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Part XVII of the Ellen Frazer Ordway Collection

March 1961. The Duke of Windsor, formerly King Edward VIII, and Lucius P. Ordway at the Everglades Club, Palm Beach. When the Windsors made their annual visit to Palm Beach, there were so many social events that it became known as its own season within a season, called a “mini-season.” During the 1961 mini-season, the Windsors were ensconced at Arthur and Susie Gardner’s South Ocean Boulevard house. For the 1961 Seminole Golf Club Pro-Am tournament, the Duke played with Bing Crosby.
Part XVII: Christmas 1960 - April 1961
Palm Beach & Seminole Golf Club
By Augustus Mayhew

During the 1961 Palm Beach season Paul and Angie Ilyinsky hosted a barbecue at their Queens Lane house that Caroline Kennedy attended and played with the Ilyinsky children.  Over at the Royal Poinciana Playhouse, Mary Sanford was in the throes of putting together her most successful Polo Ball with Rose Kennedy and Joan Crawford set to grace the red carpet.  Up at the Seminole Golf Club, sportsman Chris Dunphy was making sure the area’s best amateurs were paired with the nation’s  renowned professional golfers for what would be the last Seminole Pro-Am tournament until the early 1990s.  And while the publicized winnings were only a few thousand dollars, it was the side Calcutta, reportedly in excess of $275,000, that drew Ben Hogan, Arnold Palmer, and Sam Snead, among them, to the Seminole tournament in North Palm Beach.  Golf was one of Lou and Ellen Ordway’s great passions with Lou serving on several Seminole Club committees.  Here is a glimpse of the first few months of Camelot, when Palm Beach was the world’s classiest playground.

Christmas 1960
Sidney and Jane Marvel Scott’s (2nd row, center) 1960 Christmas card. Sidney Scott was president of the Bond Bottling Company; his father Henry Pepper Scott was president of Wilmington Trust Company. Sidney Scott Jr. (3rd row center) was affiliated with DuPont Co. for many years before becoming an investment banker. Jane Scott’s cousin Anne Marvel was married to Alexis Felix du Pont.
January 1961
21 January 1961. “J. F. Kennedy Assumes Presidency with Call for Search for Peace.” Like never before, Palm Beach became a focal point for world news.
January 1961
“Paul and Angie Ilyinsky come for dinner ...”
Paul Ilyinsky.
Angelica Kauffman Ilyinsky. The Ilyinskys were a popular Palm Beach couple. Paul’s mother Audrey Emery was a longtime social fixture. In the summer of 1962, the Ilyinskys left Palm Beach and returned to Cincinnati where Paul worked for the family business Thomas Emery & Sons Real Estate. Years later, they returned to Palm Beach and Paul Ilyinsky became one of the town’s most popular mayors.
February 1961
“Bess McGrath comes for lunch.”
Bess McGrath

“Gert Legendre stops by on her way from Nassau to Medway. Dorothy Hutton comes for a swim.”
Gertrude Sanford Legendre.
Dorothy Dear Metzger Hutton (c. 1906- ). She and E. F. Hutton married shortly after his 1935 divorce from serial bride Marjorie Post. When E. F. Hutton died in 1962, she was awarded the major share of his fortune. A decade later, she married Viscount Weir of Scotland, becoming styled as Dorothy Viscountess Weir.
Dorothy Hutton goes for a swim at the Ordway’s Villa Bel Tramonto on Banyan Road.
Lou Ordway
March 1961
The Polo Ball
Chris Dunphy, Earl E. T. Smith, and Alan Corey.
1961 Polo Ball Committee. Mrs. Florence (Earl E. T.) Smith, CZ Guest, and Anita Young.
The Polo Ball’s honorary chairperson, the always understated Duchess of Windsor wearing “the latest.” Loel and Gloria Guinness with CZ and Winston F. C. Guest at the Polo Ball.
Mary Sanford, Grand Maharanee of the Polo Ball. Mrs. Guilford Dudley and Mrs. John Fell at the Polo Ball.
“Eyes and Jets turn to Palm Beach.” The 1961 season kept the social calendar abuzz.
24 March 1961 – 28 March 1961
Seminole Golf Club Pro-Am Tournament, North Palm Beach

