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Ellen Ordway, Resort Life: Chapter XXXIV

Palm Beach,1968. From Via Mizner to Suburbia, Lilly Pulitzer's fearless bold colors in a kaleidoscope of patterns were available at fourteen Lilly shops and at Lord & Taylor. Lilly Pulitzer, advertisement, photographed in the Chinese Garden at The Society of the Four Arts Garden.
Resort Life: Chapter XXXIV, January - June 1968
Palm Beach + Medway Plantation + Hobe Sound + Wilmington

By Augustus Mayhew

“If She Wears a Lilly, He Must Have PJs,” read the 22 January 1968 headline in The New York Times, referring to Lilly Pulitzer’s addition of men’s wear to her Lillys and Minnies. The following year, as Pulitzer’s private life transitioned from divorcing Peter Pulitzer to marrying Enrique Rousseau, Lilly Pulitzer Inc. continued to expand. But, despite the resort set’s passion for coral, puce, and turquoise, LP Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1984. A decade later, her brand was revived.  And this time, sixteen years later, the new company, where she served as a highly-visible consultant, was sold for $60 million. Lilly Pulitzer Inc.’s  second act was a triumph.

In this chapter of Resort Life, Ellen Ordway shares some of early print ads for Lilly’s Men’s Stuff when her son and daughter-in-law Perky and Evelyn Frazer modeled the latest looks. Then, a jaunt to Hobe Sound and a visit with Joan Dillon, who is beginning her own second act, a marriage to Prince Charles of Luxembourg. Sadly, Prince Charles suffered a fatal heart attack in 1977 upon returning from a Tuscan holiday. From there, after several years of the royal luxe life in the Grand Duchy, Princess Joan and her children moved to France where, since 1935, the Dillon family had owned Château Haut Brion, a Premier Grand cru wine estate. After becoming president of Haut Brion’s prized holdings — Domaine Clarence Dillon — Princess Joan married Phillipe de Noialles, the Duke of Mouchy, becoming the Duchess of Mouchy.  But, more on all that later.

Here is a look back at January until June 1968 from Ellen Ordway’s photographic journal.

January 1968
Clockwise from top left: Perky Frazer models "Men's Stuff" from Lilly Pulitzer. Jeans and shirts were priced at $30; Evelyn Allan Frazer; Perky and Evelyn Frazer.
Perky Frazer, lounging at the top of the wall.
January 1968

"George and Augusta Harrison's Party."
George Harrison, Augusta Harrison, and Chris Dunphy.
Perky Frazer, Peggy Hurt Isham Frazer, Evelyn Frazer, and Perky's father, Persi Frazer.
Chris Dunphy and Susie Phipps Cochran, with Andy and Pamela on the staircase.
January 1968

"A Day Sail with the John Cochran Family."
Ann-Marie Cochran arrives aboard a sailing yacht for an outing with the kids.
Ann-Marie helps the kids aboard.
Lucius Ordway Frazer and Susie Phipps Cochran.
Susie Cochran helps her daughter Angela with Lucius Frazer looking on.
John and Susie Cochran.
January 1968
Weekend at Medway Plantation
Medway Plantation.
Gertrude Legendre surrounded by her admirers.
John T, Pirie and Gertrude Legendre. Pirie's grandfather was a founder of Chicago's Carson, Pirie, Scott & Company.
Bill Baldwin.
Jane Chester. Colby Chester. Chester's father was the chairman of General Foods (1924-1937) during the E. F. Hutton years when the company became a conglomerate.
Gertrude Legendre and Jane Chester don safari couture for dinner. Jane Chester.
Genevra "Ginnie" King Pirie. Dr. "Toland."
"Off to work …" Ellen Glendinning Ordway, Gertrude Legendre, and John T. Pirie.
Medway Plantation, log cabin.
February 1968
Hobe Sound
Princess Joan of Luxembourg, the former Joan Dillon, and Bess McGrath. The daughter of Clarence Dillon, a US Secretary of Treasury and former US ambassador to France, Princess Joan married Prince Charles in 1967, following a papal annulment of her first marriage to James Moseley.
"Little Joan Jr." Joan Moseley. Joan Dillon's daughter from her first marriage to James Brady Moseley.
Prince Charles of Luxembourg with Princess Charlotte. In the Grand Duchy, the family lived at Chateau de Fischbach.
Prince Charles, daughter Charlotte, and Princess Joan.
Lion Country Safari
Royal Palm Beach

