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Chapter XXI: Resort Life, May 1962-September 1962

June 1962. The Lammas, Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire. Black-tie dinner guests twist-the-night-away at the Ordway cottage.
Chapter XXI: Resort Life, May 1962-September 1962
Tweed, Cashmere & Cotton: The Cotswolds, Fishers Island & Newport

By Augustus Mayhew

As the Cold War heats up, Lou and Ellen Ordway find respite in places where time stands still — transatlantic ocean liners, the English countryside, and Newport's familiar regimen of clubs, diamonds, and two No-Trumps. Here is a look at the social dimension from the Cotswolds to Bailey's Beach during the summer and fall of 1962, far from the struggles gripping the world beyond.

All ashore … Tally ho!

25 May 1962
New York to Le Havre

"We sail for England on the SS France."
SS France. New York harbor. Sailing its maiden voyage in February 1962, the SS France was a two-class liner. It was considered the world's longest-built cruise ship until the Queen Mary in 2004. Considered a source of national pride during Charles De Gaulle's era, the ship carried its most famous passenger in December 1962 when the Mona Lisa was shipped to New York.
SS France, staircase and entrance. In its prime, the ship made 46 trans-Atlantic crossings annually.
SS France, first-class salon.
SS France, interior bar. With trans-Atlantic ocean travel already in decline when the SS France was christened, the French government kept it afloat with massive subsidies.
SS France, deck terrace. In 1979, Norwegian Cruise Lines acquired the SS France and renamed it the SS Norway.
30 May 1962
Ritz Hotel, London

"The Peter and John Ordways meet-up with us in London."
Ritz Hotel, London. Leslie Ordway and Gloria Ordway.
June 1962
Minchinhampton, Gloucestershire

"We spend ten days at The Lammas, Peter and Gloria Ordway's house."
The Lammas at Simmonds Court, Minchinhampton. Built c. 1800 with a "double-pile plan" for the rector of Minchinhampton, the two-story listed heritage manor house was constructed of ashlar limestone and coarse rubble.
The Lammas.
The Lammas, living room.
The Lammas, central staircase.
The Lammas, dining room.

"We had lunch at The Hare and the Hounds Hotel in Tetbury, hunt country."
Hare and the Hounds Hotel, Tetbury.
The Hare and the Hounds Hotel.
9 June 1962

"The Ordways host the village's Grand Carnival & Fete at The Lammas ..."
Whit-Saturday, Grand Carnival & Fete at The Lammas, hosted by Peter and Gloria Ordway.
Gloria Ordway, far right, develops nerves before she is to speak at the festival, so Peter tells her he will address the festival-goers. L. to r.: Peter Ordway, John Ordway, holding a Polaroid, Leslie Ordway, and Gloria.
The Grand Carnival gets underway: "The Colonel introduces Peter, who makes the welcoming address for Gloria."
"After the festival ..." Xandra Walter.
Roddy Walter.
Roddy Walter.
Peter Ordway.
The Lammas. Lou Ordway and his two sons, John and Peter Ordway.
Xandra taking sun.
Berkeley Castle. Gloucestershire. This 12th century medieval fortress is still owned by the Berkeley family.
The Lammas. "After a day of educational values at Berkeley Castle, we relax with The Twist after dinner. Along with Peter and Gloria Ordway, Xandra and Roddy Walter, Leslie and John Ordway, John Pollock joins us."
13 June 1962
Monmouth House, Somerset

"John and Leslie drove us to Monmouth House, their house in Somerset ..."
Monmouth House, Somerset.
Monmouth House, Somerset.
Monmouth House, Somerset.
Monmouth House, Somerset. Lou Ordway meets Rory Ordway, "… the newest member of the family."
Imperial Hotel, Torquay. Built in 1866 on the east coast of Devon, the Imperial Hotel is on the English Riviera, a short drive from Oldway Mansion, the Paris Singer estate.
Imperial Hotel, Torquay. Tea on the terrace with Ellen Glendinning Ordway, Leslie Ordway, and John Ordway.

"Luncheon with Air Marshal Sir John Slessor at Plimpton Manor, Somerset ..."
Air Marshal Sir John Cotesworth Slessor (1897-1979). After a significant war time career, Sir John was promoted to Air Chief Marshal in 1946, then the five-star rank of Marshal of the Royal Air Force before his retirement in 1953. The author of a memoir, The Central Blue: Reflections and Recollections, and the treatise Air Power and Armies, Slessor was considered one of England's most brilliant strategic tacticians.
Plimpton Manor.
Plimpton Manor.
Tea time. John Ordway and Lady Slessor.
Leslie Ordway and Sir John Slessor.
Lady Slessor serves lunch to Admiral Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton.
22 June 1962

"We sailed ..."
SS United States. "We return to the States."
SS United States advertisement, LIFE magazine. Lulu and Ron Balcom with Mrs. André Embiricos aboard the SS United States.
SS United States. Color graphic.
16 July 1962
Margaret "Peggy" Thayer Talbott was one of Ellen Ordway's lifelong friends.
July 1962
Chocomount, Fishers Island