Considered the best Donald Ross-designed course in the nation, the Seminole Club’s Pro-Am Tournament was a prominent national event on golfdom’s calendar. All the golf legends came to play on the sublime yet challenging oceanfront course. Here are some of Ellen’s snaps in between drives and putts.
Joan Whitney Payson (1903-1975). The daughter of Payne and Helen Whitney, Joan Whitney Payson inherited a substantial trust from her grandfather William C. Whitney. Married to Charles Shipman Payson, she and her brother became noted thoroughbred horse breeders (Greentree Stables), having won the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and the Belmont. Her brother John Hay “Jock” Whitney was US Ambassador to Great Britain from 1955 until 1961. The Joan Whitney Payson Galleries at The Met and the Portland Museum of Art house significant works from her art collection. Most notably, she was a co-founder, president and owner of the New York Mets, inducted into the New York Mets Hall of Fame in 1981. Her heirs sold The Mets to Nelson Doubleday and Fred Wilpon in 1980. Joan Payson and Ellen Ordway were lifelong friends.
Dawn (Mrs. George) Coleman and Valerie (Mrs. Ben) Hogan.
Chris Dunphy and Bing Crosby.
Peggy Scott-Duff. Mollie Phipps.
Woolworth “Wooly” Donahue. The son of Jessie Woolworth Donahue, Mr. Donahue was married several times, each more colorful than the other. Having first married Gretchen Hearst, John Randolph Hearst’s ex and divorced Judith “Baby Doll” Church, he married Mary Hartline Carlson in 1964. Wooly died in 1972; his estate sold Casa Nana for $3.2 million. His widow, Mary Hartline Donahue, a former Super Circus matinee star known as the “pretty princess of television,” lives in Illinois.
Vincent Draddy wearing a Lacoste shirt. A sportswear manufacturer, Mr. Draddy is credited with introducing the Izod/Lacoste alligator-logo knit shirt into the United States during the early 1950s.
Reggie Boardman (c. 1916-1992). The wedding of Mr. Boardman’s parents, Washingtonian Carrie Louise Munn and Bostonian Reginald Boardman, was the social event of the 1911 season. The Boardmans 1932 divorce in a Miami courtroom was less memorable. Within the month, his mother married Lawrence Waterbury, the noted poloist, who died a decade later. Boardman’s grandmother was the illustrious Chicagoan, Carrie Louise Gurnee Armour, whose second marriage to Charles A. Munn resulted in the merger of several Social Register families. Mr. Boardman was known as one of the area’s most prominent golfers. Mr. Boardman and his longtime partner Robert Buckner share a stone at Woodlawn Cemetery in West Palm Beach. His brother T. Dennie Boardman died in January 2000.
Carrie Louise Munn Boardman Waterbury.
Bob Huntington, Lou Ordway, and Van Johnstone.
Alice Stearns. Ellen Ordway.
23 April
Easter Sunday at Villa Bel Tramonto
Ellen’s son Rippie Frazer with her Duke grandchildren looking at her scrapbook of photographs.
Rippie Frazer and December Duke.
“The grands” with an early 60s look. Pokie Frazer, Gayle Dale Abrams, and David Frazer.
George Garrett.
Binks Bingham.
April 1961
April 1961
Seminole Golf Club
Dorothy Hutton arrives at Seminole Golf Club for lunch.
Marie Snowden.
Jimmy Snowden.
Peggy Crocker and Aleka Armour.
Dorothy Hutton.
April 1961

“Wolcott and Ellen Blair and Mary Donnelley come for dinner…”
Les Armour and Wolcott Blair.
Aleka Armour and Mary Donnelley.
Daughter and Mother. Bettina Frazer Dale and Ellen Ordway.
Mary Donnelley and Les Armour.
Mary Donnelley.
Bess Armour, Les Armour, and Aleka Armour.
April 1961
“Plot by Cubans to Kidnap Caroline Kennedy Reported.” A Palm Beach season that began with a return to the romance of Camelot ends with a specter of uncertainty.
Ellen Glendinning Ordway’s photographs are from the Collection of Gayle Abrams.
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