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Chapter XXII: Resort Life, September 1962 – May 1963

February 1963. LIFE. Lilly Pulitzer's shift from socialite to a celebrated fashion designer was captured by a LIFE magazine story that declared "Almost single- handedly Lilly Pulitzer has created a dress fad that is sweeping the country — a design she calls the "Lilly." She made it originally for herself just to keep cool and comfortable in."
Palm Beach: The Barefoot Tycoon & Mike and Molly Phipps put up a new house
By Augustus Mayhew

September 1962
Marineland, Florida

Driving back to Palm Beach, Lou and Ellen visit Marineland. At the time, the attraction was still primarily owned by their friend C. V. "Sonny" Whitney.
Marineland, Florida. First conceived as "Marine Studios" in 1938 as an open-air oceanarium to film marine life by founders, CV "Sonny" Whitney, Douglas Burden, Sherman Pratt, and Ilya Tolstoy, it was later called Marineland. The tourist attraction and marine lab is located in North Florida, immediately south of St. Augustine.
The porpoise entertains for lunch.
In 1974 the University of Florida opened the experimental Whitney Marine Laboratory on property adjacent to Marineland that today has lost much of its original allure.
October 1962
Palm Beach

" Visit with the Balcoms …"
Lulu Balcom.
Lulu Balcom's house on Everglades Island.

"Le Petite Season is on …"

"Dinner on Banyan Road"
Lulu Balcom and George Coleman.
Ron Balcom, Chris Dunphy, and Lulu Balcom.
Coconut Grove
Richard and Betty Dunn's house, 3800 Matheson Drive
"Introducing Elizabeth Dunn …" Cordelia Duke, Josephine Duke, Liz Dunn, and December Duke.
John Duke with Leslie.
Josephine Duke with Jasmine.
December Duke and friend. December Duke teaches an old dog a new trick.
29 October 1962
Lou And Ellen Ordway to Columbia Presbyterian, New York.
"Lou spends 31 days at Presbyterian Hospital having an operation on his lung. On Wednesday November 30thm we fly back to PB."
November 1962
Palm Beach
Lou and Ellen Ordway serve as honorary chairmen of the 36th annual Kiwanis benefit.
December 1962
"Hunter Marston and Tom Evans come for lunch…"
"Duke clan gathering …" Cordelia Drexel Biddle Duke Robertson and her grandchildren converge at Cable Beach.
31 December 1962
Coconuts at Ta-boo
Lou Ordway and Ellen Ordway.
Lou Ordway, Ellen Ordway, and Jock McLean.
January 1963
Forence "Flo" and Earl E. T. Smith. In 1962 Mr. Smith wrote The Fourth Floor: An Account of the Castro Communist Revolution, a chronicle of his role as US ambassador to Cuba. Flo Smith died in 1965.
"We helicopter to Seminole…"
Gaggy Reed at Seminole Golf Club.
January 1963
Pat Coogan and her mother Leslie Ordway.
Leslie Ordway's first husband makes the news.
January 1963

Then & Now
Elizabeth Altemus, 1937 as Mrs. John H. Whitney & 1962 as Mrs. Cloyce Tippett.
January 1963
Richard Dunn and Vernon (Moose) Taylor.
"Mrs. Ann Taylor arrives from Denver to visit the children." Right, Betty Ordway Dunn.
Ann Taylor.
Gloria Ordway.
February 1963

"LIFE magazine did a story on Lily Pulitzer …"
Lilly Pulitzer with her daughters Minnie and Liza.
March 1963
A letter from "The Duchess and Edward …"
Binks Bingham.
Lou Ordway and Bea Lillie.
Polly Howe comes for a visit.
Villa Bel Tramonto.
Villa Bel Tramonto.
Jane Sanford Panza. Sister of Laddie Sanford and Gertrude LeGendre, Jane Sanford Panza was married to an Italian diplomat.
Lou and Ellen Ordway.
April 1963

"Grover Loening flies in to play a little golf with us and Ellen Gerry …"
June 1963

"What is so nice as a day in June. We go to see the new house Mike and Molly Phipps are building in Palm Beach and then we fly up to their ranch."
Lou Ordway and Molly Phipps. John Volk designed the Phipps' new house on the family's remaining parcel that extended from North County Road to North Lake Way.
Lou Ordway and Mike Phipps at the construction site.
Mike and Molly Phipps' new house under construction between North County Road and North Lake Way.
Mike and Molly Phipps' house, under construction on North County Road, Palm Beach.
The Phipps Old Westbury Ranch, near Stuart, Martin County, north of Palm Beach.
Lou Ordway with Mike and Molly Phipps at the Old Westbury Ranch where the Phipps' former Palm Beach guest house designed by Volk became the ranch's main house.
Phipps Old Westbury Ranch, Martin County.
Phipps Old Westbury Ranch. "Even the cows are interested in us…"
Ellen Ordway's photographs are from the Collection of
Gayle Abrams©.
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