"We spend the weekend at Gert Legendre's house on Fishers Island."
Gertrude Legendre's cottage. Chocomount, Fishers Island. "Beginning in the 1950s, my mother spent the best part of every summer for the next 50 years at her house on Fishers Island," said Landine Legendre Manigault.
Gertrude Legendre. "Both Ellen and my mother always had their cameras with them," added Landine Manigault.
Lou Ordway, "Georgie" Rutherford, and Mrs. Erard A. "Betty" Matthiessen. Mrs. Matthiessen's son is the conservation activist and three-time National Book Award author Peter Matthiessen.
"Lulu and Ron Balcom come for dinner; Gert shows slides of the Galapagos."
Lulu Balcom.
July 1962
Newport Country Club
Newport Country Club, c. 1895. The clubhouse's architect Whitney Warren is also credited with designing Grand Central Station and the Biltmore Hotel, Providence.
Duncan Pitney and John R. "Jock" McLean.
Howard Cushing.
Bobby Knowles and Lou Ordway. The great grandson of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Robert Winthrop "Bobby" Knowles became one his generation's most accomplished gentleman golfers. Born in Cambridge, Knowles grew up across the street from the Longfellow ancestral home before striking out to pursue his amateur golf career.
Edward B. "Ned" McLean and Lou Ordway. Jock and Neddie Mclean were brothers, scions of a newspaper fortune begun by their great-grandfather Washington McLean who owned the Cincinnati Enquirer.
John Crawford. Gamesman Johnny Crawford was considered among the top card players in national and international bridge circles, if not the world's sharpest, according to LIFE magazine. In Paris, Mr. Crawford played money bridge with Aly Khan for many years; in Palm Beach, he played for points with bridge wizard and innovator Harold S. Vanderbilt. Born in Philadelphia to a Main Line family, Crawford was also an expert backgammon player, having won some of the world's leading tournaments.
Jock McLean and Bobby Knowles. In 1952, McLean married Mildred "Brownie" Schrafft. For many years, the McLeans lived at El Solano, the Mizner-designed oceanfront house at 720 South Ocean that several years after Jock died in 1975 Brownie sold to John Lennon and Yoko Ono.
Cyril Judge.
Eleanor Burden.
Solon C. Kelley.
August 1962

"Lunch in Jamestown with Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Wright."
Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Wright at Fox Hill Farm, Jamestown. Sydney Longstreth Wright, Jr. (1896-1970) was a chemist and museum director; his wife Catherine Wharton (Morris) Wright (1899-1988) was the granddaughter of Joseph Wharton, a founder of Bethlehem Steel and the Wharton School of Finance — Bert Lippincott III, genealogist, Newport Historical Society.
Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Wright at Fox Hill Farm, Jamestown. "The Wrights both had colonial Newport Quaker ancestors. After they restored the Quaker Meeting House in the 1960s, they gave it to the Newport Historical Society," added Mr. Lippincott.
18 August 1962
Ruxton, Maryland

"Gayle Glendinning Dale's wedding."
Ellen Ordway's granddaughter Gayle Dayle marries Ralph Hills II.
Gayle Dale (now Abrams) on her wedding day.
Gayle Dale becomes Mrs. Ralph Warren Hills II.
Guests arrive for the wedding luncheon held at the Dale house following the ceremony.
August 1962
The Orchard, 180 Narragansett Avenue. Verner and Gladys Reed's house. Known as the Col. George Fearing House, c. 1873-1874, The Orchard's landscaped French pavilion-style was believed to be modeled from an 18th-century country house located near Geneva. Built entirely of Milwaukee brick, the Fearing House pre-dates the more palatial polished Beaux-Arts mansions. Col. Fearing was a founder of the Newport Casino.
The Orchard, pool.
Verner and Gaggy Reed's eclectic pool house.
Lou Ordway at the Reed's pool house.
16 September 1962
Bailey's Beach, Newport

The America's Cup competition attracted worldwide attention from 15 September until 24 September. The New York Yacht Club's Weatherly triumphed over the Royal Sidney Yacht Squadron's Gretel.
Bailey's Beach. Lou Ordway and The President of the United States, John F. Kennedy.
Bailey's Beach. George D. Widener Jr. and Ellen Glendinning Ordway. Mr. Widener's father and brother perished aboard the Titanic before Miramar, the family's French neo-classical style Newport mansion designed by Horace Trumbauer, was completed on Bellevue Avenue.
Bailey's Beach. "Lining up to watch the Thunderbirds perform." Pokie Frazer, Mollie Frazer, David Frazer, a family friend, Rippie Frazer, and Joan Frazer.
Mollie Frazer, Rippie Frazer and his wife Joan Frazer.
Bailey's Beach. David Frazer.
"Persi and Peggy Frazer come for supper."
Margaret Hurt "Peggy" Frazer, Mollie Williams Frazer, and Persifor "Persi" Frazer III. After ending his 14-year marriage with Ellen Glendinning Ordway in 1934, the following year Persi Frazer married Peggy Isham and moved to Newport where they summered at Oakwood. Peggy Frazer's twin sister Dorothy Hurt Price was a longtime Palm Beach-Southampton-New York resident.
September 1962
Newport to Florida

How the Ordways roll ...
At the wheel of his Silver Cloud, Lucius P. Ordway motors overland back to Florida.
Ellen Ordway's photographs are from the Collection of
Gayle Abrams©.
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