fulfill their priapic urges than Rosemary is with her feminine shunts and jive.
The boys: (l.) Tobey, Willy, and Ms. Rosemary Dog, the boss.
When I see the boys doing this (it’s only occasional), like a protesting crowd, I instinctively yell at whichever male is otherwise happily engaged. I don’t know why I do this, since its irrelevant, yet I always consider that. But when I do, they look up at me as if I’m trying to tell them something. But what? looks like their question. Sometimes they stop if I raise my voice, or eventually Rosemary just turns around and tells them to cut it out. Which they do. If I see that, I offer everyone a treat, and all’s well that ends well.
And then there's Ray who is 14 and came to live with us via ARF (from a kill shelter in South Carolina) about two years ago. He's got very poor eyesight but a great tail-wagging appetite, and an obviously well trained; and other than walks for business, and his meals, he likes to sleep, or to sit on the terrace and watch the road. His humping days are long gone, and he's finally a happy pup.
Meanwhile, in another part of the forest – Palm Beach to be specific, our ace Palm Beach historian, Augustus Mayhew has submitted another tale of the Battle of the Sexes on today’s NYSD. A true story and a sad one. This time with real bang-bang, and truly innocent victims. Heiresses and stable boys; millions to dither, and angry fists and guns to thither. Too much of not enough, and not enough of too much.

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