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Resort Life: Chapter XXVI, 1964-1965

August, 1964. John F. "John-John" Kennedy. Jr. Bailey's Beach, Newport.
Resort Life: Chapter XXVI 1964-1965
Palm Beach – Paris – London - Newport – Fishers Island

By Augustus Mayhew

In July 1964, Jackie Kennedy announced plans to move from Washington to New York. After spending part of the summer in Hyannis Port, the Kennedy children joined their mother in Newport at Annandale Farm adjoining her mother's Hammersmith Farm. During the second week of August, Jackie was off on an Adriatic cruise aboard Charles Wrightsman's yacht Radiant; the children remained in Newport.

As Jackie and her sister Lee Radziwill disembarked from the Wrightsman yacht and made their way to Porto Ercole, Ellen Ordway was already settled in for a Newport summer, having returned from a jaunt to France and England. She took her daughter Bettina Dale back to Normandy where she spent many childhood seaside summers. But before heading to the Cote Fleurie, it is tee time with HRH at The Breakers.

May 1964
The Breakers - Palm Beach
Bunny du Pont, Duke of Windsor, and Manolo Santeiro. Manolo and his wife Bibi were members of Palm Beach's Cuban colony. Bibi Santeiro was one of the three Aspuru sisters. Julia Aspuru was married to Enrique Rousseau before her marriage to Charles Amory and Rousseau's marriage to Lilly Pulitzer who had divorced Amory's half-brother Peter Pulitzer. Lourdes Aspuru Musso moved to Monte Carlo following her marriage to Joseph Bernstein. For many years, the sisters operated the Salon Francais on Via Mizner.
Bunny du Pont, HRH, and Ellen Ordway.
Manolo Santeiro. "HRH, 70 years old."
Villa Bel Tramonto
Palm Beach
Bokara Legendre. "Miss Bokara Legendre arrived in the resort this week from Medway Plantation for an extended visit with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sanford, at Los Incas their oceanfront villa. 8 May 1964," Palm Beach Daily News.
Gayle Dale. Ellen's granddaughter, Gayle's engagement to Joel Jennings was announced during the summer of 1964.
Hobe Sound

"A visit with Tom Evans in Hobe Sound."
An afternoon in Hobe Sound with Gertrude Legendre and her daughter Bokara.
Gertrude Legendre, Bokara Legendre, and Tom Evans.
28 May 1964
New York to Paris
"Bettina, Bobbie Dale, & I left NYC at 12 mid-day & 6 hrs. & 40 minutes later … wheels down at Orly Airport in Paris."
Orly Airport, Paris. May, 1964.
"Where even the money is beautiful …"
Invitation. Christian Dior. 30, Avenue Montaigne.
Christian Dior. 30, Avenue Montaigne. Paris.
Musée du Louvre, Paris. Mona Lisa. Oil on panel, c. 1503. Leonardo da Vinci, artist.
Menu cover. Lido Cabaret – Restaurant. Champs Elysées, Paris.
Chateau de Malmaison. Located seven miles from Paris, Empress Josephine bought the 150-acre chateau in 1797. It served as headquarters for the French government from 1800 to 1802.
Chateau de Malmaison. Napoleon's "Cabinet de Travail."
Postcard. Versailles.
Normandy Hotel, Deauville. "We spent a few days at the Normandy Hotel."
June 1964
Houlgate, Normandy, Cote Fleurie. Ellen shows her daughter the Glendinning family's summer house in France. Left: Chez Dubonnet – Les Mouettes, "The Dubonnets, Emilie, Andre and family, lived next door to us." Right: The Glendinning's summer house in Normandy. Ellen wrote of Les Sorbiers, "Our house, where so many years of my childhood summers were spent."
The American War Memorial at Normandy.
Statue. Omaha Beach Memorial, Normandy. "The Spirit of American Youth," a 22-foot bronze sculpture is the memorial's centerpiece.
Mont Saint-Michel.
La Mére Poulard. Mont Saint-Michel. "The best brandied omelet in the world."
"We drove to Fontainebleau and lunched at Le Grand Veneur." Pictured above, Ellen's daughter and son-in-law, Bettina and Bobby Dale, Ludmilla Vlasto, founder of Théâtre la Bruyére, and Colette Moliere.
Alex "Nittey."
Château de Fontainebleau.
Château de Fontainebleau.
Maillot. The garden at Ludmilla Vlasto's house, once owned by Cezanne.
Maillot. Ludmilla Vlasto's house, a view from what is said to be one of Cezanne's studios.
Ritz Hotel. "Bobby and Bettina Dale in our suite at The Ritz."
"John and Leslie come in from the country to see us … John is very busy on the phone trying to find out why his Rolls-Royce has not been delivered."
10 June 1964
12 Cadogan Court - London
Luncheon with Gloria Ordway
Bettina Dale and Gloria Ordway in the living room of Gloria's London accommodations, since divorced from Peter Ordway.
12 Cadogan Court, London.
June 1964
Barney Beresford.
Barney Beresford and John Ordway, "…still waiting for his Rolls Royce."
June 1964

