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Resort Life, Chapter XXXV: June-December 1968

August 1968. Down East, Maine. "Little Gerda" Newbold, Gerda Crozer Paumgarten Newbold, and Meta Craig Paumgarten Burden. Gerda and Meta's parents, Philadelphian Elise Biddle Robinson and Austrian skier Harald Paumgarten married in 1936. In the early 1950s, their father Harald Paumgarten died in an avalanche at St. Anton. Following their New York debuts, Gerda married Arthur Emlen Newbold; Meta married Andrew White Burden, the son of William Douglas Burden. In 1972, twenty years after her father perished, Meta Burden died in an avalanche in Aspen. The Paumgarten family's woe is the subject of The New Yorker article Dangerous Game by Nick Paumgarten. The Vanderbilt-Burden family is the subject of several chronicles.
Resort Life, Chapter XXXV: June-December 1968 Down East + Palm Beach
By Augustus Mayhew

Charlie and Dorothy Munn are verklempt. After spending the summer of 1968 in France, Charles Munn, "Mr. Palm Beach," and his second wife, Dorothy Spreckels Munn, returned to the United States and proclaimed, "We are living in the age of ugliness." The Munns were aghast at "the terrible looking high-rise buildings," the political problems, and Paris' fading fashion sense. At the time, Dorothy Munn was looking forward to re-settling in San Francisco.

Despite the Munns' displeasure with the loss of cultural standards, Ellen Ordway could not have been closer to paradise than a Down East picnic on the rocks with family and friends.

Here are some moments and milestones from 1968.

16 June 1968
Northeast Harbor
Rip Frazer opening the local Lilly Pulitzer shop in Northeast Harbor.
Lilly Pulitzer shop, interior.
Rip and Jan Frazer with their children Russell, Greg, and Robin Frazer.
Barbara Collins.
The George and Peggy Cheston house, from afar.
Lifeguard Timmy Thompson talks with Bishop Malcolm Peabody. Prepped at Groton, a school founded by his father, The Rt. Rev. Malcolm Peabody was the father of Massachusetts Governor Endicott Peabody. In 1964, Mrs. Peabody was jailed in St. Augustine along with 100 African-Americans during anti-segregation demonstrations, "attempting to obtain equal rights for all Americans."
Northeast Harbor Swim Club. "Minnie Hopkins and pals."
Dorothy Pierson, Elise Tyson, and Charles H. Woodward. Woodward's Parklands Foundation was one of Philadelphia and Mount Desert's most philanthropic. He was known as the unofficial "Mayor of Chestnut Hill."
"Going ashore."
"Cocktail time" on the rocks.
"We join the Granville Toogoods."
Aboard Jericho. Tom and Anne Gates take us to Shingle Island."
Jane Scott.
Anne Gates.
The Gates' captain helps everyone ashore.
The captain builds a fire for cooking lunch.
"Anne Gates takes care of all of us."
"The cozy camp."
View of Jericho "our taxi" from the camp.
August 1968
"Back home, Mimi joins the two squirrel watchers."
Jan and Rip Frazer with their kids Russell and Greg. Lili Dale holding Mimi and her mother Bettina Dale.
"The landing."
The Frazer-Glendinning clan with Jane Scott.
"Little Gerda" Newbold.
Meta Burden and Gerda Newbold.
Gerda Newbold and Artie Newbold with Anne Gates.
Coxie Toogood's dog has its own private launch.
Nesting high above on the rocks "with a bird screeching."
"Biz Page comes in for lunch."
Elizabeth Burden.
September 1968
Northeast Harbor
Dickie Reventlow.
Peggy Reventlow.
Peggy Reventlow and Nathalie ( Mrs. R. Stuyvesant) Pierrepont and her dogs, keeping warm.
Anne Gates.
Tom Gates and Jericho's boat captain.
Summer news from here and there

10 July 1968

A sad day.
19 July 1968
Palm Beach Daily News, newspaper feature. "The Munns See Paris Awash with Ugliness." "We are living in the age of ugliness," proclaimed Dorothy Spreckels Munn.
Charlie and Dorothy Munn.
Newspaper feature. Julia Rush Biddle Henry.
October 1968
Obituary, Julius Fleischmann.
Gloria Guinness photographed with a "Discomatic."
Grassi-Whitney wedding.
"The Toast of Florence." Nonie and Tommy Schippers.
Palm Beach
Perky and Evelyn Frazer welcome Sloan Frazer, Ellen's latest grandchild.
Buddy and Dysie Davie have a party for the Moroccan ambassador.
Ellen Ordway with Buddy and Dysie Davie.
November 1968
Palm Beach
Mother and daughter. Lilly Pulitzer and Lillian Bostwick Phipps work on their tans.
Lilly takes the plunge.
Ellen Ordway, right, with Peggy and Court Reventlow. Everglades Club golf course.
"Ships sometimes flounder too. This one at the end of Banyan Road."
December 1968
Christmas card. Bing and Kathy Crosby.
Christmas card. From Luxembourg, Princess Charlotte and Prince Robert.
Christmas dinner at Villa Bel Tramonto. The Ordway-Frazer family with Bess McGrath.
December 1968
Spectator Trophy Tournament, Colony Hotel

"Palm Beach vs. New York croquet showdown"
Palm Beach Daily News. Lillian Phipps and Herbert Bayard Swope.
"Excitement mounts." Palm Beach croqueteers are decked out in the latest Lilly fashion.
Controversy on the croquet court.
Palm Beach croqueteers strategize with style.
And the winner is ...
Palm Beach Daily News, newspaper article. "Palm Beach wins!"
December 1968
Vogue feature

"House of Surprises in Palm Beach"
Vogue feature. Buddy and Dysie Davie's house.
Vogue feature. Buddy and Dysie Davie's house.
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"Freddy Melhado comes into town on an 85-foot motor sailboat with his sons and Joe Meehan aboard."
Ellen Glendinning Ordway Photograph Collection courtesy of Gayle Abrams & Lucius Ordway Frazer.
Augustus Mayhew is the author of Lost in Wonderland: Reflections on Palm Beach