Monday, July 23, 2018

Wedding bells a-peeling

Just married in Taormina, Sicily.
Monday, July 23, 2018. ¬†Warm and sunny this past Saturday in New York until late afternoon when it clouded over preceding a night of rain — some heavy at times — taking the temperatures down to the high 60s. The weatherman forecasts times of rain along the whole Eastern seaboard for the next few days.

First Congregational Church.
Wedding bells a-peeling in Nantucket. A week ago Saturday, on July 14th, Victor Mendez and Peter Hildebrandt were married in the First Congregational Church on North Centre Street before 70 guests. The wedding was a gift of their summertime employer Joy Ingham, a longtime summer resident of the island, who also walked Mendez down the aisle. Victor, who is an artist besides being an excellent cook, also decorated the church with floral arrangements.

The day before at the wedding rehearsal, there was a question as to which side the betrothed should be on when walking down the aisle. Ms. Ingham settled it by announcing that having been married “multiple times” (three) herself, and having gone to “tons of weddings” all her life, the escort (traditionally father of the bride) walked on the left side. And so it was.

After the ceremony, guests moved on to the Ingham residence in town for cocktails and a buffet dinner catered by Michael Caffrey of Island Chefs, with music provided by Konrad Paszkudzki on an electronic keyboard rented from Nantucket Community Music. Mr. Paszkudzki, who is a member of the John Pizzarelli jazz trio, came up from New York for the occasion.

A few weeks before, the couple left Nantucket for the day, taking the ferry to Hyannis and then a bus to Boston to Cartier where they bought their rings (Cartier rolling rings). For guests so inclined, they asked for presents from Tiffany, and got quite a few (everyone loves those blue boxes!). When people asked the hostess where the couple were going on the honeymoon, she replied: “downstairs to cook breakfast for my houseguests.” No time off for frivolities!
Joy walking Victor down the aisle.
The couple, who live during the year in Rock Hill, South Carolina, met online. This is the first marriage for Victor. Peter was married before and is the father of five.

They had their first actual meeting at a gas station halfway between Rock Hill, where Peter has a house, and Florida, where Victor was living. They have worked for Joy for the past four summers in Nantucket, managing the house and cooking for the guests, as well as extra duty at the houses of Joy’s daughters Stephanie and Dana when they are in Nantucket with their families.
The wedding party flank the newlyweds: Wayne Howington, Joe Pugliese, Ned, Lorena, and Nellie Hildebrandt.
Victor and Peter exiting the church.
Joy and Victor met in the summer of 1991 in Nantucket where Victor had a house cleaning business. House guests of Joy all know and appreciate the couple who manage the house and its activities efficiently and effortlessly, and are as comfortable with the guests as they are with each other. It is a unique atmosphere, a pleasure for everyone as both men are professional, congenial — and Victor is an excellent chef, happily accommodating every individuals’ favorite dishes. NYSD readers first learned of them last year when we were guests of Joy in Nantucket.
The reception at Academy Lane.
Flower arranging on the 3rd floor
Konrad Paszkudzki.
Lisa and Don Callahan. Suzy Grote.
Lizzie, Susan, and Bob Ayd.
Robin Kreitler. Joanie and Waddie Davidson.
Franci Neely, Joy, and Susan Zises Green.
Joy with Polly Millard.
Diana Briguglio, Joy, Nick, Stephanie, and Luke Briguglio.
Hope and Chris Lufkin. Anthony Vissian and George Davis.
Tracy Mount and Joy.
The wedding cake with topper courtesy of George Davis.
The newlyweds cutting the cake.
Victor, Joy, and Peter.

Photography by Laurie Richards

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