Luncheon with Marshal of the Royal Air Force Sir John Cotesworth Slessor and Lady Hermione Guinness Slessor
"Luncheon with cocktails in the garden."
Air Marshal Slessor and John Ordway, "looking at his watch waiting for delivery of his own Rolls-Royce."
15 June 1964
"We returned to the United States."
June 1964
One Barclay Square, Newport. The Ordway cottage.
Pamela entertains Jane Marvel Scott.
Jane Pickens Langley. A popular stage and television entertainer and Newport personality, Langley had married Russell Clark and businessman William C. Langley before her 1977 marriage to Walter Hoving, who headed Tiffany & Company and, at one time, Bonwit Teller.
Investment banker Howard Bell and Polly Howe.
Persifor Frazer III. Ellen Ordway's first husband; they divorced in 1934.
Margaret 'Peggy" Isham Frazer.
Dot Rogers and Howard Cushing.
Polly Howe.
Mary Cushing
"At the America's Cup races …"
Nelson Aldrich and Alice Stearns.
Alice Stearns and Aleeta McBean.
"The US Navy invites you to the America's Cup Race 1964."
The US Navy's accommodation included everything but ...
... heat. "Things got colder and colder and colder."
Banking scion Eugene W. "Bill" Sexton Jr., right front, relief helmsman and tactician, for the yacht American Eagle during the America's Cup competition. A Choate-Yale alum, Stetson was associated with Brown Brothers Harriman, Chemical Bank, and the NYSE firm Winslow, Cohu & Stetson.
Kathryna Ray Stetson, right, and her husband yachtsman Bill Stetson later settled in Hobe Sound.
"At Bailey's Beach." Polly Howe, George Earle, and Alice Stearns.
Bailey's Beach. Polly Howe.
Bailey's Beach. Jane Marvel Scott and Alice Stearns.
August 1964
Fishers Island, New York

Chez Gertrude Legendre
Gertrude Sanford Legendre. "All big business is conducted in the morning before breakfast."
Georgie Rutherford.
Ellen Ordway and Gertrude Legendre.
Ellen Ordway.
Ginevra "Ginnie" Pirie. Readers may recall Pirie and author F. Scott Fitzgerald's friendship was immortalized in several of his novels.
Ginevra King Pirie.
John T. Pirie and Peggy Carey.
Peggy Carey.
Augustus 1964
Fishers Island
Luncheon at Dougie Boocock's house. Glenn Winnett Boocock, known as Dougie to her friends, was the widow of Kenyon Boocock who died from a fall in 1961, his parents having died tragically in the most unusual of circumstances. A member of the Colony Club and the Fishers Island Club, she served as managing director of The Metropolitan Opera from 1976-1985, according to The New York Times.
Dougie Boocock, standing right. "Lobsters on the grill."
Peggy Carey.
Betty Matthiessen, right.
December 1964

Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan
March 1877- 6 December 1964
The lower right photograph was taken in the formal drawing room at Mme. Balsam's Lakeview House, 319 El Vedado, Palm Beach.
Newspaper article. "Legend lives after Balsan Rites."
"Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan, First Poor Little Rich Girl."
December 1964
Villa Bel Tramonto - Palm Beach
Villa Bel Tramonto. Ellen Ordway, center, with family and friends celebrate the wedding of her granddaughter Gayle to Joel Jennings.
Villa Bel Tramonto. Ellen Ordway's son and grandson, Persifor "Perkie" Frazer IV and Persifor "Pokie" Frazer V.
Villa Bel Tramonto. Chris Dunphy and Gayle Glendinning Dale, on becoming Mrs. Joel Jennings.
Beneath volleys of rice, Gayle and Joel Jennings leave Villa Bel Tramonto for their honeymoon.

10 January 1965

"Dolly O'Brien passes … and so does an era."
Newspaper article and obituary. "Good-bye Dolly."
24 January 1965
Sir Winston Churchill died.
Sir Winston Churchill (1874 -1965).
February 1965
Palm Beach
"Michael and Mollie Phipps move in to their new home."
Mike Phipps.
Peggy Scott-Duff.
Elaine "Nonie" Phipps and "Ho Kelland."
Nonie Phipps, at the buffet.
The Phipps house, North Lake Way & County Road. At the luncheon, Peggy Scott Duff, "Ho Kelland," an unidentified gentleman to the left head of table, and to the right with her back to the camera but reflected in the front is Mollie Phipps mother, Mrs. William Thomas Lane, Bombay and London.
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Nancy Lancaster sunbathes at Lyford Cay, Cornelia Guest christened, Nonie Phipps marries Tom Schippers & Ellen and Gert head to Spoleto and visit Tom and Nonie, crowned "La Regina di Spoleto."
Ellen Glendinning Frazer Ordway's photographs are courtesy of the Lucius Ordway Frazer Collection©.
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