Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Boaz Mazor

One of the nicest men in New York. One of the nicest men in International Society and one of the nicest men in the world.  I thought about those words as I was putting them down because admittedly, in the course of human events, this sounds like hyperbole.

Boaz Mazor

But it’s true. You can substitute the word “nice” with “kind” and you’ll get the same man ...   Although, don’t misunderstand, when I say nice: Boaz has a sharp eye and a powerful sense of irony. And as an international man, has seen and heard enough to fill a Balzacian novel.  Not that he’d write one. Although.

He must have been born blessed with the gift of friendship, as well as the gift of gab. When he frist came to live in this country, from Israel where he was born, in 1968, he also possessed that disarming (to some anyway) Mediterranean handsomeness that, partnered with charm and wit, travels far in the best upper sets. And Boaz, it would seem, has  traveled far, or as far as he would have liked.

He’s worked for Oscar de la Renta as sales  director for the past thirty years. Wives of presidents, wives of kings, movie stars, captains of industry, titans of Wall Street as well as more than a handful of American heiresses all have found their way to his door, or vice versa, to consult over their Best Dressed List wardrobes.  And when they are finished, they give dinner parties for the consultant.

His sister is the beautiful Judy (Mrs. Alfred) Taubman and his niece is the beautiful Tiffany Dubin.  For a long time he had a close association with the art historian/Picasso biographer John Richardson with whom he shared a weekend house in Litchfield County in the land of the Kissingers, the de la Rentas, Bill Blass, etc. 

His first job in New York  was working for Oscar whom he worked for almost five years before leaving to go to manage his friend Kenny Lane’s sales division. Three years later he went to work for Charlotte Ford who then had a Seventh Avenue company, where he was her sales director.  In 1978, he returned to de la Renta where he’s been ever since.

Boaz solo; Boaz with DPC; Boaz with Paul Beirne and Alice Mason.

He’s entertained by those best upper sets wherever he goes in the world, often making new friends. No small part of his allure is that he’s a great raconeur, and if you're on his wave length and he feels comfortable, he can regale you with wonderful stories about himself, as well as about others who have been part of the glttering cavalcade in his life. He can astonish you with his anecdotes, and even lead you to conclude he might even be indiscreet.  But no, he isn’t and he won’t be. The big smile flashes, the eyes beam and the head falls back as the laughter flows, and he’s off to the races again. His laughter is an important part of the equation. It balances a very serious side that appears in social situations only when necessary.  

Boaz loves people. That charm and the savior-faire draws new friends all the time. And, as they are moving up the ladder, the cleverest ones cultivate his company because he is good company. And a good, loyal friend.

However, he’s also a worker. Throughout the year he’s on the move, taking the collection out on the road and to Europe and now even to Moscow, wracking up millions and millions in sales. While they flock to his side, those girls who can pay thousands for an Oscar-designed paietted top. And they buy. And buy and buy -- because Oscar’s clothes are beautiful and also, in many cases, because Boaz is selling them. 

He is, most especially, in a term used by our late great friend John Galliher “ a very agreeable man.” A gentleman.  This is a quality rarely discussed but also rarely found in our hustle-bustle-helter-skelterNew York  life. It is the signature of Boaz Mazor.