"We go to Lion Country and then tea at Villa Bel Tramonto."
Lion Country Safari.
Bess McGrath with Angela Cochran and Jay Cochran.
"Home for tea." Susie Cochran with Angela and Jay.
Then & Now
Fernanda Wanamaker Leas, 1938 and 1967.
Elizabeth Denham Haskell Fleitas, 1929 and 1967, of Wilmington and Boca Grande. Her father Harry G. Haskell was a director and vice-president at E. I du Pont de Nemours & Company, having merged the family's explosive an dynamite company with the du Pont company.
Mary Duncan Sanford, 1933 and 1967.
Villa Bel Tramonto
241 Banyan Road
Bess McGrath and Pervy (Mrs. Albert C.) Bostwick with Jimbo, Pamela, and Andy Ordway.
"Ladies-in-Waiting come by for a visit."
Countess "Foxy" Sefton, of Croxteth Hall, Liverpool, comes for a visit. Following Josephine Gwynne Armstrong's marriage to the 7th Earl of Sefton (Hugh William Osbert Molyneux) , the former fashion model was styled Countess Sefton. She was a lifelong friend of Wallis', Duchess of Windsor. Upon her husband's death in 1972, Croxteth was donated to the City of Liverpool.
Lady Dunraven, the former Nancy Yuille.
Bess McGrath.
William Randolph Hearst Jr., Nonie Phipps Schippers, and Ho Kelland with Andy.
Foxy Sefton and Fifi Fell. A former Broadway actress, Fifi gave up her career in 1931 to marry John Randolph Fell. In 1976, Josephine "Fifi" Laimbeer Fell married investment banker John Schiff. In the photograph between them, it appears to be Polly Howe.
Fifi is perhaps taking a closer look at Foxy's left earring.
"The Ordways come for a visit."
Dick Ordway and his nephew John Ordway.
Gladys (Mrs. Richard) Ordway and Charlotte (Mrs. John G.) Ordway, the late Lucius P. Ordway's sister-in-laws.
March 1968

"Poolside portraits."
Bess McGrath.
Ruth Crystal Draddy. The daughter of David Crystal, one of Seventh Avenue's oldest apparel manufacturers, she married Vincent Draddy. Along with introducing Izod and Lacoste knit shirts to the United States, her family's company was eventually sold to General Mills.
Horace "Ho" Kendall Kelland. An artist with a studio on Fisher Island, Kelland was the son Clarence Budington Kelland, at one time one of the world's best-selling authors whose books were made into some of the era's most popular movies.
Bess McGrath and Laura Pepper.
Seminole Golf Course
North Palm Beach
Alfonso Fanjul.
John and Lesly Ordway.
Bunny du Pont and Lesly Ordway.
Bunny du Pont and Lesly Ordway.
Lian Fanjul (Mrs. Norberto) Azqueta and Kathy (Mrs. Bing) Crosby, behind, in center, Betty Sherrill.
"Around Town and in the News…"
Above: Audrey Emery, a Cincinnati real estate heiress who was the former Russian Princess Anna from her marriage to Duke Dmitri and Countess Djordjaze from her second marriage to Dmitri Djordjaze.  Her son Paul Ilyinsky was one Palm Beach's most popular mayors.

Right: Lorelle Hearst.
Bud and Daisy Palmer.
April 1968

"Breakfast at Los Incas with Mary Sanford's houseguest Jim Fowler and " a cheetah, an anteater, and …"
The Shiny Sheet reports on the latest wildlife on Palm Beach.
Jim Fowler with a three-month-old cheetah.
Jim Fowler and Gert Legendre.
Jim Fowler with the cheetah on one of Mary's patio benches.
"Breakfast with an anteater." Jim Fowler dining by the pool at Los Incas.
Lesly Ordway and Bo Legendre.
Susie Cochran with Jay and Angela Cochran.
A sloth makes himself at home on Mary's patio.
Susie Cochran chaperones Jay, Angela, and Gussie.
Susie Cochran and Jay Phipps Cochran.
"Back on Banyan Road."
Visiting from Naples, Rip and Jan Frazer with their son Robin.
Linda Willing and Bess McGrath with Jimbo.
Linda Willing and John Pitney, Ethel Garrett's grandson.
April 1968
"Mini-Season" for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor
The Duke and Duchess arrive in new York and will soon be heading for Palm Beach.
In Palm Beach, the Duke and Duchess attend a showing of "The King's Story" at Mar-a-Lago.
"One Sunday Afternoon …"
HRH poolside at Villa Bel Tramonto.
Chris Dunphy.
The Duke paints on a Florida "tan," as a souvenir.
And then, the Duke and Duchess were off to the next …
May 1968
Regent Park
George and Ethel Garrett pose for their official 1968 Christmas card photograph.
"Or, is this the one …" George and Ethel Garrett at their Regent Park house at Palm Beach.
9 May 1968
Andy Ordway celebrates his first birthday.
June 1968
Look magazine

Tom and Nonie Schippers are the subject of a tell-all feature in Look magazine.
George and Ethel Garrett pose for their official 1968 Christmas card photograph.
May 1968
John and Lesly Ordway, far left, attend Chris Ordway's wedding to Jerry Cahill, with her parents on the far right.
June 1968

"Cocktails at Jane Scott's house."
Jane Scott's house.
Marka Truesdale du Pont and Pierre S du Pont III. Previously married to renowned aviation engineer Grover Loening, Marka was the second wife of Felix du Pont Jr. In 1968, Mr. du Pont's son Pierre S. "Pete" du Pont was elected to the Delaware House of Representatives before being elected governor in 1976.
Pierre S. du Pont III. Du Pont was said to shun all publicity and would turn away from photographers. Great-grandson of Eleuthere Irenee du Pont, he was ranked 296th on the Forbes 400 list in 1987, the year before his death from an undisclosed illness.
A treasurer at DuPont, Junius Simpson Dean was married to Paulina du Pont.
Jane Scott and Harry du Pont.
Jane Scott and Harry du Pont.
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Ellen Glendinning Ordway Photograph Collection courtesy of Gayle Abrams & Lucius Ordway Frazer.
Augustus Mayhew is the author of Lost in Wonderland: Reflections on Palm Beach