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Resort Life, Chapter XL

November, 1971. Palm Beach. Ogden Phipps and Dysie Davie. "Ogden's birthday party." Ogden Phipps (1908-2002) was one of the nation's leading thoroughbred owner-breeders, having spent 70 years of his life at the race track. His mother Gladys Phipps founded Wheatley Stable. Chairman of the Jockey Club between 1964 and 1974, Phipps was a trustee emeritus of the New York Racing Association. In 1946, following Col. E. R. Bradley's death, Phipps, the King Ranch, and John Hay "Jock" Whitney (Greentree Stable) formed a three-way syndicate and bought the majority of bloodstock from Bradley's Idle Hour Farm, known as the nation's leading Kentucky Derby-winning horse farm. For Ogden Phipps, the Bradley acquisition turned his stable into an enduring stakes winner. Between 1933 and 2002, Phipps bred 116 stakes winners.
Resort Life, Chapter XL: September 1971 – November 1972
St. John USVI + Palm Beach + Down East + East Hampton + Fishers Island

By Augustus Mayhew

Watergate. On 17 June 1972, a  bungled break-in at a Washington office by White House operatives triggered a series of headlines that absorbed the nation for the next two years, ending with the resignation of The President. It was the same year Liza Minnelli, Betty Catroux, Nancy Reagan, Cher Bono, and Mrs. Frederick Melhado were tapped for the best-Dressed List. In New York, Jackie and Aristotle Onassis were celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary, together. Jackie O, weary of being stalked by Ron Galella, filed a suit demanding the photographer stay at least 150 feet away from her and the children. And, with Ari heading to South America,  “Won’t we miss him?” asked Suzy, as if there was no one else in El Morocco’s Champagne Room.

For Ellen, it was time to celebrate a milestone, the Big 7-0, and treasure the moments spent with her closest friends who passed away, Sidney Scott, George Garrett, George Widener, Spotty White, and Edward, the Duke of Windsor. And, it was a year to console friends struck by tragedy. Jane Scott’s son Jay Scott dies in a mysterious plane crash; Susie Cochran’s second husband takes his own life.  Meanwhile, Lillian  Phipps is planning a benefit around a “Love-In” theme.  What could be more welcome during disquieting times?

Several of these more than 40-year-old images show the chemical problems inherent in the era’s color processing with blue-green discoloration, fading, and destabilized dyes. In the next chapter, there are Polaroid prints where the aging process is more apparent, perhaps like our memories.

September 1971
Caneel Bay, St. John, USVI

We celebrate my birthday …”
Ellen Ordway surrounded by her children and grandchildren who gathered to celebrate her birthday.
"They arranged for me to stay at Laurance Rockefeller's house." Opened in December 1956, Caneel Bay "remains faithful to Laurance Rockefeller's original dream of simple splendor in a pristine natural setting."
During dinner, Gertrude Legendre recited this poem she wrote for Ellen.
November 1971
Palm Beach
Peter Ordway. Angela Ilyinsky.
Peter Ordway and Helen Cluett.
William Randolph Hearst Jr.
November 1971

"Dysie's birthday dinner for Ogden Phipps."
Dysie Davie.
Ogden Phipps and Dysie Davie.
Allan and Gracie Ryan.
Ogden Phipps.
Christmas 1971
Bing and Kathy Crosby and family.
Jimmy Barker and family. Alfonso and Lillian Fanjul, 1936-1971. "Merry Christmas."
The Duke and Duchess of Windsor respond to Ellen's Christmas card. "We like to see you on your high horse. It's the best yet dear Ellen." Wallis & Edward.
January 1972
Palm Beach
Dorothy Hurt Meecham Eyre. Her sister Peggy was married to Ellen Ordway's first husband Persi Frazer III.
February 1972
Brownie McLean and Mary Sanford.
April 1972
Whitehall. George Headley, Bess McGrath, Desmond Guinness, and "the Cook" (Ellen Ordway).
Susan Phipps Cochran Santangelo. Following her divorce from John Cochran, Phipps married Michael Santangelo in September 1971.
Michael Santangelo. On 1 May 1974, while in the midst of a divorce, Santangelo died from an overdose of barbiturates, according to a police investigation reported by The Palm Beach Post.
Lorelle Hearst.
May 1972

"In May, Foxie came for a visit … Hugh died in March from a long illness…"
Foxie Sefton.
"28 December 1941. Hugh and Foxie's wedding picture."
Reggie Boardman.
Carrie Louise Munn Boardman Waterbury.
July 1972
Down East

"The good old summertime …"
Ellen Ordway with, left, her son Rip, daughter-in-law Jan, and their kids; right, Ellen's granddaughter Lili Dale.
15 July 1972
East Hampton

Josephine "Josie" Duke – John Marshall Brown wedding.
Bride and groom. Josie Duke and John Marshall Brown.
Diane M. Douglas Duke. Following Tony Duke's divorce from Betty Ordway, he married Diane Douglas in 1957.
Tony (Anthony Drexel) Duke and his daughter December Duke McSherry.
Johnnie Duke. Today, Captain John operates Dream Catcher — a 74-foot steel schooner, available for sail-training, private charters, and weddings, docked at Little Torch Key in the Florida Keys
"The other grandmother." Cordelia Drexel Biddle Duke Robertson.
December Duke McSherry and Lee D. McSherry.
"Gladys and her babies … Gladys drove up from Miami for Josie's wedding." December Duke McSherry, John Duke, Gladys, and Josie Duke.
Gladys and Josephine "Josie" Duke, Mrs. John Marshall Brown.
July 1972
Down East

