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Resort Life, Chapter XLII, 1974-1975. The End.

September 1974. American Museum of Natural History Wildlife Trip to Africa. Ellen Ordway perched, camera at the ready. At the front of the jeep, Dr. Richard Van Gelder, head of the museum's mammalogy department.
Resort Life, Chapter XLII, 1974-1975
Palm Beach + Hobe Sound + Medway Plantation + Africa + Northeast Harbor

By Augustus Mayhew

At the same time Ellen Ordway lived a life of incomparable leisure, she was creating a remarkable archive of everyday images documenting the lives of some of the 20th century's most extraordinary people — a spur-of-the-minute splash in the pool, a backyard dinner, a jaunt to Africa, a birthday celebration, a round of golf, or a picnic on a deserted island along the coast of Maine.

And now, time to say good-bye.

January 1974
Palm Beach
Susan Calder and Peter Pulitzer.
14 January 1974
Newsweek magazine article, obituary. Charles E. "Chip" Bohlen. "Another dear friend has said good-bye."

"We join Susie out at the ranch to take a look at Comet Kohoutek."
Susie Phipps and the kids focus on a glimpse of Kohoutek, "the comet of the century."
"Maybe a few steps higher might be better …"
Remembering Richardson Dilworth.
Virginia "Ginny" Robinson Abbott Munn. Virginia and Ector Munn married in December 1955.
Ector Munn. Munn was first married to his sister-in-law Fernanda Wanamaker.
February 1974
"Naples' Grand Ladies." Jane Marston Bingham.
March 1974
Hobe Sound

"We go to Hobe Sound for lunch with their Royal Highnesses, Prince and Princess of Luxembourg (Joan Dillon to you) … "
Prince Charles and Princess Joan.
Charlie (Prince Charles), Susie Phipps, and Bess McGrath.
Princess Joan of Luxembourg.
Princess Charlotte and Prince Robert.
Palm Beach
Villa Bel Tramonto
Heyward Isham, US ambassador to Haiti.
Foxie Sefton.
Tony Duke and Bettina Dale.
Gordon Duke and Douglas Duke ("Don't ask which is which …")
Easter 1974
Medway Plantation
Nancy Iselin Marburg, Middleburg-Pittsburg-New York.
Ellen Barry, Ed Caulkins, and Pickett Randolph.
"Happy Birthday Gert."
May 1974
Palm Beach Life, magazine cover. Dysie Davie.
Billy Harrison.
Anne Gwathmey and Dorothy Laughlin.
May 1974
Palm Beach Post-Times, newspaper social column. "Rot!"
June 1974
Northeast Harbor
Rodney Dillard.
Anne Dillard.
Woody van Voorhees.
31 August 1974
Obituary. Stanton Griffis.
21 September 1974 – 11 October 1974
American Museum of Natural History Safari
21 September 1974, South African Airways, JFK Airport. Kneeling: Betty Laughlin, Lulu Ryus, Jack Rudin, and David Ryus. Among those standing, left to right: Alva Gimbel, Hylah and Hamilton Chase, Skip Leggett, Acosta Nichols, Jack Leggett, Bobbie Rudin, Dr. Stanley & Nancy Behrman, Mary and Mike Church, Thorn Kissel, Dr. Von Gilder, Gertrude Legendre, Ellen Ordway, and Vincent von Berg.
Flight schedule and Map for American Museum of Natural History Wildlife Trip to Africa.
President Hotel, Johannesburg
Acosta (Corky) Nichols and Lulu Ryus.
Constantine "Conny" Sidamon-Eristoff and Alva Gimbel.
Bobbie Rudin, Lulu Ryus, Virginia Church, and Skip Leggett.
Dr. Richard Van Gelder, who was also the world's leading authority on skunks.
Vincent Von Berg and Alva Gimbel.
Camp Exeter
"Our cottage."
"Hamilton Chase, Lulu and David Ryus, and our guide, Pat."
An elephant in focus.
Ellen Ordway.
Exeter Lodge, living room.
"We gather for coffee …"
"We had private planes to Victoria Falls …"
"Our camp."
Lulu Ryus and Bobbie Chase.
"Eye to eye …"
"Time for lunch …"
Bona Manzi Game Park.
Alva Gimbel.
Farewell Letter from Dr. Richard Van Gelder.
23 November 1974
Johnny Duke-Beatriz Alcebo wedding.
Christmas 1974
Christmas, 1974. "Andy is a dream. Lots of love to you both. Wallis."
January 1975
Palm Beach
Dreher Park Zoo fundraiser. Mary Sanford and Ellen Ordway gather with friends for a photo op. "This was such a beautiful animal. You can see I am having a ball …"
Newspaper column.
Dinner at Villa Bel Tramonto
Byron and Annette Ramsing with Tommy Tailer.
Annette Ramsing and Tommy Tailer.
John Ordway and Jean Tailer.
March 1975
Seminole Golf Club
Gracie and Allan Ryan.
Pete Peterson.
Ginny Peterson.
Leslie Ordway.
April 1975
Palm Beach
Ray Clark.
Enrique and Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau.
Lou (Lucius Ordway) Frazer and Garrett Vreeland.
Tony Vreeland.
Garrett Vreeland and Tony Vreeland.
F. Dring Wetherill.
Leta Austin Foster and Susie Phipps.
Cheryl Wetherill and Tony Vreeland.
Judy van Voorhees.
Woody van Voorhees.
Cordelia Duke and her three-year-old daughter.
April 1975
Medway Plantation
Gertrude Legendre.
Palm Beach
Heather Coughlin Frazer.
"Farewell." Chris Dunphy.
June 1975
Ordway-Einsidel wedding announcement.
19 June 1975
Washington Post
The Washington Post, feature article. "Honoring a Cultural Militant. Ethel Garrett.
Summer 1975

"Remembering my father …"
10 July 1887. Devon Inn, Devon. Robert Glendinning, second from left in the front row. Elizabeth Glendinning, Ellen's aunt, is identified in the last row, far left.
"Gentlemen Riders of Philadelphia." Robert Glendinning.
Summer of 1975
Borderlea, Northeast Harbor

"I am reunited with my dogs …"
Ellen Ordway with Pamela, Andy and Mimi.
31 August 1975
"Mostly I remember my great-grandmother spoiled us one and all. From the date on the letter, I had just turned nine. Danny, what we always called her, was this wonderfully upbeat woman who seemed to make everything fun. One time we visited her in Palm Beach, and Danny said I could have a nap in her room on her beautiful big canopy bed. The only rule was I couldn't touch anything. While I lay in the bed (not sleepy), I found a cord that I thought belonged to a lamp or an electric blanket. I flicked the switch, but nothing happened. I kept flicking it, trying to figure out what the switch was for. Nothing. It wasn't long before I heard sirens, and I knew in an instant that the switch must be her silent alarm to the Palm Beach police station. Danny was fined $100 for the false alarm. I came downstairs crying and apologizing, but she just laughed it off as the most expensive nap ever taken. Her picture taking passion was equaled only to her love of lions and needlepoint. I fondly recall her sitting with different colored yarn strands around her neck, glasses on, needlepoint in hand, and fancy bird scissors for cutting the strands. Needlepoint was a family obsession, and one that continues to live on through the generations." – Katie Clark, New York.
September 1975
Ellen Glendinning Frazer Ordway (1901 - 1976).
Ellen Glendinning Ordway Photograph Collection
Courtesy of Lucius Ordway Frazer and Katie Clark.
Augustus Mayhew is the author of Lost in Wonderland: Reflections on Palm Beach