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Chapter VIII, Part II: Social Rites during WW II, 1942-1945

Villa Tranquilla, Palm Beach. 1942. Ann du Pont, far left, and her houseguests have their photograph taken by the house photographer Ellen Glendinning Frazer. After Ellen sold Casa dei Leoni, she was a seasonal houseguest of the du Ponts until her marriage in 1951 to Lucius Ordway.
Chapter VIII, Part II: Social Rites during WW II, 1942-1945
At Ease: Chestnut Hill, Long Island, Watch Hill, Mackay Point & Palm Beach

By Augustus Mayhew

Chestnut Hill
Christmas, 1943
"A hunt breakfast at The Squirrels ..."

The Cookes decided to have a holiday hunt breakfast at The Squirrels, the Glendinning family estate.
Philemon Dickinson, Mildred Dickinson, Ginnie Glendinning, John Packard, and Percy Gibson.
Ginnie Glendinning, Mollie Williams Frazer, and Dorothy Bromley holding on to little Charlie Mather.
"Waiting for the horses to arrive ... and waiting ... and waiting."
Finally, the horses arrive at The Squirrels.
Long Island
"A weekend at Polly Howe's house in Brookville…"
Polly Howe and George Widener lounging, the weekend's major athletic activity.
George Widener resting.
Watch Hill

During the summer of 1945 Ellen and the kids went to Watch Hill where her friend Gertrude Legendre had also opened her house.
The house at Watch Hill during the summer of 1945.
The kids spent time sunning.
Rippie worked on his "Palm Beach" car.
Ellen's family spent nearly every day with Gertrude and her family.
Gertrude Legendre, Summer 1945. After the war ended, Ellen and Gertrude would go to Germany and France. While there Gertrude was honored by several towns for her work during the war. Ellen photographed their trip and will be included in Part IX of the series.
"We celebrated Bokara's 4th birthday …"
Mackay Point Plantation, Yemassee, South Carolina
"Ten days of shooting at George Widener's in South Carolina during December 1945 ..."