"Cocktails at the Toogood's with Cornelia Otis Skinner, Sophie Jacobs, and Patty Penniman … "
Coxie, Granville Sr., and Cornelia Otis Skinner.
Sophie Yarnall Jacobs. The Sophia Yarnall Jacobs Papers are housed at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Patty Symington Penniman.
"The nervous host …" Granville Toogood Jr.
Disty Piersoll, Coxie Toogood, Sophie Jacobs, and Helen Coxe.
Granville Toogood Sr., Cornelia Otis Skinner, and Sophie Jacobs.
Anna Coxe Toogood. Marjory Newbold.
Cornelia Otis Skinner.
Sophie Jacobs, center, tells another story.
Had Shriver and Helen Coxe.
Anna Coxe Toogood.
Lucius Ordway Frazer.
'On the rocks."
Rock End Dock, Northeast Harbour.
Rock End Dock, Northeast Harbour.
September 1972
Labor Day Weekend
Gertrude Howard Olmsted Nauman (1901-1973). The Gertrude Howard Nauman Papers are at the Pennsylvania State Archives.
Lobsters on board.
Susie Sage.
Orton "Tubby" Jackson and Dewitt Sage.
Charlie Woodward.
"The Haunted Caves."
"We head post haste for Islesford and lobsters."
"A sailboat passes by …"
Tom Gates.
The never-ending fascination with the Maine coastline.
Granville Toogood Sr. with Chris and Jerry Ordway.
William Wertz.
Mary Lee Newbold.
Arthur Newbold.
Mary Lee and Arthur Newbold with Coxie Newbold Toogood.
2 October 1972
Fishers Island

"A Birthday with Gertrude on Fishers Island …"
Gertrude prepares the bar.
Lulu Parsons Vanderbilt Balcom and Ron Balcom.
Ellen Barry.
Lunch on the Oceanside.
Ellen Barry.
Everyone admires Lulu's paintings.
Ellen Barry and Gertrude Legendre.
Painting by Lulu Balcom.
Painting by Lulu Balcom.
October 1972

"I stop in to visit Jane Scott."
Bunnie du Pont has a new friend.
Ginny du Pont.
J. Simpson Dean.
In the News
September 1971. George Garrett, obituary.
November 1971. Palm Beach Daily News.
December 1971.
1971. Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau.
March 1972.
Then & Now. Ellen Ordway, 1937 & 1972.
30 March 1972. Scott-Duff-Kertess marriage announcement.
May 1972. Esquire magazine. "Servants Tell All …"
28 May 1972

"The Duke dies …"
"In Memory of a Foxhunting Man," Field magazine, June 1972.
"The Duchess without Windsor," UPI newspaper story.
August 1972. Sid Scott obituary.
November 1972. "This was sad." H. Spottswood White obituary.
November 1972. Eyre-Price marriage announcement.
Bob Leidy. Stockbroker.
22 October 1972
Palm Beach

Betty Iglehart- Verner Reed wedding
"The twice-divorced Betty Iglehart marries the super-wealthy Verner Reed …"
Betty Iglehart and Verner Z. Reed Jr. The night-before wedding dinner was hosted by Ellen Ordway at Villa Bel Tramonto. Elizabeth "Betty" Edgar Mackintosh married Old Westbury's Philip Iglehart in 1951; the couple later divorced. Reed's wife, Gaggy, died in 1966.
Verner Zevola Reed III, Verner Z. Reed IV, Mrs. William Arthur Edgar (Betty's mother), Patsy Putnam, to her right, Janie (Mrs. Verner Z IV) Reed.
Janie Reed and Verner Z. Reed III.
Permelia Pryor Reed, Verner's sister-in-law. She and her husband, Joseph Verner Reed, were founders of the Hobe Sound Company and the Jupiter Island Club. Permelia Reed was the acknowledged social arbiter of Hobe Sound-Jupiter Island and to buy property from the company one must have been a member of the Jupiter Island Club. She always disavowed the "black cashmere sweater" fable that always surrounded her legacy.
Mrs. William Arthur Edgar, Patsy Putnam, and Polly Reed, Verner Reed's daughter-in-law.
Betty Iglehart and Permelia Reed.
Jeanne Edgar Hill (Betty's sister) Betty Iglehart Reed, and Patsy Putnam.
Winifred "Winnie" Clarke Anthony, a staunch Palm Beach pioneer.
Betty Iglehart Reed, left, is welcomed into the family by her new daughter-in-law Polly Reed with Helen Cluett, right.
Audrey Clark and Joan Hay.
Janie Reed (Verner III's daughter-in-law), Verner Reed III, with Ginger and Laney.
Peter Reed, Verner Reed Jr.'s son, and his wife Polly Reed.
Verner Zevola Reed III (1923-2006) and his wife Debbie Reed.
November 1972
Villa Bel Tramonto
Mary Sanford.
Albert C. "Brother" Bostwick.
Eleanor Purviance "Purvy" Bostwick.
Chester Colby.
Mary Sanford.
Gertrude Legendre, Mary Sanford's sister-in-law.
"Back to Lion Country Safari …"
Lion Country Safari.
Ike Grainger at Lion Country Safari.
Ellen Ordway. "I don't feel this old and ugly but I sure am."
Christmas 1972
Jimmy Barker and family.
Lillian and Alfonso Fanjul and family. "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year."
Prince Charles and Princess Joan of Luxembourg with their children.
A note from the Duchess of Windsor …
A card of appreciation from The Duchess of Windsor. "Dearest Ellen – You can't know how much I miss him – we all had fun together – Much love …"
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December 1973, Horseshoe Plantation. Merry Christmas from George & Kim Baker.
Ellen Glendinning Ordway Photograph Collection courtesy of Gayle Abrams & Lucius Ordway Frazer.
Augustus Mayhew is the author of Lost in Wonderland: Reflections on Palm Beach