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Resort Life, Chapter XXXIX: 1971

May 1971. Baronscourt Castle. Omagh, County Tyrone. Lady Diana Duff-Cooper and Mary Cushing. Regarded as the most beautiful woman of her generation, Lady Diana Olivia Winifred Maud Manners Duff-Cooper (1892-1986) was "The vital spirit of a vanished age," according to The Times of London. With her life as a London deb, actress, hostess, and ambassador's wife celebrated for decades by daily newspapers, Lady Diana, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland, wrote a three-part memoir of her escapades — The Rainbow Comes and Goes, The Light of Common Day, and Trumpets from the Steep.
Resort Life, Chapter XXXIX: January 1971 – September 1971
Palm Beach – Medway Plantation – Ireland – Austria – Venice – Northeast Harbor

By Augustus Mayhew

Imagine the pause at Palm Beach bridge tables and the hush along Worth Avenue in January 1971 when the news was whispered west of Paris that Coco Chanel had died at her Ritz Hotel apartment with her next runway show still not stitched. As the creator of the "little black dress" was being eulogized, fashion authority Charlotte Curtis wrote a lengthy dissertation on why women were saying "No!" to the Midi dress and "Yes!" to longer furs. According to Suzy, Kitty Miller was in Beverly Hills and packing for Palm Springs while the Tommy Tailers were flying to Barbados for a stay with John and Leslie Ordway.

For Ellen Ordway, the new year was time for hosting visits from longtime Philadelphia friends and making a few more treks to Lion Country Safari before planning which Chanel suits to take on the Old Westbury Gardens Tour of Ireland, as Chanel-style ensembles appear to be the preferred daytime uniform for many of the ladies on the trip. So, study your Irish phrase book and bring your passport as NYSD channels the 1970s with our roving social correspondent.

January 1971
Villa Bel Tramonto, Palm Beach
At home, Ellen Glendinning Ordway with Andy, Pamela, and Jimbo. Villa Bel Tramonto.
The fashionable William "Willie" Randolph Hearst Jr. The WRH, Jr. Papers are housed at The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.
Sidney and Francis H. "Buddy" Bohlen.
Gates Lloyd. A former partner at Drexel & Company, Lloyd was deputy director of the CIA from 1954 to 1964.
Eleanor "Lallie" Biddle Barnes Lloyd (1906-1985). A renowned art collector who began amassing a significant collection of contemporary art during the 1930s, Lloyd was a founder of the Washington Gallery of Modern Art and chairman of the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania. A trustee of the Museum of Modern Art, her collection included early works by then unknown artists, such as, de Kooning, Gorky, Motherwell, Nevelson, Noland, Pollock, and Rothko, along with works by Brancusi, Klee, Miro, and Mondrian.
Lallie Lloyd.
Bess McGrath and Serena Harrington.
Newspaper article. Legendre-Mack wedding.
Katharine "Kit" Ordway.
March 1971
Palm Beach
Bess McGrath and Allan Ryan at Seminole Golf Course.
News from here and there

"You see how the world is still impressed with a little display of power."
"Please don't take my picture," said Dorothy Munn, upon landing at PBIA in a chartered Pan Am Boeing 707 from Paris.
"Charlie Munn and his plane …"
Hal Phipps and Gladys Phipps. "I found this photograph in one of my drawers."
Mary Ellen Duryea and William Duryea, 1940; Mary Ellen Duryea Peck, 1970.
Suzy Says. Barend and Victoria Van Gerbig.
Mrs. Philemon Dickinson, 1935 and 1970. A rare glimpse of Ned Stotesbury in costume, 1935.
Grace Amory, 1943 and as Mrs. Allan Ryan, 1970.
Lion Country Safari
A pedestrian crosses the road.
A view of the world from above.
Stopping traffic.
Harvey Love Shaffer.
March 1971
Medway Plantation

