A juicy Tuesday and Wednesday on the town
Dinoceras. Bronze, by Robert Cook. 7:45 PM. Photo: JH.

Rachel Rivkin, Philip Panero, and Jennifer Nowicki
Out and about. Tuesday night Julian Niccolini and Alex von Bidder celebrated the 45th anniversary of The Four Seasons restaurant at a poolside soiree in their “pool” room. Beach Blanket Bingo it was not but close.

It’s hard to believe the Philip Johnson-designed restaurant has been around for four and a half decades because it hasn’t aged a minute – still cool and sleek, still the mecca of the rich and powerful luncheons and dinners.
David Solomon and Richard Meier
Robin Byrd and Patrick McDonald
Susan Silver
Tina Louise and Anthony Haden-Guest
Betty and Bob Lederman
Shail Upadhya and Karen Bass
A Four Season's lifeguard
Chelsea Cunnigham, Lauren Bush, and Christine Schott
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It was almost seven when JH and I left. Traffic was heavy on Park Avenue and no vacant cabs in sight. We strolled the ten blocks up to the apartment of Steve and Tina Sloan McPherson who were throwing a book party for Tina’s (former) stepson Robert Littell who’s just written an early (he’s not much more than forty) memoir The Men We Became about his friendship with John F. Kennedy Jr. The two met and were roommates at Brown when they were eighteen, later roomed here in New York, and remained close friends right up till that fatal summer weekend five years ago this July 17th.

The McPherson apartment was packed with friends and well-wishers. We got a couple of autographed copies of the book and a picture of the author, and dashed out to different appointments.
Robert Littell and Tina McPherson
Kate Hampton, Duane Hampton, and Grace Meigher
I went over to Le Cirque where Cristina and Christopher Cuomo and Andrea and Alexandre Douzet were giving a black tie dinner dance to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the girls’ parents Regina and Rainer Greeven.

When the two met here in Manhattan, both fresh out of college, Regina was here from Brazil and Rainer from Germany. Regina concluded her toast to her husband quoting New York Post columnist Cindy Adams – “Only in New York, kid, where a girl from Rio could meet a boy from Berlin.”

There were about a hundred guests — lots of friends from Palm Beach and from Southampton where the Greevens have had a house for years. Topsy Taylor, who was maid of honor back in ’64, toasted the couple, as did Barbara Matthews, Bill McKnight and the Greeven daughters – Cristina and Andrea and Billy Salomon who’s an old hand at these things, having been married to his beautiful Ginnie for more than 65 years (but who’s counting?).
Chris and Cristina Cuomo with their daughter Bella, Regina and Rainer Greeven, and Andrea and Alexandre Douzet at the 40th anniversary of Regina and Rainer Greeven
Wednesday night we started out at the Beekman Regent on 51st and First Avenue where Joan Jedell of the Hampton Sheet was hosting a “Spring Into Summer” soiree in the Penthouse. Jedell brought out a big gang including L.A.’s police chief Bill Bratton and his wife Rikki Klieman, Rita Cosby, Rick Friedberg, Raoul Felder, Ahmet Ertegun, Bianca Jagger, Michael Bolton and Dr. Ruth. I saw Tolly Travis who was visiting from Sidney, Australia, staying with her friend the Col Allans.

Tolly and her husband, the Murdoch columnist, the late Neal Travis were popular fixtures on the New York scene for years until his untimely death from cancer two years ago this August. Neal was a real pro who made the party circuit with his wife by his side, and they often ended the night at Elaine’s. The Travises’ marriage was a second-time around for both and a very happy one; everybody loved their company – all of which made his passing all the sadder for their New York friends who’ve now lost Tolly to her native Australia.
L. to r.: Sharon Allan, Tricia Walsh-Smith, Philip Smith, Aubrey Rubin, and Sasha Majerovsky; Rita Cosby, Joan Jedell, and Mickey Sherman.
L. to r.: Joan Jedell and Ahmet Ertegun; Tolly Travis; Looking east from the penthouse of The Beekman Regent.
From the Beekman Regent and the $15 million dollar penthouse (it’s for sale if you’re in the market), we hopped a cab over to West 34th Street and 11th Avenue to the Copacabana where The Cuban Artists’ Fund was holding its 6th Annual Benefit honoring the ABT’s Jose Manuel Carreno, Susana Toruella Leval, Director Emeritus of El Museo del Barrio and Gilberto Zaldivar.