Located between the Pocataligo River and Tulifinny River and named for the Mackay family, the plantation's original houses were destroyed during the Civil War in 1865. Upon buying the property, sportsman George D. Widener, Horseman of the Year in 1942 and president and former president of Belmont Park, purchased four additional plantations and combined them into one Mackay Point Plantation where he spent about 8 weeks annually. For this shoot, Ellen was joined by Standard Oil heir Jack Pratt and his wife Elizabeth "Libby" Woodward Pratt, and Wolcott McCormick Blair.
The entrance to Mackay Point Plantation.
The main house at George Widener's Mackay Point Plantation.
Jack Pratt. Ellen outfitted for the day's shoot.
Wolcott Blair and George Widener.
At noon, time for lunch where Mr. Widener will be grilling the quail.
George Widener, "The master at work," at the charcoal grill with Jack Pratt, Wolcott Blair, and Libby Pratt.
Libby Pratt takes a break from the afternoon's activities.
Palm Beach
Gayle Bayne and "Pootsie" in Rippie's Palm Beach car parked in front of Casa dei Leoni at 450 Worth Avenue. Worth Avenue, Palm Beach. Ann Dickinson and Bettina Frazer Bayne.
Palm Beach. L. to r.: Mollie Frazer, Perkie Frazer, Ellen Frazer, Bettina Frazer Bayne, and Rippie Frazer.
"Ralph Haines took the kids fishing… well, well, well – we didn't do so badly after all." L to R, standing, Rippie Frazer, Jane Philler, Ralph Hanes, and Bettina Frazer Bayne; foreground, Perkie and Mollie Frazer.
Rippie Frazer and Galen Hoyt after a fishing trip off Palm Beach, the "Sailfish Capital."
Gayle Bayne peeking above the window of her Uncle Rippie's sports car.
Casa dei Leoni
450 Worth Avenue
1945 would be the final season for the Glendinning-Frazer family at Casa dei Leoni.
"Bringing home the bacon…" Ellen Glendinning Frazer at the entrance to Casa dei Leoni, her family's Palm Beach house. "Wartime babies ride in wartime taxis." Bettina Bayne and her daughter Gayle ride along Worth Avenue.
Jack Kelly.
Karen Sibley.
Bill Godfrey and Mary Cooke.
Jack Kelly and Ross Austen.
Hunter Marston.
Ellen Glendinning Frazer with her first grandchild Gayle Glendinning Bayne.
Bettina on the terrace at Casa dei Leoni.
At Casa dei Leoni, home from the war. Foreground, Perkie and Mollie Frazer; back, Ellen Frazer, Rippie Frazer, and Bettina Frazer Bayne.
21 April 1945. Ellen Glendinning Frazer and her sister Mary Cooke sell Casa dei Leoni, the Glendinning family's Palm Beach house since the early 1920s. While the Jay Cooke's settled on one of the island's Sea Streets, Ellen spent each season with Felix and Ann du Pont at Villa Tranquilla until she married Lucius Ordway in 1951.
Villa Tranquilla, Palm Beach
South Ocean Boulevard at El Brillo Way
Felix du Pont, the president of "Club du Pont."
Ann Marvel de Armond du Pont, the queen of Club du Pont. Felix and Ann du Pont were married in 1937 following Mr. du Pont's divorce from his first wife Mary Chichester. Her cousin Jane Marvel Scott was Ellen Frazer's lifelong friend.
Felix du Pont, standing over Gayle Bayne, Perkie Frazer to her right, and Jim, far right.
Villa Tranquilla. Addison Mizner designed the house, considered one of his five great houses of 1923, for De Grimm Renfro of Pittsburgh.
Villa Tranquilla. North elevation, El Brillo entrance. The L-shaped house was built with the main entrance along El Brillo and the living areas faced the ocean to the east.
Marion Aldrich Crozer Sailer. The daughter of the Samuel Crozers of Chestnut Hill, Marion married John Sailer in 1941.
Galen Hoyt.
"Felix spent the morning trying to get Gayle to stick out her tongue."
Mollie Frazer taking a sunbath.
"MV" Mary Vaughn "Mollie" Williams Frazer.
Emily Shettle and Karen Sibley.
Felix du Pont and Jack Kelly with Jim passing through.
Jim taking a break from the scheduled activities at Club du Pont.
Felix du Pont and Jim.
Perkie Frazer does a handstand dive.
Felix, the president of Club du Pont, makes certain all the guests are comfortable.
Perkie Frazer, Jimmy Mills, and his wife, Alice du Pont Mills, Felix's daughter.
Tat Saunders.
Ann du Pont.
Felix du Pont, his sister Irene du Pont, of Granogue, Delaware, and Jim. In 1925 Felix and Irene du Pont's brother was Paul du Pont.
Foreground, Mollie Frazer and Em Shettle; background, Ann du Pont and her sister-in-law
Irene du Pont.
Foreground Mollie Frazer, Emily Shettle, and far right, Felix du Pont; background, l. to r., Tibby du Pont, Ann du Pont, and Irene du Pont.
Polly Howe and Alice du Pont Mills. A leading thoroughbred owner at her Middleburg-based Hickory Tree Farm, Alice du Pont Mills (1912-2002) was Felix's daughter from his first marriage to Mary Chichester. During WW II Alice Mills was a volunteer flight instructor for military pilots.
"Every season Jim served us delightfully."
George Leisure and Helen Coxe. A leading New York lawyer for many years, Mr. Leisure was said to have been second chair for Clarence Darrow. He was associated with the firm of Donovan, Leisure, et al, headed by William "Wild Bill" Donovan. Mr. Donovan headed up the OSS during WW II, the forerunner to the CIA.
Mrs. John Pratt and Felix du Pont.
General Ralph E, Haines and Jimmy Mills. General Haines, who was married to Sally Swift, was stationed in Newport as well as the Pacific.
L. to r.: Jane Marvel Scott, Alice du Pont Mills, Polly Howe, and Ann du Pont serving.
Helene Allaire Crozer du Pont, Marion Crozer Sailer, and Bettina Frazer Bayne. Helene Allaire du Pont (1913-2006) was Felix du Pont's daughter-in-law; the widow of his son Richard Chichester du Pont who died during a glider accident during the war. Mrs. du Pont raised thoroughbreds, among them, Kelso.
Emily Shettle.
Karen Sibley and Felix du Pont at Club du Pont.
Photographs are from the Collection of Lucius Ordway Frazer©.
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