"I go to Medway for Gertrude's birthday party …"
Medway Plantation.
Gertrude Legendre and her secretary Mrs. Johnson "go over the menus for the day." To the right of Legendre, a photograph of her late husband Sidney Legendre.
Alden McIntyre and Pickett Randolph.
Marian Hall.
"The birthday girl" with Pickett Randolph.
Medway Plantation. Trophy Room.
Medway Plantation. Trophy Room.
Medway Plantation. Trophy Room.
"Horses on the run …"
The table is set on the terrace at the Log Cabin.
"Happy Birthday Gertrude."
The birthday luncheon with family and friends.
Pierre Manigault and Gabrielle Manigault.
26 March 1971
Ordway-Fackelmayer wedding
Patricia Ann Coogan Ordway, Leslie Ordway's daughter from a previous marriage, marries Fridolin Fackelmayer.
L. to r., John Ordway, Leslie Ordway, Pat and Fridolin Fackelmayer, and "Grandma" (Ellen Ordway).
At the reception, Tommy Tailer and Ellen Ordway.
April 1971
Palm Beach
Charles Munn and Ellen Ordway.
Melissa Phipps and "Bertie" Phipps.
Harvey Love Shaffer. All in the family. Shaffer's great-great-great uncle was carpet magnate Stephen Sanford (1826-1913), Gertrude Sanford Legendre's grandfather.
Bess McGrath, Charlie Munn, and Ellen Ordway.
May 1971
Legendre-Mack wedding
Legendre-Mack wedding invitation.
Legendre-Mack wedding. The New York Times, newspaper feature.
"The Baron and Baronne send word from Uruguay …"
Bonstettten-Doulminot wedding announcement. Montevideo, Uruguay.
17 May 1971 - 3 June 1971
Old Westbury Gardens Tour of Ireland
Itinerary map of Ireland. Old Westbury Gardens Tour, 1971.
17 May 1971
JFK airport - 9:30 p.m.
Clippy Phipps and Gertrude Legendre. Alvin Toffler's book Future Shock appears to be Legendre's reading matter for the flight.
Mrs. Joseph Cornelius Rathbone and Mrs. John Black.
Howard Cushing.
Mary Cushing.
Harry H. Brooks and Kate (Mrs. Brewster) Jennings.
"We arrive in Ireland …"
Wicklow. Powerscourt Garden, Bamberg Gates. The OWG group on the move.
Powerscourt Garden, Bamberg Gate. The 240-year old gates were imported from the Cathedral of Bamberg, Germany.
Malahide, north of Dublin. "Lord Talbot (7th Baron Talbot) greets us at Malahide Castle and Gardens …"
"Our attentive group …"
Beaumont House. "Mary Whitehouse explaining …"
Beaumont House. The original home of the Guinness family (brewers).
"Dinner with Desmond Guinness …"
Desmond Guinness, center, and Jack Newbold.
John Willey, Clippy Phipps, and Jerry Eaton.
Mrs. Prince and Kate (Mrs. Brewster) Jennings.
Lunch at the Abbeyleix Hunting Lodge.
Mrs. Farquahr at Abbeyleix. "Again, the bus cannot go further than the outer road … another hike for all of us."
Mary Cushing.
"A lovely garden."
Ceanothus Lobbianus. "I liked this bush best of all the new things I saw in Irish gardens."
Fota House. Cork. A 70-room former hunting lodge transformed into something more Regency during the 19th century, Fota House was restored in 2009.
The Honorable Mrs. Bell. "The bus will not fit through the gates …"
27 May 1971
Adare Manor. Limerick.
Adare Manor. Howard Cushing and Nancy, Lady Dunraven. "Visited here after lunch with Nancy at Kilgobbin." As readers may recall, Lord and Lady Adare married at Louwana, the Wanamaker-Munn house on Palm Beach.
Glenveagh Castle. Letterkenny, County Donegal. "Lady Munster was awfully nice explaining …"
Glenveagh Castle. " But then, Lord Henry would tell us what really happened …"
31 May 1971
Baronscourt Castle, Newtownstewart. Omagh, County Tyrone.
Baronscourt. James Hamilton, 4th Duke of Abercorn. "A charming host and hostess, friendly and good fun."
Baronscourt. Duchess of Abercorn.
A slight delay.
Mount Stewart House. County Down. A neoclassical estate with an eclectic garden planned an designed by Edith, Lady Londonderry. "A most fascinating rambling garden, very unusual."
Mount Stewart House, garden ornamental detail.
Mount Stewart House. A touch of whimsy.
Mount Stewart House. A few of the rules.
4 June 1971

"We spend a few days with Peter and Bridget at Blackcastle House."
Peter and Bridget Ordway's house. Blackcastle. Flower Hill, Navan. County Meath.
Young Master Ordway and his pony.
Blackcastle House. A view of the pool and the cows.
6 June 1971

"Gertrude and I fly to Germany …"
Lufthansa, Dublin to Stuttgart.
Brenners Park Hotel, Baden-Baden. "Lovely, three days of rain."
8 June 1971
Alpenhof Hotel, Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
Hotel Schloss Fuschl, Salzburg.
"We stayed at this unusual spot that attached reindeer heads to the outside walls."
20 June 1971

"We spend five days at the Hotel Cipriani."
Hotel Cipriani. "We never left the hotel."
Hotel Cipriani.
25 June 1971
Northeast Harbor
Northeast Harbor Swim Club. Laura Pepper, Dewitt Sage, Jimmy Cromwell, and Bobbie Scott.
Cookie Emlen and Lee Judd.
"Tommy Emlen and the object of his attention."
Ellen Ordway on the rocks.
Skipper Darlington.
Claire Emlen, Ellen Ordway's niece, takes a look at Ellen's photograph album.
Alan Emlen.
August 1971

"We picnic on Bartlett Island, Dogfish Point, Baker Island, and Little Cranberry Island."
Jane MacMillan and Jane Scott.
Hugh MacMillan. The following spring, MacMillan died at his home on Boca Grande. A Detroit-Grosse Pointe native, MacMillan's brother William married Grace Roosevelt, TR's granddaughter, in a small quiet affair attended by 2,500 guests.
Hugh MacMillan and Jane Scott.
"Looking for rocks …"
"Time to head home …"
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Caneel Bay + Palm Beach + Down East

October 1972. Permelia (Mrs. Joseph Verner) Pryor Reed, social pillar of the Jupiter Island Club and president of the Hobe Sound Company.
Ellen Glendinning Ordway Photograph Collection courtesy of Gayle Abrams & Lucius Ordway Frazer.
Augustus Mayhew is the author of Lost in Wonderland: Reflections on Palm Beach