Nancy Wekselbaum and Peter Rogers
The Cuban Artists Fund was founded “on the belief that artistic creativity transcends national borders. CAF advances the literary, performing, and visual arts by supporting opportunities for artistic growth and cultural exchange, and by fostering the development of associations and networks among artists, arts professionals, academics, institutions, and communities in Cuba, the U.S. and abroad."

The Fund also gets continued support from Arts International, Ford Foundation, Gracious Home, Institute for International Education, Inter Americas Fund, New York Community Trust, O’Grady Family Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Evelyn Sharp Foundation, Peter Jay Sharp Foundation, Sun International, Washington Mutual and ABC-TV. They raised $110,000 on this night.

We were introduced to the organization by Nancy and Natan Wekselbaum of Gracious Home. Nathan emigrated from Cuba, a mere kid, back in the early day of the Castro regime. He started a little shop on Third Avenue – a hardware store, for want of a better description. 2000 square feet – pretty good size. Except: today, 40 years later, Gracious Home occupies two blocks of both sides of Third Avenue and 45,000 square feet, as well as a large space on the West Side. Everybody and his brother, shopper or no, can’t resist going there, often motivated by the very compelling and witty ads that my friend Peter Rogers writes for them. You’ve seen them, I’m sure, and very possibly like me, have ended up going in to buy something that you hadn’t thought you needed.

Meanwhile, the party – dinner, dance and music and a good time. The Cubans know how to party, no matter where they live.
Entertainment during cocktail hour
Nancy Wekselbaum and Maxine Kohler
L. to r.: Jan and Kathy Kofol with Jonathan Hogg; Natan, Caroline, Charles, and Nancy Wekselbaum.
Nancy Wekselbaum and Ben Rodriguez-Cubenas
Caroline Wekselbaum, Charles Wekselbaum, and Karen Salama
Elaine Benazides and Die J! Mars
Jerry Teplitsky and Joan Isaacs
The congo line leading to dinner

A Versailles visitor's scrapbook

Carole Holmes sent us these photos along with her her comments about her trip to Versailles.

In the words of Mrs. Holmes:

Some silly ones are included, of course. I can be a real 'ham' like most people. You may find them boring; I just wanted to share them with you.

I really enjoyed the rest of your coverage of Versailles. I regret not going to the picnic. I was absolutely exhausted from the night before and couldn't pull myself together.

"p.s. The ladies loved Howdy, no kidding."
Darnit all. I even carried by 'killer' hat in its hatbox all the way to Paris, guarding it with my life!

Enjoy your summer and I hope all goes well with your jaunts to the Hamptons. Find some time to relax, look up at the stars and the moon ... and remember how lucky we all are.

Wishing you fine weather, good health and tons of fun.

— Carole
Wish I may,
Wish I might,
Buy this car,
Right here tonight!
Above, right: "Broke my shoe (Blanik's no less) and actually left Palace Elysee ... hobbling across the stones and through the gates. Hitched a ride with Jimmy B.'s driver and high tailed it back to the Ritz. Had to change shoes and handbag. Blew back to the Palace and they weren't going to let me back in. With a little luck, someone I knew was leaving and insisted to the guard that they let me return. Got lucky on that one."
L. to r.: "Oh, so darling. BdP is an amazing woman!; Jimmy B. and son. What a doll."
"The old flip flops have seen their days!"
"You'll never guess what I just saw through the window!"
"I'll throw this one in, it's kind of nice"
"The clock struck midnight, my prince didn't arrive and my Mercedes turned into a pumpkin. Good night, Paris!"

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June 25, 2004, Volume IV, Number 103
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